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The Top Three Reasons To Consider Outsourcing Your Gym Programming

Have you considered outsourcing your gym programming? Here are three reasons to look at PRVN Fitness for your members' training needs!

Emily Beers
May 4, 2023
Have you considered outsourcing your gym programming? Here are three reasons to look at PRVN Fitness for your members' training needs!

As a fitness business owner, where do you stand on outsourcing your gym programming?

Today, we’re talking to Dwight Upshaw, long-time coach at PRVN Fitness.

PRVN Fitness is best known as the company founded by six-time Fittest Woman on Earth Tia-Clair Toomey, and her husband Shane Orr. The company has helped elite athletes like Toomey, Brooke Wells, Saxon Panchik, Will Moorad and Nick Mathew to excel on the world stage.

Tia Claire Toomey PRVN Fitness
Tia Claire-Toomey completes a PRVN Fitness workout. (Photo credit: PRVN Fitness)

But PRVN is about much more than that. It’s a full-service gym programming company that caters to everyone. From the elite athlete to the 80-year-old gym-goer, and everyone in between, there are options.

Why Outsource Gym Programming?

Many gym owners never even contemplate the thought of outsourcing programming. Whether they simply enjoy doing it or are particular about the deliverable, it can almost feel like something they need to protect.

But factor in how many other jobs you have as a gym owner. And ask yourself whether you’re really able to dedicate the time required. Are you able to build a well-thought-out, balanced program for your members? And are you able to cater to the various fitness levels of people training at your gym?

If not, it may be beneficial for your gym community and your business to consider outsourcing your programming. Here are three reasons why:

1. Save Time.

As a gym owner, you likely wear a ton of hats. And because your time is finite, you have to make decisions as to what the best way to spend it.

For example, if you currently spend 20 hours each month on gym programming, that time could potentially be better spent on other tasks. From business development to marketing strategy, what would 20 extra hours do for growth? Ultimately, would outsourcing programming help you grow your business?

Here’s another way to look at it. What dollar value would you say your time is worth? Let’s say you value your time at $100 per hour and you spend 20 hours programming. That means the cost of your programming is $2,000 per month. (For the record, PRVN Affiliate programming currently costs $122 per month).

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2. Provide Quality Training.

For the PRVN programming team, creating a well-rounded training program is the primary goal.

For Upshaw, it’s his full-time focus. He spends approximately 15 hours per week planning an effective program. His goal is to get people the results they want and provide them workouts they’ll be excited about. For gym owners, this goes a long way with improving gym member retention.

Outsource gym programming with PRVN Fitness
PRVN Fitness provides quality programming options for all levels. (Photo credit: PRVN Fitness)

Upshaw says the process first involves building out the gym programming with various levels and options. Next, he films accompanying videos to provide education to coaches and owners.

In regards to his philosophy, his ultimate goal is to “challenge every single person that comes into the gym. But then also really create coaches at every single gym that have the tools to make every single person feel like they have a workout tailored to them.”

He added, “I like the idea of challenging people but then also really creating a scientific approach and a methodical approach (that considers things like) how many times we’re pulling from the floor, how many times we’re squatting, what type of accessories are we doing. It’s a lot to process.”

With that in mind, can you as a gym owner, commit the time required to build an effective program like this? If not, outsourcing gym programming could potentially lead to even better results for members, and more gym membership value.

3. Develop Better Coaches.

As a result of Upshaw’s thorough approach, PRVN ends up acting almost like a mentor to a gym’s coaches. When coaches have access to a variety of educational materials and the weekly training plan, they can learn and be more efficient.

Upshaw explained that it’s simply a matter of gym owners passing the information along to their teams.

“You just have to share it with your coaches,” he said.

Further, when you have your weekly coach meetings, you just go through the materials and “fine tune it” to fit your gym’s needs. As a result, your coaches will become more knowledgeable and prepared without a ton of work on your end.

Subscribing To PRVN Affiliate Programming.

More than 300 gyms around the world currently use PRVN’s Affiliate programming.

Each week, these gyms receive the training plan, complete with a breakdown of the big picture. The full instructional notes include weekly intent, such as maximizing recovery for hitting weightlifting movements hard.

Each day of gym programming also includes warm-ups and accessory work. There are video explanations of the time domain, modalities and RPE expectations. In addition, primary and secondary training objectives, and intended stimulus are included. These include things like muscular endurance hypertrophy or absolute strength.

Gym programming for all athlete levels
From beginners to competitors, plans and supporting materials are included. (Photo credit: PRVN Fitness)

Upshaw also provides various scaling options. There are various levels, plus Masters 55+ and even a hotel version of the workout. For new gym members, he includes an onramp program. All of these options come with logistical suggestions, such as class management strategies.

Further, the PRVN Affiliate program includes additional work for competitors looking for more volume and specialized skill work. Upshaw explained that this generally includes three to four extra optional pieces, like swimming training session.

Finally, Upshaw makes himself available for questions about the program. For example, if equipment substitutions are needed for class or an in-house event, he’s able to help gym owners find the best solution.

In Summary: Consider Outsourcing Gym Programming

Some gym owners hold programming close to the vest. Whether you enjoy it or are especially particular about it, it’s normal to want to hold on. But at what cost?

Consider the value behind your time and if it could be better spent elsewhere. Outsourcing gym programming with PRVN could allow you to work on gym growth instead. Meanwhile, your members can still receive the world-class training that they come to expect, and your coaches can continue to improve.

For your members, coaches and business, outsourcing programming could be highly beneficial, and a win-win for all.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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