How PushPress CX Changed the Game for One CrossFit Gym Owner

With many gym management options on the market, PushPress is aiming to change the game. Here's how CX and the products have helped this gym owner level up.

Emily Beers
August 15, 2023
How PushPress CX Changed the Game for One CrossFit Gym Owner
With many gym management options on the market, PushPress is aiming to change the game. Here's how CX and the products have helped this gym owner level up.

Before he found PushPress, long-time fitness coach James Ellis had tried several other software companies. And although they delivered gym management software, that was about it.

Ellis said he had no idea who the people behind the technology were. Which meant it felt like there was a lack of reliable support.

“There was nobody to talk to when things went wrong,” he said.

Ellis currently owns two gyms: Hammer CrossFit East in Scottsdale, AZ, and Hammer CrossFit South in Phoenix, AZ.

Hammer CrossFit East in Scottsdale AZ
The Hammer CrossFit East community circles up after a group CrossFit class.

Several years ago, he remembers hearing about PushPress through the grapevine. After getting to know a few staff members, he said something about the personal touch drew him in. So in 2018, Ellis took the plunge and started using PushPress at his gyms.

Customer Service (CX) is the Difference-Maker.

As he looks back, he recalls that the support he’s received has made all the difference. Sometimes he even forgets it’s a software company because the team feels more like friends who help him with his businesses.

“I know all the staff at PushPress,” said Ellis. “Some of them are good friends of mine. We have hung out socially. And the customer service, it sounds so cliche, but the customer service is really what brought me in, and what has kept me.”

He added, “Just watching their communication, and the way they interact even in like Facebook groups. I don’t know the names of any other people who work in gym management software. And I think everyone knows Dan [Uyemura] and Nick [Reyes], even if they’re not a PushPress client. They lead from the front.”

Beyond the PushPress Support.

With that in mind, Ellis acknowledged that customer service without execution won’t work. In other words, a gym management software company still needs to be open to feedback and be willing to grow with their customers. Which is something else Ellis praises PushPress for.

Hammer CrossFit community growth
As the community grows, gym management software products are designed to help the gym owner.

In addition, the company needs to be able to produce and iterate on the products that gym owners need. For Ellis, this includes PushPress Core, PushPress Grow and the Branded App. Each of these products have helped his business grow since 2018.

1. PushPress Core.

First, PushPress Core makes client management simple for Ellis. This includes billing and keeping track of client attendance. Second, one feature that Ellis says helps him keep track of important gym metrics is the new financial reports.

“I like the direction it is headed,” he said. He then added that he’s also excited about the AI options that are being rolled out to help him understand the health of his business.

“It just brings visibility to the parts of my business that otherwise, would be hard to find,” he said.

Pro Tip: Want a quick snapshot of the key metrics in your fitness business? Learn more about PushPress financial reports!

2. PushPress Grow.

From nurturing leads to keeping existing clients engaged at the gym, Ellis said Grow has “helped the communication side” of the business tremendously.

PushPress Grow is a CRM (customer relationship management) tool designed specifically for gyms. The ultimate goal is creating an extraordinary experience for your members and leads, using automated workflows. By managing relationships properly, you’ll set your brand apart, and increase gym revenue and retention.

For Ellis, the automated workflows have saved him a ton of time.

“And anywhere I am, I can just pull it out of my pocket and solve problems,” he said.

Pro Tip: Want to learn how PushPress Grow can help save you time, automate lead nurture and improve your members’ experience? Book a demo with our team today!

3. The Branded App.

A personal touch goes a long way in increasing gym member retention. And this is exactly what the PushPress Branded App does for Ellis’ gyms.

PushPress helps create ultimate gym member experience
The PushPress Branded App helps further the retention efforts you’re providing in group classes.

“It’s a small distinction,” he said. “But it’s noticeable when you’re navigating through it and it’s your colors. The personalization is really helpful.”

The PushPress Branded Member App is custom-branded mobile app that offers your members the convenient tools they need. They can easily reserve and manage their class schedule. Plus, they can track workouts, pre-order merchandise and more!

In Summary: By Gym Owners, For Gym Owners.

As Ellis explained, what truly sets PushPress apart are the staff and the customer service. The PushPress team understands your struggles because we’ve experienced them ourselves. A majority of the PushPress team has either owned a gym in the past or currently owns one. More than anything, this means our goals are in line with yours and we want to help you succeed.

“We are both committed to solving people’s problems,” said Ellis. “I have seen more effort out of PushPress than any other gym management system.”

And just like it does for you as you help your clients, being able to solve problems comes down to relationships.

Ellis said, “Everything is relationships first, so aligning to other companies that also feel that same way is important to me.”

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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