“A Better Experience”: Here’s Why PRVN Nashville Chooses PushPress

PRVN Nashville has officially opened its doors! Here are six reasons PRVN chose PushPress for managing operations, training, business growth and more.

Emily Beers
May 8, 2024
“A Better Experience”: Here’s Why PRVN Nashville Chooses PushPress
PRVN Nashville has officially opened its doors! Here are six reasons PRVN chose PushPress for managing operations, training, business growth and more.

After significant anticipation, the doors to PRVN Nashville opened in January 2024. It was big news for the CrossFit community. And when PRVN chose PushPress as their gym management software, our team was thrilled.

PRVN is owned by six-time CrossFit Games champion Tia-Clair Toomey and her husband, Shane Orr. The Nashville, TN gym - measuring an incredible 22,000 square feet - is the couple’s first brick-and-mortar location.

Hear why PRVN chose PushPress gym management software to power PRVN Nashville.

During the development and building phase, PRVN General Manager Mitch Harbaugh says they did their research. After exploring several gym management software options, they chose PushPress. And Harbaugh says, they “couldn’t be happier.”

Six Ways PushPress Supports PRVN Growth.

1. Simplifying the Onboarding Process.

Before joining the PRVN team, Harbaugh coached for more than 10 years in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida. Needless to say, he’s tried a variety of gym management software platforms over the years.

“PushPress - by far - has the best team assembled to assist with onboarding,” he said. “Their onboarding process is a lot better, and more well-thought-out, than other programs.”

As a General Manager, he said the simplicity of onboarding has made his life easier. The ability to seamlessly roll it out to his coaches takes the work off his plate.

2. Promoting Options with QR Codes.

As expected, PRVN has become a drop-in hot spot for CrossFitters around the world. In March, they hosted the 24.3 CrossFit Open announcement. And outside of that, they’ve had more than 900 drop-ins since opening their doors.

Without the QR codes option in PushPress, this could’ve potentially been a logistical nightmare. But now, visitors can seamlessly check in right on their phone. They simply scan the QR code, sign their waiver and pay the drop-in fee.

“We had four or five drop-ins from out of town this morning that rolled up,” Harbaugh explained. “They were able to come in, even though it was five minutes before the class. No worries. They just scanned the QR code, filled out their waiver and paid the drop in. And they were good to go. So it’s very easy, and it makes it so it’s less hectic, so that way people have a better experience.”

Tia Claire-Toomey
Six-time CrossFit Games champion Tia-Claire Toomey opened PRVN Nashville with husband Shane Orr. (Photo credit: PRVN)

3. Nurturing Leads with PushPress Grow.

In just the first nine weeks of being in business, PRVN Nashville grew to nearly 100 members. Harbaugh credits the automated workflows in PushPress Grow for helping him manage all the leads.

“We never miss engaging with a potential lead, which is really really key,” he said. “And I like that we can edit the automation as far as what is sent, when it’s sent and how it's sent.”

According to Harbaugh, one of the most helpful aspects of PushPress Grow is the mobile functionality.

“I’m not always in the gym, and I don’t always have my laptop on me,” he said. “But I always have my phone on me. So being able to message people that submit a ‘contact us’ form or rate request has been really key.”

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4. Providing World-Class Programming with Train.

Recently, PushPress Train added PRVN Affiliate programming to its partner lineup. Harbaugh says this has been incredibly helpful for providing daily training their clients. One of his coaches uploads the programming, so everything is already in there for all PushPress Train gyms that subscribe to PRVN.

“I don’t have to add all these extra things to make sure the layout looks good,” said Harbaugh. “So the transfer of programming being uploaded to Train is really seamless.”

Plus, he loves that it’s simple for his coaches to add notes that other staff can view. Overall, Train is intuitive for both his team and the PRVN clients.

5. Managing Everyday Operations with PushPress Core.

At the heart of gym management solutions is PushPress Core, software that scales as you grow your gym. Harbaugh said it has simply made his life easier, in day-to-day operations and long-term planning.

The dashboard in Core allows him to prioritize his day. It shows him things like the class schedule, reservations and upcoming birthdays. He also checks out the membership reporting to view new members and those with upcoming expiration. Plus, he’s able to see clients that are at risk, allowing him to check in with them in an effort to prevent churn.

PushPress and PRVN Nashville
PushPress helps PRVN Nashville seamlessly manage a considerable number of drop-ins. (Photo credit: PRVN)

Ultimately, Harbaugh believes PushPress Core plays a tactical role in helping him plan his days. Prioritizing tasks based on the options in Core saves him a ton of time and gives him peace of mind. And just as important, they allow him to strategize for long-term success.

“Core really provides insight into tactically, what I need to do that day and the next day,” he said. “And also strategically, what we need to be planning long-term.”

6. Developing a High-Performing Website.

PushPress Grow includes a local search-engine-optimized website. This has been especially useful for PRVN’s growth. And Harbaugh especially loves the chat function.

“We get a lot of leads and messages through the web chat,” he said. “And I get those notifications as if they’re text messages. So that really helps me to start to engage with people if they’re interested.”

In Summary: PushPress Will Evolve as PRVN Grows.

When PRVN Nashville began researching gym management software, General Manager Mitch Harbaugh discovered the PushPress difference. And since helping to launch the iconic CrossFit gym in January, he’s confident it’s the right choice for the gym’s long-term success.

“It just makes it easier for me to run the gym,” he said. “As opposed to having to do all the behind the scenes things. I can see where we need to apply our focus so the gym can continue to grow.”

The PushPress team is proud to support PRVN’s successful launch, and excited to see what the future holds for Tia and Shane in the years to come.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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