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Announcing The World’s Fastest Fitness Websites

Direct integrations into PushPress, automatic lead tracking and metrics, and lightning fast websites, help us further our mission of empowering stronger gyms.

James Plata
September 14, 2020
Announcing The World’s Fastest Fitness Websites

PushPress has partnered with Webflow to bring the PushPress Websites service to the next level. Webflow represents the next evolution platform for faster, more responsive and beautful websites.

PushPress and Webflow Partner To Launch the World’s Fastest Websites for Boutique Fitness Studios

El Segundo, California,  September 14, 2020 –  Today, PushPress is proud to announce a major upgrade to our Websites by PushPress product.  Today’s upgrade will deliver the world’s fastest websites to PushPress clients, while we still continue to be the lowest cost full-service option in the market.

A well-performing marketing website is the cornerstone of every boutique fitness studio’s business.  However, it’s often overlooked by many gym owners for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s yet another thing to have to worry about and gym owners are busy.
  2. It’s technically complicated to do well.
  3. It’s outside of the expertise of most fitness studio owners.

Websites by PushPress solves all of these issues at a price that is affordable to all boutique facilities.

“We are offering our clients the best performing fully managed marketing and lead generation platform on the market.” said Madeleine Galvez, director of Websites by PushPress.  “We think our clients should focus on what they do best - work with their members.  We handle the complexities of getting you found on the Internet and driving you new members.”

Today’s Websites by PushPress upgrade brings the speed and power of Webflow websites to PushPress clients.  Faster load times, snappier and more visually stunning websites, and direct integration into PushPress leads to more engaged eyeballs and higher conversion rates.

Initial testing has shown a 63% increase in engagement and a 28% uptick in leads generated.

“Websites by PushPress is a perfect example of what we’re trying to accomplish for our clients.” said Dan Uyemura, CEO of PushPress. “Gym owners should not be trying to learn how to build something as mission-critical to their business as their website.  A single gym alone could not afford to spend the amount of time we poured into these websites. Nor could they get the guidance and assistance we have gotten from the Webflow team to bring this amazing product to life.”

PushPress has a history of pioneering change in the fitness industry.  We were the first gym platform to adopt Stripe as a payment provider - helping gyms strip away from unsavory business practices of the traditional merchant processing industry.

Today, we’re doing that again.   While most gym websites today are powered by WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace, PushPress has pushed gym websites into the next era with Webflow.

“With Webflow powering Websites by PushPress, customers will have a modern, high performing site that looks great and drives results thanks to Webflow’s world-class website hosting network, in-depth SEO controls, and seamless PushPress integrations,” said Barrett Johnson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Webflow.

Websites by PushPress will be available to PushPress clients starting today.  Beta clients have begun onboarding, and a waitlist is now forming for our full release.

For more information about Websites by PushPress, please go to

About PushPress

PushPress is an industry-leading, next-generation gym management software platform that has one mission: To help our gyms build stronger, more profitable businesses.  PushPress is founded and built by gym owners who understand the space better than anyone - and is trusted by thousands of gyms to power their operations.

About Webflow

Webflow is a leading innovator in the website space, focused on creating a completely visual way to build custom websites without code. Webflow powers websites for thousands of forward-thinking companies including IDEO, Zendesk, Rakuten, Lattice, and Upwork.



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James Plata

James Plata is the CX Operations Manager at PushPress, a fitness-nut and hoarder of all gadgets. He brings 10+ years of experience in startup tech and fitness to help gym owners rebel against useless and overpriced software.

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