How To Make Money With Fitness

Learn how to make money with fitness. This article will walk you through the best ways to make money while still maintaining your integrity and passion for what you do.

Eric LeClair
October 15, 2021
How To Make Money With Fitness
Learn how to make money with fitness. This article will walk you through the best ways to make money while still maintaining your integrity and passion.
money with fitness
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In an attempt to improve lifestyle, a great percentage of the world's population now invests and engages more with healthy companies and fitness. People love experiences that make them feel like a better version of themselves. Most have become naturally inclined to the fast-paced energy.  But can you really make money with fitness?

Reportedly generating more than 100 billion dollars in revenue every year, the global health and fitness club Industry keeps expanding its market and has proven to be a very profitable business with over 180,000 fitness clubs available. In regards to the number of fitness and health clubs and the revenue generated, the world's biggest market is the United States.

The estimated size of the fitness and health market in the United States is more than 32 billion US dollars, and according to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), the market has experienced a growth of at least three to four percent every year for the last ten years, and this growth has remained rapid. It is safe to say that the market has more to achieve in the coming years

The numbers are mind-blowing, and if you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur in the fitness and health industry, then you've made the right choice, and as long as you prepare for the journey, you will be making a huge profit from this fast-growing market. All you have to do is invest your time and resources in the right things. How? Below is a list of things you can do to make money in the fitness and health industry.

How Do You Make Money In Fitness?

Whether you are a fitness and health researcher, sports coach, personal trainer, or fitness instructor, or just someone passionate about staying fit and healthy, opportunities are endless.

Here are 8 ways to generate great income in the fitness and health industry;

  • Meal Plans and E-books

The surge in the popularity of healthy eating habits is one factor that has greatly impacted and expanded the fitness and health industry. People have grown more conscious about what they consume mostly because this is a fundamental factor in terms of maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Even if you're not a gym owner or instructor, this is a good way to invest your time in the industry. The creation and availability of digital products such as ebooks and meal plans are established commerce that has widely occupied the fitness and health industry. You can do this as long as you have specific knowledge of fitness and cooking.

In this genre, several topics can be covered. Your ebook can be created in series to focus on the different aspects of fitness. You can afford to navigate in any direction; diet recipes, nutritional science, and more.

After the decision to invest in this aspect of health and fitness, you would need to take your time and properly draft out relevant content, ensuring it is well written and directed specifically for your audience. Also, be sure to include professional high-quality images in your ebook. These photos can be taken with a good camera by either you or a professional photographer. While you go about the content and quality of what your ebook would consist of, do not forget to use an eye-catching ebook cover, you must grab the attention of your audience at first glance.

  • Workout Plans

Selling workout plans is one of the most profitable ways to make money in the fitness and health industry. How successful you are in this lucrative aspect is determined by how willing you are to take your time and organically build a solid fanbase. This is because after creating a workout plan, making it sell could be a serious challenge if people are not aware of your business.

To build a solid audience or fanbase, you would have to begin by offering quality service, and then you back it up with proper self-promotion. The quality of your service determines whether consumers will consider you worthy of leading them in their fitness journey or not, and they can only find you when you strategically put yourself out. The fitness and health industry is an extremely competitive one, and there are millions of individuals offering the same services as you, both online and locally, so you must stand out. You can sell and promote your workout plan through PDFs and Videos.

  • Fitness Apps

Since the world is simply wired and connected by technology, most people now prefer to begin and continue their fitness journey from the comfort of their homes and more, track it themselves with their mobile phones. It makes staying fit easier, accessible, and very convenient.

Popular fitness apps on the Google play store have millions of downloads. Revenue can be generated through paid features and advertisements, and this means the more used your app is, the more successful your business grows.

Just like some other aspects of the fitness and health industry, you can afford to incorporate several features into your app. The more versatile your app is, the more you generate and the more successful it becomes. These features include; diet-specific recipes, step tracker, meal plans, forums for membership, goal management, and customized workout plans.

  • Fitness Blogs

Creating a blog is investing in a long-term business strategy, and a lot of patience and devotion would be required of you to get your blog running. This could take a year or more, but the good news is, fitness blogs are one of the lucrative aspects of the fitness and health industry. Aside from personal services, income is generated through advertisements, affiliate marketing, paid membership, brand partnerships - the list goes on. So while you endure the challenges encountered during the building stage, be rest assured that you will be generating a lot of revenue the moment your blog is up and running.

  • Fitness Products

Since more consumers are more interested in working out from home, the demand for certain fitness products and tools is on the rise. Just like how you can create and sell meal and workout plans, you can have fitness products customized or created. However, selling your products can be very challenging if you do not properly promote them or if you do not have a solid audience. Be sure to make use of online and social media platforms to advertise your fitness products.

Fitness products include;

  • Workout supplements
  • Foam rollers
  • Fitness tracker
  • Resistance bands
  • Fit boards
  • Jump or Skipping ropes
  • Stability balls
  • Free stand punching bags
  • Workout Mats
  • Fitness Writing

This is an awesome alternative to creating and running a blog. One good thing about the fitness and health industry is that with just extensive knowledge, you can make money from the comfort of your home without having to be a fit pro. There are numerous blogs, magazines, and websites that demand the services of fitness writers. All that is mostly required, apart from being good at what you do, is that you put yourself out there by creating a portfolio online, then you can set out to reach out to companies and brands that would be willing to pay you good for your services.

  • Brand Ambassadorship

Social media is a powerful platform, and making it your business tool is another amazing way of generating income in the fitness and health industry as long as you have a decent following and good engagement on your website or social media account.

Becoming a fitness brand ambassador requires you to promote other brands and companies in the same niche at an agreed flat rate. Sometimes, depending on the agreement, you get free products or get paid a percentage of profit from products you promote.

  • Fitness Seminars

Provision of material for money-making efforts in the future is an added benefit of organizing a fitness seminar. It is an ideal way of gaining publicity and raising brand awareness while selling your products or advertising your services. You also get to meet with prospective clients.

To host a successful fitness seminar, choose a good and accessible location. Aside from hosting yours, you can give presentations at popular conferences and shows. This is an ultimate self-promotion hack.

The fitness industry offers high rewards to individuals who are willing to put in work to help people maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle through the services and products they provide. This industry is incredibly diverse and has, in various ways, made available opportunities that suit different skill sets, personal interests, and aspirations.


The health and fitness industry allows you to extend flexibility to your schedule with the variety of work environments provided. Whether you are the type to work indoors or outdoors, with a group or by yourself, you can always find something that works best for you. Regardless of the environment you choose, there is so much fun and income awaiting as long as you are in for it.

Being able to impact lives can provide a life-changing satisfaction because while you are at it, you gain more insights and experience. The more knowledge and experience you get, the more invaluable and sought-after you become.


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