5 Ways Very Successful Gyms Create Unique Member Experiences

Want to create an unbeatable gym experience for your members? Here are five ways to do just that!

James Plata
January 26, 2022
5 Ways Very Successful Gyms Create Unique Member Experiences
Want to create an unbeatable gym experience for your members? Here are five ways to do just that!

Gyms have been around for a long time. The business of keeping fit and healthy is a very competitive one. Even with the increased number of people making use of gyms, for owners of gyms, it innovates or dies. In a rapidly changing world and with people with ever-changing needs, a successful gym must keep satisfying its clients and customers.

The most effective way of doing this is by creating a unique member experience. It is all about the customer, meeting his or her needs, and making sure they will always come back.

Some very successful international gyms like SoulCycle, Equinox Fitness Club, and Fitness Hub have mastered the art of making members come back for more. They have become the reference point for many other gym-related businesses. Some of the ways very successful gyms have created unique member experiences are discussed below.

1. Incorporate Technology

Technology has enabled gyms to be able to create and offer very personalized products and services to their members. From the creation and deployment of wearables and apps that are person-specific to building an online presence that is inclusive and very easy to interact with. The creation of a seamless user experience right from the first click on the website, easy booking, and very friendly customer care goes a long way in making potential and old members feel welcomed. Also, a vibrant presence on social media is indispensable in today’s world. Every online interaction must be geared towards making sure the user comes again.

2. A Fusion of Fitness and Spas

Gyms are increasingly combining workouts and recovery in a single visit. You come in for the exercise routine. After you are done, you move to the spa section where you are treated to a relaxing session. Other gyms make available post-fitness session smoothies to their members. All this is to create an atmosphere of not only fitness and workout but also recovery and relaxation. Gyms are fast becoming the one-stop place for a lot of things. There are now gyms with libraries, pharmacies, boutiques, even beauty, and skin care services. Gyms study what experiences they can add that will increase traffic in their establishments. They go into partnership with other businesses just for this end. In the end, the gym may just be one end of the business, but it will benefit greatly from the presence of the other businesses.

3. Create a Community

Humans have an innate sense of wanting to belong to something; a community of people we share certain similarities with. This psychological need can be utilized to create a vibrant, oftentimes exclusive gym community.  Some gyms, like SoulCycle, have had great successes in this regard. They have an almost cult-like following which has in no small way helped them to remain a top gym. They create content exclusively for the group, and have social online groups for interaction. All this creates a sense of relationship, which helps keep membership retention rates high. The creation of a class-based group fitness business model can be effective. An exclusive fitness program would attract persons with higher incomes.

4. Have a Targeted Market and Build On It

Every gym should have a set of guiding principles and a target group of people they intend to attract. This will inform them about their business. Some gyms cater primarily to millennials while there are those for much older individuals. The key is to know your market and work assiduously to attract and keep them. There is no one standard fit approach to a successful gym. No matter the targeted audience, it is important to always make sure that your services are convenient and personalized for the intended members. A gym that caters to the elderly will feel and look different from one for young mothers. The location of the gym is also very important in this regard. It must be easily accessible by the targeted population. A strong and continuous engagement with that population is also beneficial.

5. Combine Fitness with Entertainment.

Traditional fitness might not do it anymore. Entertainment has permeated every facet of our lives, including how we keep fit. Successful gyms have creative ways to incorporate music, dance, and various arts into their routines. Some have very customized music which is played in their sessions. With social media, different challenges are being promoted which combine these two things; entertainment and fitness. A visit to Tiktok and you will encounter several. Gyms that evolve with the times will thrive. Also, partnerships with superstars have been greatly beneficial to some gyms. Fans will flock to a gym they know their idol is a member of. Star power can be very powerful. It is noteworthy that this works best with younger populations.

These are only a few ways gyms have built a successful brand. One thing that has not being discussed is a strong and effective feedback mechanism. Gyms must invest feedback from their members. You must know how any action, service, or product you offer makes them feel per time. There is no magic bullet. Gyms have to do their due diligence to identify what works in their unique environment and build on them. As with any business, gym owners must build a strong community and competent workforce. Members of staff must be trained to give individual attention to members and make them achieve the outcomes they desire.

People don’t just want to be fit. They want a million things with it. It is the job of the innovative gym owner to anticipate them and build the same into his business. Gyms are a service industry. People must feel good about themselves in a gym if they are to make it their fitness place. Make them fit. Keep them happy. You will keep smiling at the bank.

James Plata

James Plata is the CX Operations Manager at PushPress, a fitness-nut and hoarder of all gadgets. He brings 10+ years of experience in startup tech and fitness to help gym owners rebel against useless and overpriced software.

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