How To Start A Podcast

Don't wait to start a podcast. It can be a valuable tool in generating leads, keeping your community engaged, and leveraging the audience of your guest speaker.

Ashley Adams
July 28, 2020
How To Start A Podcast
  • Start a podcast
  • Decide on a specific topic and target audience. You want it to be clear on who you are talking to and what you are talking about.
  • Use the right tools for podcast distribution.
  • Appearance matter. Make your podcast sound and look good. Your audience might not appreciate great sound, but they will skip your podcast for terrible sound quality

So you want to start a podcast?! If you read (Link to Nick’s article), then you know just how valuable a podcast can be for your business and your brand. Too many times, people chose to wait until they’re “ready” before starting their podcast journey. Truth is, you’ll never be completely ready, and THAT’S OK! Starting a podcast is a marathon not a sprint and you’ll continue to get better and hone your craft as you go. 

But what can we do to set ourselves up for success right off the bat? Check out the tips below!

Topic and Audience

Choose your topic. Consider your audience.

This is huge!

No one wants to listen to you ramble on and on each episode. Your topic should be relatively broad so that you can get into more specific sub-topics throughout your episodes. Think about some of the podcasts that you listen to. How did you find them? What topics did you search? Look through Apple and Spotify to identify keywords that interest you.

Next, consider your audience. Who are you making this podcast for? Is it for your gym or studio community or are you looking to expand out into a larger industry. Take some time to think about both your topic and your audience because this will help you clarify where you want to go.


The quality of your podcast is going to be a determining factor in keeping listeners engaged. Give your listeners the best possible audio quality! There are too many great podcasts out there.  Your listeners wont stick around to listen to a bad product (even if your content is solid). Look into purchasing a good quality microphone because this will make a world of difference. Once you have a good mic, make sure you practice talking into it, the sound that comes out is only as good as the sound that goes in (click here to learn more). 

Another important thing to consider is how you will edit and distribute your episodes. Consider using a podcast hosting platform to make things simple. These platforms have all the tools you need to professionalize your podcast. Some of the top names are: Podbean, Buzzsprout, and Zencastr just to name a few. 

Title, Description, Music

So now you have your topic, you know who your podcast is for, and you have your tools ready to go. Next up, you need a captivating title! A few things to consider as you should be clear, concise, and compelling. Don’t rush this part because you want your title to stick with you. Again, consider relevant keywords, potential topics, and your audience. Also, don’t forget to double check that the name isn’t already taken.

Next, write your podcast description. This is a vital part of your podcast because it’s what listeners will read before they decide if they’re going to commit to listening. It will be everywhere! Take the time to write out a few drafts, make it catchy and informative. Let your personality show. Summarize what your podcast will be about, who it’s for, and why people should listen. As you begin recording episodes, consider updating your description to keep it relevant.

Finally, don’t forget the music. There are a ton of websites out there where you can find royalty free music to use on your podcast (Epidemic Sound is just one example). This music will be used as the intro and outro for your podcast so make sure that it fits your brand, your voice, and your theme. 

There you have it! These tips will have you well on your way to producing a high quality podcast that your listeners will enjoy. As I said in the beginning, there will be some trial and error, but don’t let that stop you from starting NOW. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll improve as you continue to record each episode. Good luck and happy podcasting!

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