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Four Features in PushPress Core You Never Knew You Needed

At PushPress, our goal is to save you time and help your gym run seamlessly. Here are five powerful features in Core to start using in your gym today!

Emily Beers
June 23, 2023
Four Features in PushPress Core You Never Knew You Needed
At PushPress, our goal is to save you time and help your gym run seamlessly. Here are five powerful features in Core to start using in your gym today!

The fitness industry - just like your own gym - is ever-evolving. Things that were “normal” several years ago have advanced, iterated or disappeared. And our goal at PushPress is to evolve as well, always providing you what you need to run your business better.

As a team of gym owners ourselves, we get it. We understand your day-to-day hurdles and we aim to make products that get you over them. We also truly care. Show us a gym owner that’s struggling and we’ll show you a team of people ready to help.

Five Core features to help with gym management
PushPress Core offers features to help with saving you time and managing your gym better.

So with that in mind, here are four powerful features in PushPress Core that you might not be using, or even know about. Have questions? Reach out. We’re here for you!

Four PushPress Core Features to Start Using Today.

1. The New Financial Report.

Tracking important gym metrics is key to running a successful business. Recently, PushPress unveiled the new and improved financial report.

Now you have an easy-to-read snapshot of all the financial data you need to analyze the health of your gym. First, you can quickly see the current and previous month’s revenue. Second, check out your month-to-date and year-to-date retail sales numbers. Further, you can see upcoming payments and open invoices.

PushPress Core new financial reports feature
The new financial reports feature provides a clear snapshot of your gym’s important financial data.

And if analytics aren’t your jam, we’ve got you covered! The PushPress Financial Report offers insights to help you process, and made sense of the data.

2. Appointments... V2!

For you, your coaches and your members, Appointments V2 is an intuitive time-saver.

First, the Appointments feature makes it simple for you to offer high-ticket gym services like a nutrition coaching program or personal training. Programs like these drive up your average client value, increasing client retention and overall revenue.

Your coaches can use Appointments to easily set up the blocks of time when they’re available to meet with clients. These blocks can be customized based on the nature of the appointment.

For example, initial consults might be 20 minutes, while a training session can be 60. This goes a long way to help coaches with efficiency and maximizing their time. They can even designate in-person or online appointment times.

Once coaches have set up availability, clients are able to book appointments using credits. For example, if a client pays for a 10-pack of personal training sessions, they can book until they’ve used up those sessions.

3. Invoices and Pre-Orders.

One of the most prevalent additional revenue streams for most fitness businesses is gym merchandise. From apparel to equipment to supplements, you need a way to sell your members what they need.

PushPress Core allows you to create invoices for retail purchases for each member, adding merchandise to the invoice throughout the month. Then, invoices are processed automatically just once monthly, saving you a multitude of transaction fees.

Another beneficial feature is the ability to take pre-orders for upcoming apparel sales.

Manage apparel pre-orders quickly through Core
Manage apparel pre-orders quickly and seamlessly with just a few clicks.

First, this helps you avoid stocking too much inventory, which can be especially detrimental with higher-priced items. Pre-orders allow you to collect payment beforehand. Plus, you can order only what you need, and keep your apparel revenue in the black.

Second, PushPress Core allows you to track and manage inventory as well. So you’re all set up for a successful stream of retail revenue.

4. Coming Soon: Calendar Updates.

The Core product team is currently working hard on redesigning the calendar. Goals of the revamp include making it more user-friendly and accommodating gyms with more complex schedules.

For example, if you’re running a second gym location or you have multiple classes going at once, the new calendar updates will help you with managing schedules.

Pro Tip: Already using Core and want to learn how Grow can help you with lead generation and creating the ultimate member experience? Book a demo with our team today!

In Summary: Get More Done With PushPress Core.

Ultimately, the goal at PushPress is to help you run your gym better. The products you use were created by gym owners, for gym owners.

We’re constantly working to give you what you need, and sometimes what you didn’t even know you needed. All with a goal of saving you and your coaches time and being as successful as possible.

We hope you’ll use the tools outlined above - Financial Report, Appointments and Invoices - to dominate your day. And as always, reach out for help. The PushPress team is here for you!

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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