[Webinar] Black Friday Blueprint: How to Plan, Execute and Leverage Black Friday to Grow Your Gym

Learn actionable steps to leveraging the Black Friday season to generate cash and grow your revenue streams

James Plata
November 5, 2020
Learn actionable steps to leveraging the Black Friday season to generate cash and grow your revenue streams
  • Date: November 4, 2020
  • Length: 60 minutes
  • Presenter: James Plata
  • Guest Presenters: Roy Uy (One-P), Nicole Aucoin (Healthy Steps Nutrition), Jeff Wasserman (Supplement Superstores)
  • Topic: Sales Strategies for Retail, Nutrition Services, and Nutritional Supplements

Actions start with a plan.

Do you have a plan to leverage the Black Friday season to grow your business?

If not, you are missing a prime opportunity to grow your business or raise some much-needed revenue this season.

We asked some of the best minds in the health and fitness industry to share with us their actionable tactics for increasing your gym’s revenue during the holiday season. Everything they share is based on action, not theory. So download the worksheet, take notes, and build your plan to take action now.

Join us to learn:

  • The 5 foundational steps to executing a Black Friday plan, and unlocking more revenue streams
  • How to use apparel sales to generate revenue and customize the member experience.
  • How to combine nutrition coaching and gym memberships into an irresistible lead offer, without devaluing the services you already offer
  • What to look for when finding the perfect supplement company to partner with.

Webinar Resources:

Black Friday Blueprint Worksheet

Creating Your Hybrid Nutrition and Fitness Deal

Thank you to our guests Nicole Aucoin of Healthy Steps Nutrition, Roy Uy of One-P, and Jeff Wasserman of Supplement Superstores for sharing their insights and tactics with us!

If you got value out of this webinar, checkout the webinar our friends at Healthy Steps Nutrition put on with Nick Reyes of PushPress on knowing your business metrics. *hint! new feature coming out soon!

Know Your Metrics [Webinar Replay]



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James Plata

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