Get AMPED: How PushStart Helps Gym Owners Run a Better Business

PushStart is an ever-expanding series of videos and resources, designed to help PushPress gym owners grow their business. And the best part is, it’s free!

Emily Beers
August 30, 2023
Get AMPED: How PushStart Helps Gym Owners Run a Better Business
PushStart is an ever-expanding series of videos and resources, designed to help PushPress gym owners grow their business. And the best part is, it’s free!

There isn’t one clear-cut path for gym owners to be successful. However, there are plenty of suggestions and ideas that have been proven to work. By learning from the experience - and mistakes - of others, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

At PushPress, we’re a team of gym owners who understand your day-to-day successes and struggles. Yes, we’re a software company. But our products were created out of the necessities we’ve found in our own gyms.

Helping gym owners run a better business
PushStart provides tools for gym owners to level up their fitness business.

And from a business growth perspective, we understand the importance of business metrics. We know that if your gym isn’t financially viable, you won’t be able to keep your doors open. If your coaches can’t make a good living, they can’t be vested in helping you grow. If your clients aren’t paying enough or aren’t sticking around for the long-term, your business can’t succeed.

For more than a decade, we’ve worked with gym owners who most often don’t have real-world business experience. A majority come from a personal training or coaching background, and share a passion for changing lives. Despite the best intentions, the need for business help is obvious. And that’s why we launched PushStart.

PushStart: A Gym Owners’ Guide to Success

PushStart is an ever-expanding series of more than 20 online video courses and resources, designed to help PushPress gym owners grow their business. And the best part is, it’s free!

Whether it’s long-term strategy or immediate implementation, PushStart content is created to help with every stage of running a fitness business. It’s separated into bite-sized, digestible pieces that you can complete independently as needed, and access at any time. This allows you to decide what’s most pressing for your unique business needs.

Further, PushPress Core and Grow users have access to additional content, aimed at navigating the various PushPress tools.

What is AMPED?

PushStart is divided into categories using the AMPED business methodology, encompassing all the elements of running a successful gym for the long term.

1. Attract.

This content is all about marketing, client acquisition and branding best practices for gym owners. In short, it’s focused on how you increase your quality leads, get people through the doors and convert them into members.

Topics include leveraging leads with your Google Business profile, building a referral culture and lead-management best practices.

2. Monetize.

These videos delve into everything related to revenue, such as lead nurture, sales, services to offer, price setting and buying cycles. The goal is to get the wheels turning about what might work well for your business.

Topics include why you should offer online programming, how to create a pricing model that works for you, and onboarding best practices for new clients.

Onboarding new gym members
Monetizing programs like onboarding programs or personal training increases gym revenue.

3. Plug-In.

These courses examine processes and systems that work for different fitness businesses. In short, it’s about execution on how to turn ideas and concepts into consistent, scalable systems. And sometimes it’s as simple as learning how to best leverage PushPress software to help your business run more efficiently.

Topics include the dos and don’ts of client cancellations, and creating annual business plans that are focused on the big picture.

4. Expand.

These videos are all about business growth, and how to scale and sophisticate your gym. They take a look at creating a powerful brand, and offer ideas about how to showcase and build it to help your business grow.

Topics include establishing an organization chart for a winning team and creating the right compensation model for your coaches. You’ll also learn when to add new class times and when to hire your first employee.

5. Delight.

This section of PushStart takes a look at how gym owners can create raving fans to ultimately help the business be sustainable long-term. In other words, you’ll get pertinent info about over-delivering on your client experience. This will help bring your brand to life through customer service actions that lead to ambassadors and referrals.

Topics include understanding gym member retention metrics and how to improve them, as well as building community through culture and putting your core values into brand experience.

Every Gym Owners’ Path is Unique.

It’s worth noting that PushStart business education is not a dogmatic roadmap. We understand that your journey as a business owner is unique. And there’s not a one-size-fits-all prescription that works for everyone. In other words, PushStart doesn’t give you overwhelming directions to revamp your business overnight.

Instead, it’s a collective of information and resources from our own gyms, and that of successful gym owners and experts in the industry. It’s designed to help you start thinking about ideas and concepts in a way you maybe haven’t before.

You can consume the information at your pace, then choose the options that are appropriate for your unique gym. The ones you feel will best serve your clients, coaches and business as a whole.

Every gym community is unique
Every gym community is unique. Choose the services, culture and systems that will work best for yours.

Fear not, busy gym owners. We actually recommend you don’t binge the entire PushStart library at once. Instead, watch them one at a time and internalize each piece of content. If it’s something you want to implement, do a little brainstorming and come up with a plan. Then rinse and repeat.

Pro Tip: Schedule PushStart time into your weekly calendar to hold yourself accountable to the continued education.

Like all things PushPress, PushStart is constantly growing and evolving to meet gym owners’ ever-changing needs. Upcoming courses include DIY marketing, client avatars and various successful financial models.

In Summary: Level Up with PushStart.

The ultimate goal of PushStart is to provide gym owners with the information they need to run more successful businesses. This is measured by important gym metrics like average client value, monthly recurring revenue, client retention, coach retention and business profit. All good things for long-term business health!

We’re a software company created for gym owners by gym owners, and our focus is helping you succeed. We want to guide you in connecting the dots between Attracting, Monetizing, Plugging in, Expanding and Delighting to take your business to the next level.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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