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Why Fall is the Perfect Season to Introduce New Gym Revenue Streams

Fall is the "other" great time of year to explore options for increasing gym revenue! Here are four ideas to add to your lineup as summer comes to a close.

Emily Beers
August 8, 2023
Why Fall is the Perfect Season to Introduce New Gym Revenue Streams
Fall is the "other" great time of year to explore options for increasing gym revenue! Here are four ideas to add to your lineup as summer comes to a close.

Historically, January gets all the attention for being the “fresh start” time of year. Which in turn makes it the calendar target for increasing gym revenue. But with the right strategy, the transition into fall is arguably just as big of an opportunity!

Regardless of whether potential members have kids going back to school or not, the transition into fall routines seems to ring true for everyone. And with it often comes a reassessment of fitness and wellness goals.

For example, have you ever noticed that current members will start showing up at different class times in the fall? The evening class may have worked for them in the past, but the 5:30am is now better for getting the kids to school.

Increase gym revenue with new programs
Increase gym revenue and help members achieve better results with new programs.

From a big picture perspective, the fall is a good opportunity to drive gym revenue because fitness motivation is simply higher than usual. As a gym owner, it’s worth your time to capitalize on this motivation. You can do this by guiding members and providing accountability as they navigate their new schedules.

Four Fall Program Ideas to Boost Gym Revenue.

First things first: Before you launch a new program, it’s worth surveying gym members. Whether formally or informally, ask about the types of programs they’d be interested in. This way, you can get a feel for what your demographic might be drawn to.

Here are four ideas for new fall programs to increase gym revenue:

1. Individual Design.

Do your members tend to have broad and diverse individual goals? If so, you might be missing a revenue opportunity with just basic group class programming. One option to consider is individual design.

We get it. Group classes are a priority - your gym’s core offering - and you don't want individual design to interfere with that. But the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

More and more gyms are having success with hybrid memberships that include both group classes and individual design. This is beneficial for several reasons. First, it helps members reach their unique goals and devote time to specific weaknesses. Second, it increases what clients pay each month and therefore drives gym revenue.

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Depending on the size of your gym, you could even consider offering specific times for individual design clients and high-ticket gym services. These times are likely to be slower times in your gym. However, they might work well for parents who just dropped the kids off at school.

2. Powerlifting Program.

Even the most consistent members might be away from the gym more than usual during the summer month. And after that absence, the return can sometimes feel daunting. Especially when members picture those intense, metabolic conditioning workouts.

So for those people looking for a “softer landing” back into their gym routine, a powerlifting program can be a great option.

Powerlifting program and CrossFit coaching
Introduce a powerlifting program for members who want to get back to gym consistency.

Consider increasing gym revenue with a six- or eight-week program. If possible, find a local powerlifting competition near the end of the program. This gives members extra motivation throughout the course. Then, if it’s successful, there’s nothing stopping you from making the program an ongoing option for members.

Plus, you can expand the concept into other areas of the gym. For example, launch a youth powerlifting program for teens looking to learn how to squat, deadlift and bench press. But consider delaying the teen start date until a little later in the fall, when teens have settled into their new school routine.

3. Kids and Teens Programming.

Speaking of teens, the fall can also be a great time to start offering youth fitness programs.

Jeff and Mikki Martin are the founders of Brand X Method. They’ve devoted the last 20 years to helping youth gain health, fitness and confidence. The Martins say it’s a misperception that summer is the best time to launch a youth program. Instead, the fall is the time when parents are looking for more structure for their kids.

Jeff and Mikki say kids playing sports three to five days a week aren’t the group to market to. Their schedules might already be full. Instead, aim to get your program in front of parents whose kids aren’t yet into sports. Not only are they the ones who need fitness the most, but they also have more to gain.

In addition, consider starting youth programs a bit later in the fall. This gives kids time to settle into their routine, and gives you more time to market the program.

If you’re looking to start a youth program but don’t feel equipped to do it successfully, that’s what Brand X Method is here for. It offers a wide range of education programs and resources for coaches looking to work with youth.

4. Ongoing Nutrition Program.

Nutrition coaching is one of the biggest opportunities to drive additional gym revenue. And the fall is a fantastic time to start capturing new nutrition clients.

Healthy Steps Nutrition (HSN) is a great resource for launching a nutrition coaching program at your gym. HSN educates you and your coaches about both sides of a successful program. First, how to work with clients and second, the business side.

Gym nutrition coaching program
Nutrition coaching is a great compliment to members’ fitness plans. (Photo credit: Healthy Steps Nutrition.)

Although running a one-time nutrition challenge to kick off the fall season may be tempting, HSN recommends an ongoing nutrition program instead. HSN founder Nicole Aucoin says a challenge is okay only if you have a plan of attack for helping clients long-term after the challenge is over. Both in terms of client results and ongoing gym revenue, this is where the real money is made.

“You need a clear path for how you’re going to support clients after a challenge is over,” Aucoin said.

In Summary: Get Creative to Increase Gym Revenue.

The New Year isn’t the only time to consider offering new programs at your gym. The fall is a great opportunity to increase gym revenue with programs designed to help your members.

Four options include individual design, a powerlifting program, kids and teens programming, and an ongoing nutrition program. In addition, get creative with options that will benefit your members. Depending on your demographic, perhaps a running or endurance program would interest people. Or maybe it’s a rowing clinic or gymnastics coaching.

It’s worth considering how you can capitalize on revised scheduling and renewed motivation that comes with the changing of the seasons.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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