Increase Gym Revenue with Product Sales in the PushPress Staff App

The all-new Product Sales feature in the PushPress Staff App is a game-changer! Here's how it can help you increase revenue and retention in your gym.

Emily Beers
March 14, 2024
Increase Gym Revenue with Product Sales in the PushPress Staff App
The all-new Product Sales feature in the PushPress Staff App is a game-changer! Here's how it can help you increase revenue and retention in your gym.

As gym owners, anytime we discover new tools to take work off our plate, it’s a good day. That’s exactly what drove us to create the PushPress Staff App for you and your coaches. It’s also the reason we’ve added the all-new Product Sales feature.

But let’s start with the basics. First, we hope you and your team are using the Staff App for everything from class management to coach communication. Second, there just might be some additional features you never knew you always needed.

Product Sales in PushPress Staff App
Empower your team to succeed with the new Product Sales feature in the Staff App. (Photo credit: 2020FIT)

What is the PushPress Staff App?

The PushPress Staff App was built to empower your team with more efficiency. It integrates with PushPress Core to create a cohesive operation. Essentially, the more smoothly your business operates, the less stress everyone has.

Group classes, appointments and member data flow seamlessly between Core and the PushPress Staff App. This ensures a consistent and accurate member management experience. Coaches can check members into class, manage calendars and communicate with each other. And now, they can facilitate product purchases right from their phone.

Inspired by a goal of saving time by creating a quick and easy product-purchasing experience, the PushPress team got to work integrating the Product Sales feature. We're transitioning product purchases from the Store App to the Staff App, streamlining sales and management in one place. As we sunset the Store App, now's the perfect time to embrace the Staff App for a seamless product purchasing process in your gym.

Why the New Product Sales Feature is a Game-Changer.

Any new business tool should be aimed at helping your business in one way or another. In regards to Product Sales, there are several benefits for your gym:

The most obvious benefit is increasing gym revenue. When it’s simple and convenient for members to make purchases, they’re likely to buy more. On the other hand, if you have a cumbersome process for buying a can of FitAid, it can significantly reduce revenue.

The second benefit is decreasing the stress for your team. Simply set the PushPress Staff App to kiosk mode on an iPad or any tablet. Members can simply grab products and ring themselves up quickly. This allows coaches to focus on their other responsibilities.

Selling gym merchandise
Selling gym merchandise is quick and easy with Product Sales in the PushPress Staff App.

And finally, it’s all about improving the overall member experience. Not only do you want to create a quick and easy process for them, but it should also be well thought-out and professional. In addition to selling more gym merchandise, any simplified part of the member experience will make them love your business even more.

Fun Fact: Since the launch of Product Sales in the Staff App on February 1st, PushPress gyms have generated more than $317,000 in product revenue!

Three Additional Features to Help with Product Sales.

In addition to the benefits above, the PushPress team built some additional features into Staff App Product Sales.

First, even though discounting gym memberships makes us feel some kind of way, discounts on product purchases is another story. Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with giving members a little incentive to pick up that new branded apparel or a protein bar. Therefore, the discounts feature in the Staff App allows coaches to apply discounts when needed.

Second, your members’ security is important to us. That’s why we made it easy for your members to set a 4-digit pin number to verify their identity. Now they can keep their information safe and it’s easier to remember than a password. Plus, the Product Sales feature in the Staff App also supports the ability to charge a different card than the one on file, or for a drop-in to use guest checkout if they don’t have any saved payment methods on file.

And finally, be sure to check out the pre-orders feature in the PushPress Members App or via Landing Pages! At PushPress, we’re big believers in merchandise pre-orders. This helps you order the correct sizing and quantity, and prevents you from stocking too much inventory.

Increasing gym revenue
Stock the right inventory and increase gym revenue by placing pre-orders on merchandise.
Pro Tip: Want to find out more about how the full suite of PushPress products can help you run your gym better? Book a demo with our team today!

In Summary: More PushPress Tools to Help You Run Your Gym.

The Product Sales feature in the Staff App is one of the many PushPress tools designed to help you. Product Sales was created for increasing gym revenue while decreasing your teams’ stress. Plus, it’s just another way to improve the overall member experience.

Features like discounts, payment options and pre-orders will further enhance the effectiveness of Product Sales for your gym. Best of all, it will help to give you and your coaches time back to focus on member connection and gym growth, for the long-term success of your business.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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