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More Money, More Fun: Five Creative Ideas to Increase Gym Revenue

When you need to increase gym revenue, do you immediately think more members? Here are five ways to have fun with your community while driving revenue!

Emily Beers
July 26, 2023
More Money, More Fun: Five Creative Ideas to Increase Gym Revenue
When you need to increase gym revenue, do you immediately think more members? Here are five ways to have fun with your community while driving revenue!

When you need to increase gym revenue, does your mind immediately jump to more members? That’s certainly one way to do it, but it’s not your only option.

Increasing average client value is another route. High-ticket gym services like personal training and nutrition coaching have multiple benefits. Primarily, you’re helping your members by providing them with the solutions they need. And they’re willing to pay more for the things that are important to them, so keep those dollars in your gym.

Increase gym revenue with creative programs and events
Increase gym revenue with creative programs, services and events.

Still another option to drive revenue is renting gym space. Because if you’ve got the extra square footage, why not make it work for you?

But did you know there even more ways to increase gym revenue, and have some fun doing it?

The sky is the limit on various revenue streams, and sometimes it pays off to think outside the box. The PushPress team is here to help! We’ve put together a list of some creative, fun ways to generate revenue and build community.

Five Creative Ways to Increase Gym Revenue:

1. Host a Community-Based Event.

A community-focused event as a revenue-driver? Hear us out. The game itself can be anything that appeals to your community. Choose from things like trivia to playing cards to a friendly game of cornhole.

We’ll use trivia night as an example. Members sign up for the event in teams of three with an entry fee of $100. If 25 teams sign up, that’s $2,500. The winning team gets $750 and the gym makes a quick $1,750. It might not be a huge return, but it’s a quick way to increase gym revenue with an easy-to-run event.

Want to get members fully on board? Put the revenue raised toward new gym equipment.

Further, turn it into a fantastic marketing event for your gym! Require each team to include one non-member. This will bring people through the doors that might otherwise be too intimidated to show up for a workout. Once they realize how welcoming your community is, you might end up picking up a few new members.

2. Design a Fun Gym Challenge or Program.

Instead of a one-time social event, consider a fitness-related challenge to motivate members over a longer period of time. Charge an entry fee to increase gym revenue, and all entrants who complete the challenge are entered in a prize drawing. Prizes can include anything from cash to a month of membership, or personal training sessions.

Challenge gym members with fitness events
Challenge gym members with fitness-related events to get them outside or doing accessory work.

Here are some fun challenge ideas:

  • Suns Out Guns Out. This bodybuilding-style challenge is designed to get people working on those beach muscles (bis, tris, pecs, abs). Another option is a “Booty for Days”challenge, focused on developing a stronger posterior chain. Participants complete 20 minutes of accessory “homework” outside of class three days per week. Completion of all the homework gets them entered into the drawing.
  • Take it Outside. Rachel Wilson, owner of Terrain Fitness in Wayne, NJ challenged her members to get outside and move every day. Then, to be entered into the challenge, they were required to upload pictures of their activities into the PushPress Train app. Wilson said it was great for improving gym members’ mental health and building community.
  • The Burpee Challenge. This is a fun idea to start the New Year, when everyone is feeling the eggnog hangover. Or at the end of summer, as people look to get back into their regular routines for the fall. Challenge members to do 50 or 100 burpees a day for one month. They can be done before or after class, or broken up throughout the day. Completing the challenge enters them into the prize drawing.
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3. Host a Gym Competition.

When done correctly, hosting a competition can be a simple option to increase gym revenue. The key is to not overcomplicate it. Resist the urge to have a ton of divisions or find a unique venue.

In terms of revenue, remember that most CrossFit athletes compete locally for the fun of the event. It’s generally not about the size of the prize, so avoid giving away your revenue as an attempt to increase participation.

And once the competition is on the calendar, drive revenue by preparing your members! Offer accessory programs, personal training or even a nutrition coaching program designed to help them perform at their best.

4. Find Creative Advertising Opportunities.

When you look around your gym, think outside the box for creative opportunities to increase gym revenue.

That’s exactly what Amanda Long, owner of CrossFit LC Valley in Lewiston, ID, did to generate a quick $7,500. Long sold ten advertising spots on her gym walls, charging $750 per year for each. The 2’ x 3’ signs cost $55 to print, paid for by the businesses.

“They were so easy to sell,” she said. “It’s kind of a no-brainer.”

5. Cultivate Fun Local Partnerships.

Developing relationships with other local business owners is a great way to grow your fitness business. First, you’re spreading the word to people who might yet be aware of your business. Second, cross-promotional marketing is a win-win for both parties.

Plus, your members will appreciate referrals to businesses you believe in. And if they get a discount on services simply for being a member of your gym, even better!

Local business partnerships give gym member perks
Forming partnerships with local businesses provide perks for your members.

Here are a few examples of local businesses to collaborate with:

  • Local Coffee Shop. Why not offer a small discount to the baristas at your local coffee shop, in exchange for your members getting a discount on coffee? You could get new members in the door from their team, and your community gets coffee perks.
  • Meal Delivery Service. Find a local meal delivery service and use your gym as a drop-off spot. The best-case scenario is that you bring them new business and they offer your members a discount. You might even get some free meals for yourself as the owner.
  • Yoga Studio. Consider partnering with a yoga studio, which would compliment your fitness services. Even if membership discounts aren’t part of the partnership, you can cross-promote to your respective clientele. Hand out a free pass for your members to try a class and ask them to do the same.
Pro Tip: Use PushPress Grow to let your members know about new partnerships and gym updates using the power of automation. Book a demo with our team today to find out more!

In Summary: Make Revenue a Fun Challenge.

The need to increase gym revenue can sometimes be stressful. Sure, you can boost the average revenue per client and rent out your extra gym space. But it doesn’t have to be complicated and you can actually have some fun with it!

Think about the ways that you can help your gym members. Invite them to a community-based event, design a fun gym challenge or host a competition. Then find creative advertising opportunities or cultivate fun local partnerships.

You’ll likely find yourself pleasantly surprised by the returns that come from exploring new, fun ways to drive revenue.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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