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5 Factors To Consider When Buying Gym Equipment

Here are five things to consider before you buy gym equipment. If you've been thinking about getting a new squat rack or rower, this article will help guide your decision.

Eric LeClair
October 25, 2021
5 Factors To Consider When Buying Gym Equipment
Here are five things to consider if you're buying gym equipment. If you've been thinking about getting a new squat rack or rower, this article will help you
Buying Gym Equipment
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Opening a gym and buying gym equipment is an expensive undertaking. Especially when you are in an area with a lot of health conscious individuals. While attracting these individuals is important, it is also important to have the right mix of equipment in the gym. Your clients have different health and fitness needs. The main reason they would patronize your gym is you have right equipment that can meet their needs.

Buying gym equipment is an expensive undertaking and the limitless choices in the market leave room for poor decisions. While some individuals have the perception that price is the most important factor to consider when buying gym equipment, there are other more important factors some of which will be shared here. Below are the five factors to consider when buying gym equipment;


Gym equipment by nature are a combination of moving and stationary parts and because a large number of people would be using them, the possibility for damage due to wear and tear is high. It is therefore ideal that you buy quality gym equipment that would last long while serving the needs of your customers. In the short run, quality gym equipment might be expensive but in the long term you will reap the benefits because of lower maintenance costs and less frequent need to replace worn- out equipment. You also want to buy a high quality machine to prevent gym accidents which your customers can sue you for. Another consideration is that the quality of the gym should align with the health needs of current and future customers.


Another important factor to consider in buying gym equipment is the comfort that users experience with the machine. Customers do not want to be uncomfortable when they are going through their exercise routines. As such, before you buy a gym equipment you have to ensure that all parts of the equipment will be comfortable to use. These include the seats, handles, bars and grips. Comfort also applies to how adjustable the machine is. It is necessary to buy gym equipment that can be adjusted to fit the height and build of various customers. Another germane reason why comfort is important is that this factor determines closely the work- out experience of users. If they find your gym equipment uncomfortable to use, they would readily patronize other gyms and you will lose customers and perhaps your reputation for customer service.

After Purchase Costs

Buying your gym equipment is always exciting until you have to cope with the costs that come up after purchase in the store. The first major cost after purchase is the cost of movement and installation. The first major cost after purchase is the cost of movement and installation. These are cost items that must be considered before you make a purchase. In instances in which the gym equipment does not have modular components, moving it as a bulk item is always a daunting task. First, you have to find a vehicle which can carry the gym equipment regardless of its dimensions in terms of weight, height and cover . Also, in cases where the store you bought the gym equipment from does not offer installation packages, you have to install the equipment yourself. This means coping with different sets of instructions. Buying from a store with an installation package is the best bet against facing these type of problems. Regular maintenance checks and routine cleaning will extend the lifespan of your gym equipment, but you still must consider these costs when making decisions about which gym equipment you should buy.

Warranties and Maintenance

The available warranty on a particular gym equipment is also an important factor to consider when buying. A warrant shows that you are dealing with a reputable company which is responsible for costs based on the terms on the guarantee. Opening and outfitting a gym with equipment requires capital, it is therefore essential that you seek to limit maintenance and repair costs for these equipment in the long run. Making a purchase backed by significant warranty offers helps in reducing short- and long- term equipment costs. This is necessary because constant use subject these machines to wear and tear and having a warranty coverage for a year reduce your exposure to operational risks. Closely related to this is maintenance. Naturally, in outfitting your gym you should buy equipment which are commercial grade, strong and durable. You should however also investigate the maintenance costs of each equipment. Doing so allows for a more realistic computation of present and future costs for each gym equipment. A number of gym equipment manufacturers include a service and maintenance package when you make a purchase. Consider this too as an important factor which should influence your purchase decision.


It is very important to consider the available space before making decisions about which gym equipment to be bought. There is nothing worse than buying gym equipment, moving it to the gym and then discovering it cannot fit the space allocated for it. A gym space should be airy and have enough room for the machines including accessories, repair tools and storage. The gym should also have rest- rooms, locker rooms and changing rooms. Thus, ensuring that ample space is available for the gym equipment is an important factor to consider when considering the purchase of new gym equipment. Space is also an important factor because the gym provides an avenue for social interactions. These interactions will be hampered when the gym area is too small to accommodate equipment and accessories. The aesthetic appeal of the gym and the comfort experienced when the equipment is used depend on the availability of space and how such space is been utilized. Therefore consider the space available and pick gym equipment that can fit into such spaces.

Eric LeClair

Eric LeClair works on the Marketing Team at PushPress. Eric has been a CrossFit Affiliate owner for 16 years. He's built three separate gyms and developed over 20 staff members to run operations at those facilities. He's a Veteran of the US Army, married with two little kids, and spends lots of time with his two boxers backpacking and exploring new adventures!

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