Get Ready, PushPress Clients: $11 Million Series A Fundraise Means Bigger, Better, Faster

PushPress is excited to announce an $11 million Series A fundraise. This huge milestone increases our ability to help fitness business owners worldwide.

Dan Uyemura
August 18, 2022
PushPress is excited to announce an $11 million Series A fundraise. This huge milestone increases our ability to help fitness business owners worldwide.

From the very beginning of PushPress, our goal has always been to ask fitness business owners one simple question: How can we help?

Our primary focus is to help make your business stronger, and get everything done for you. Because we are a team of fitness business owners, we know the struggle. We know what you go through. And most importantly, we understand the impact of what you do.

What you are doing on a daily basis is bigger than you and your gym. You’re improving the quality of - and adding years to - people’s lives. You’re causing a ripple effect for those who see your members getting healthier every day. At PushPress, we understand the magnitude of that and it’s what drives us to help you help others.

With that in mind, we have some incredible news to share with you.

We recently reached a pivotal moment in the company’s history, when our Series A fundraising - led by Altos Ventures - closed in July of 2022 with an initial raise of $11 million.

This is a tremendous step that will positively affect our ability to keep our focus solely on you and significantly increase our capacity to keep turning even your loftiest goals into reality. We like to call it, “Help first, BIGGER.”

“Help first, BIGGER.”

This means we can do things better, faster, and with more consistency for you.

The PushPress that you know and count on is about to level up in unprecedented ways. In the past, we focused on unique ways to take the work off your plate and get it done for you. We’re carrying that same mentality forward, but this time with an even more comprehensive ability to dream big and deliver bigger.

With greater resources at our disposal, you can expect:

  • Even greater system stability
  • Smarter and more automated solutions with Pressly™
  • Increased lead generation and conversion through expanded strategies in Grow and Core
  • Improved experience for staff and members through expansion of our mobile team
Want to find out how these solutions can save you time and help your gym grow? Book a demo today with a member of the PushPress team!

We want to thank each one of you, our clients and supporters, for being part of this journey, which wouldn’t have been possible without you. We also want to thank Altos Ventures for their unique business model, aimed at satisfying customer pains so well that revenue becomes the byproduct.

The future of gym ownership has arrived, and what was once merely conceptual has now become exponentially more achievable. We’re turning heads by answering the question, How can we help? and now delivering better, bigger, and faster. We look forward to continuing to change the game as we level up the future of gym ownership.

Dan Uyemura

Dan Uyemura built his first gym in 2008. Since then he's built and sold a couple of gyms. In 2011 Dan decided to help gym owners run more stable, profitable businesses.

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