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Celebrate Good Times: Seven Ways To Rock Your Gym Anniversary

In the fitness industry, any gym anniversary is a big deal. Here are seven ideas to celebrate your dedication, recognize your team and thank your members.

Monica Hilton
October 21, 2022
Celebrate Good Times: Seven Ways To Rock Your Gym Anniversary
In the fitness industry, any gym anniversary is a big deal. Here are seven ideas to celebrate your dedication, recognize your team and thank your members.

Celebrating a gym anniversary is a big deal. Whether it’s your first or tenth, acknowledge your success. The fitness industry is extremely competitive and you’re beating the odds.

Running a gym successful enough to celebrate anniversaries is no small feat. Your daily tasks - from operations to member retention - are most likely things most people take for granted. Therefore, a gym anniversary is a great time to celebrate your dedication, recognize your team and thank your members.

Your anniversary can also be a fun way to create marketing initiatives and drive sales. After all, your gym is still in business for a reason. Why not spread the word? Showcase your success and reputation with members and potential leads.

Gym anniversary celebration

Here are seven ways to have some fun, make some additional revenue and build your brand.

1. Host A Fitness Event For Charity.

The only thing better than celebrating your gym anniversary is doing it for a good cause. Host a fitness event like a distance rowing challenge or 24 hours of workouts. Allow the entire community to participate, spectate or donate. Collect donations for a local charity and invite them to set up an info booth at your event.

To help spread the word, send a press release about the event to local news outlets. This provides an opportunity for publicity, either in a story online or a news crew onsite.

2. Create A Membership Promotion.

Celebrating a gym anniversary can often garner some extra attention in the form of leads. Take advantage of the uptick in traffic by creating an irresistible membership promo. Remind members of the promo to further drive your referral program.

You don’t have to devalue your services by discounting memberships. Instead, offer to waive initiation fees or provide a special deal on annual packages. You could also offer incentives that could trigger sales down the road. For example, give away a 30-minute skills training session, then upsell members to purchase more.

3. Organize A Friendly Competition Among Members.

If your gym has been around for awhile, chances are you’ve built a strong community. Thank them for their support by hosting a fun, in-house competition or challenge. The right kind of event allows everyone to participate and feel accomplished.

You’re only limited by your imagination with this event. It can be a shorter one (i.e. Donuts & Deadlifts) or an all-day competition with multiple WODs. Provided added value for your members by partnering with other local businesses, like those offering protein smoothies and recovery options.

4. Throw A Members-Only Gym Anniversary Party.

If your members have only ever seen each other in gym clothes, it might be time to get fancy. Your gym anniversary is a perfect opportunity to host a formal event (Barbell Ball, anyone?) where members can get dressed up and socialize. You can either decorate your gym or hold the event off-site.

Another idea is a family-friendly cookout. This would allow members to meet other members’ families. You can plan games and activities, and ask people to pitch in with healthy side dishes and desserts.

Members community event

5. Offer Limited-Edition Merchandise.

One way to recognize your gym’s anniversary each year is to create a commemorative apparel line. Your members already love your brand and if you’re rockin’ retail sales, they’ll have another opportunity to support your gym. Start with a simple t-shirt and tank top design. If your community loves it, consider expanding the collection to include hats, shorts, etc.

Another option is to provide a gym anniversary giveaway for your members. Whether it’s water bottles, sweat towels or car window decals, get creative. Not only do people love being appreciated, items like this will get your brand out in the community too.

6. Plan a Member Appreciation Week.

One of the best ways to celebrate your gym is to recognize that your members are a huge part of its success. Member Appreciation Week is a public declaration of your appreciation and gratitude. A few fun ideas to make the week memorable:

  • Write a personalized thank you card to each member.
  • Offer discounts or incentives for apparel, supplements or other in-house items.
  • Do a few prize drawings throughout the week. Purchase several gift cards and raffle them off.
  • Create a scavenger hunt where members can complete fitness tasks and gather fun facts about the history of your gym.
  • Provide complimentary healthy snacks after classes each day.
  • Offer some exclusive workshops or seminars for special skills like Olympic lifting or gymnastics.
  • Do a Coach/Member swap for a few classes. Invite a few of your (extroverted) members to volunteer to coach a class that week.
  • Organize a week-long, bring-a-friend event. If you normally offer one free class, allow members to invite friends for the whole week.
Bring a friend event

7. Get The Word Out.

Celebrating a gym anniversary can be a huge marketing opportunity. First, get the basics on your website. Share the amount of time you’ve been in business (and don’t forget to share your reviews). Then design some fun events for your community, sometime around the date of your gym’s annivesary. Create supporting social media posts and an email campaign to further your reach. Finally, ask members to invite friends and help with word-of-mouth.

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In Summary: Don’t Sleep On Your Gym Anniversary.

With every passing year in the fitness industry, you defy the odds more and more. There are a plethora of benefits that come from celebrating your gym anniversary: Recognizing your achievement, honoring your staff and thanking your members are just a few.

Celebrate the week by planning some fun community events. Within those events, offer incentives to members and leads on apparel, supplements, membership and more. Spread the word through things like publicity, social media, word-of-mouth. Learn as you go so you’re prepared for another celebration one year down the road.

Monica Hilton

Monica is our Content Manager extraordinaire for PushPress. She also owns her gym in Indianapolis, Together We Rise CrossFit, which she opened in 2014 and previously worked in IndyCar racing.

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