It’s Finally Here: The PushPress Merged Members App

The PushPress merged app is finally here! Your members can now manage reservations, log workouts, connect with the community and more, all in one place!

Emily Beers
October 5, 2023
It’s Finally Here: The PushPress Merged Members App
The PushPress merged app is finally here! Your members can now manage reservations, log workouts, connect with the community and more, all in one place!

You asked, we listened. It was one of the most highly-anticipated releases in the history of PushPress, and it’s finally here.

We’re excited to announce that the PushPress Members App and Train have been merged to give your members everything they need in one, convenient app.

Internally, we called the project “Coffee and Donuts” because let’s be honest: Few things belong together more, right? The project goal was streamlining the tools your members need to make life at your gym even better.

Now, they can reserve a spot and check in to classes, log their workouts and manage their membership plan. Plus, the social feed allows them to connect with the community, ask questions, celebrate milestones and more.

Five Wins for Your Members in the new PushPress App.

1. They’re Here for Results.

Chances are, when the majority of members joined your gym, they were looking for help with their fitness goals. And as gym owners ourselves, the PushPress team knows that you can’t figure out what’s working - and what’s not - unless you’re tracking.

Your members can now track their workout scores and PRs in the PushPress Members App.

In the past, having a different app for PushPress Train often meant that members weren’t logging their workout results. And after celebrating a PR, it would likely go unrecorded. Now, the new merged Members App removes that barrier. (Note: PushPress Train is an add-on feature and not included with PushPress Core, so be sure to ask your sales rep for options!)

First, members can see each day’s workout in the same app they used to reserve a spot and check in to class. Secondly, they can log their workout scores and PRs. If coaches encourage members to record their scores at the end of class, perhaps it will remind them to reserve their next class. This will help with consistency on their end and increase member retention numbers for your gym.

It’s also worth noting that the new app allows coaches to run a more seamless class. They can encourage members to check in as they arrive, plan warmups based on group size and reach out to anyone who didn’t show up for class.

2. An Added Layer of Motivation.

The new merged app is designed to showcase your members’ successes. They can see their attendance history right on the home screen. This allows them to keep track of the classes they’ve attended this week, month and year. There’s even an “All Time” tracker, to show them the number of visits they’ve logged since joining your gym.

In addition, the app allows members to keep track of milestones. This is especially helpful if your gym offers a monthly “Commitment Club,” or celebrates a certain number of gym member check-ins.

Pro Tip: Want to wow your members and help them celebrate their wins? Use automated workflows in PushPress Grow! Book a demo with our team today to find out more!

3. Seamless Membership Management.

The PushPress team is always striving to save you time as a gym owner. And it’s an added benefit if members are saving time too!

In the new app, your clients are now able to manage and update their basic profile information, including their preferred payment method. Ultimately, helping them be more autonomous saves you the time of tracking them down to update their billing info.

New app makes gym membership management easy
Members can schedule classes and update gym membership plans quickly and seamlessly.

4. Linked Accounts are Streamlined.

PushPress has always offered the option for accounts to be linked, such as a parent with a child. And in the former two-app system, members with linked accounts would have to switch between accounts for specific functions.

Now, with the new merged app, members can reserve a class for themselves and for any linked account. They no longer need to log out and back in again. Therefore, the process is now more efficient and less time-consuming.

5. Building Community Has Never Been Easier.

As you can attest, community connection is a crucial part of creating the ultimate gym member experience. With that in mind, we wanted to ensure that the Social Feed was providing that platform for your gym.

The PushPress merged app makes communication quick and easy. Now, coaches can comment on workout scores and you can celebrate members’ successes. Plus, your community can build camaraderie, connecting with one another in the Social Feed.

How to Maximize the PushPress App Social Feed.

Seasoned gym owners can probably remember the glory days, when a private Facebook group was the community-building platform. It’s how they engaged their members and distributed important information.

But times have changed and if you’re like most gym owners, a majority of your members either aren’t on Facebook or don’t check it regularly. And as a result, the platform no longer moves the engagement needle for you. Perhaps you’ve explored other options: Text, email, Instagram DMs?

This is where the need for the Social Feed was born. Your members are already in the PushPress Members App, signing up for classes and logging their workouts. So now, they have a centralized place to communicate and connect.

PushPress Members App Social Feed
he Social Feed connects your community by celebrating successes and building camaraderie.

And you have their attention when you need to distribute key information about upcoming programs, events, gym merchandise sales, etc.

When Kurt Miller, owner of South Mountain Community Fitness in Allentown, PA, started using Social Feed, his client engagement improved considerably. Best of all, Miller says it engaged people who weren’t as connected prior. Like his 69-year-old member who never had Facebook and now feels like he’s part of the community.

“He’s been tagging left and right,” Miller said.

Here’s What’s Coming in the PushPress Members App

To meet the needs of your gym, our products and solutions are ever evolving. Here's what’s coming down the pipeline for the near future:

  • Enhanced Workout Tracking: The ability to easily look up past results - like weightlifting PRs - when preparing for the day’s training session.
  • Personalization: Allowing members to personalize their app experience. This includes options like which push notifications they want to receive, day of the week they want their calendar to start, and setting a default workout program.

In Summary: The Tools You Need. The Team You Trust.

The merging of the old PushPress Members App and the Train app has been a long time coming. We’re excited to provide you, your coaches and your members with the tools you need to create the ultimate member experience.

The merged member app is aimed at putting all the essential tools in one place. Now, members can reserve a spot in class, check in, manage their membership, track workouts and connect with one another. You and your coaches can support members along the way, saving everyone time and providing the seamless experience that sets you apart from your competition.

We look forward to seeing how this upgrade helps you to increase revenue, retention and overall member satisfaction for years to come.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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