Read All About It: Your Gym Newsletter Doesn’t Have To Suck

Enhance your member experience by creating a fun, relevant gym newsletter. Here are some tips for consistent content that your members will want to read.

Monica Hilton
September 24, 2022
Read All About It: Your Gym Newsletter Doesn’t Have To Suck
Enhance your member experience by creating a fun, relevant gym newsletter. Here are some tips for consistent content that your members will want to read.

You work hard every day to create an incredible member experience at your gym. Your classes are hoppin’, your community is strong and you’re rockin’ retail sales. When we think of fun ways to enhance the member experience, a gym newsletter isn’t usually high on the list.

If you set goals around it and get creative, a newsletter can be an incredibly powerful tool. Use it to inform your members, connect your community and increase revenue.

Members read gym newsletter

Here are some proven tips to create a gym newsletter that doesn’t suck:

Create Relevant Content.

A gym newsletter is only valuable if people read it. Think about your target audience (your members) and what they want to read. There’s a good chance they're interested in information related to health and wellness. However, no one wants to read bland content like “Ten Ways to Eat More Vegetables.” Create stimulating newsletter content that makes it a must-read for your members every time.

The newsletter is a great space to talk about upcoming community events and other fun ways to motivate your members. Also, keep an ear to the ground for what your members are talking about in the gym. Listen for topics that you can include in upcoming publications.

Pro tip: Think like your members. If you were a member of your gym, what kinds of things would you want to read about?

Make Your Gym Newsletter Consistent.

Consistency is key to an epic newsletter. Before you ever publish the first one, have a strategic plan for those that follow.

As a busy gym owner, you might not have time to publish a newsletter every week. Consider once per month but only if that’s achievable for you. There’s nothing worse than introducing a “monthly” newsletter to your members, only to send the next one six months later. If quarterly is the only feasible option for you as you get started, then quarterly it is.

Include Offers And Promote Partners.

Even though a majority of your gym newsletter should be actual content, it’s okay to sell too. Have an upcoming skills session? Link it in your newsletter. Want to get rid of some apparel overstock? Put a discount code in the newsletter.

Remember, your members love your brand and will be looking for opportunities to support your gym. In between the relevant content in your newsletter, give them those opportunities. Consider an 80/20 rule: 80% content, 20% sales.

This is also a great opportunity to collaborate with other small businesses. Whether it’s activewear, supplements or equipment, there are a lot of small businesses looking to spread the word about their products. Contact some to see if they’d offer a discount for your members in exchange for newsletter inclusion.

Partner product offers in gym email

Repurpose Solid Content.

Good news: When it comes to relevant content, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There’s a plethora of fantastic content out there, so use it. BUT... don’t forget to source it correctly. Chances are, the original writer isn’t going to be reading your newsletter but always err on the side of being a good human.

For example, The CrossFit Journal has years’ worth of sharable content, from form and technique to healthy nutrition. Other ways to repurpose content include sharing recipes, linking to video tutorials or even reposting your older articles.

Just remember the cardinal rule: Make it relevant. Don’t just choose random content as filler for your gym newsletter. Find the subject matter that gets your members fired up.

Utilize Guest Contributors.

Collaboration can be a huge asset to your newsletter. Enlisting help to provide content for your members can be mutually beneficial.

Find local experts in health-related fields and ask them to contribute an article or blog. Help them out by sharing info about your members and the vibe of your newsletter. If you’re aiming to hype up your readers, you don’t your expert to write a “How to Start a Mall-Walking Club for Exercise” piece.

You can also enlist the help of local businesses if the products and services they offer are relevant. For instance, reach out to a local meal prep company to see if they have fun content about proper nutrition as workout fuel. Let them include an offer as well.

Finally, allow members to write testimonial content or reflections from their journey.

Bonus: Once you have a few of these over time, start to compile a “Member Success Stories” book for your lobby or sales area.

Don't Just Email It.

Yes, the gym newsletter will arrive via email. But you can’t just bank on everyone catching it the first time.

If your gym management software is set up for member SMS, send a quick note telling members the newsletter has dropped in their inbox. Then use your social feed to post a teaser image and quote, prompting them again to check their email. And if your email service offers the option to resend to those who haven’t opened the newsletter after a couple days, boom. Click it.

Text members about gym newsletter

In Summary: Make Your Gym Newsletter Entertaining And Relevant

Look at your gym newsletter as way to enhance your member experience even more. Providing consistent content that your members want to read is a digital way to connect them to your brand even more. Make it easy on yourself by repurposing fun content and inviting guest contributors. Then sprinkle in some offers, promote it on various platforms and voila! You can now add Experienced Newsletter Slayer to your business card.

Monica Hilton

Monica is our Content Manager extraordinaire for PushPress. She also owns her gym in Indianapolis, Together We Rise CrossFit, which she opened in 2014 and previously worked in IndyCar racing.

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