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How PushPress Grow Helps Kaylee Suitors Sell $499/Month Intro Program

Kaylee Suitors introduced a high-ticket intro package and substantially increased her membership base withthe help of PushPress Grow. Here's how she did it!

Emily Beers
December 13, 2022
How PushPress Grow Helps Kaylee Suitors Sell $499/Month Intro Program
Kaylee Suitors introduced a high-ticket intro package and substantially increased her membership base withthe help of PushPress Grow. Here's how she did it!

Thirteen years ago, before PushPress even existed, Kaylee Suitors opened her Texas gym, CrossFit Solus. In the eight years that followed, Suitors bounced around between gym software platforms, finding frustration with each one. Until four years ago when she found PushPress Grow, and finally made the switch to PushPress for good.

Kaylee Suitors uses PushPress Grow
Kaylee & Dustin Suitors, Owners of CrossFit Solus

Suitors started with PushPress Core and says she always appreciated the company’s customer service. But things really took a positive turn when she began using PushPress Grow. Grow is an automated platform that helps nurture leads and converts them into members. In addition, it provides value to a gyms’ current clients, increasing client retention and revenue per member.

Rebuilding And Growing.

When COVID struck in 2020, Suitors’ membership base dwindled to 75. She was in trouble.

That’s when she started relying on PushPress Grow to help her with lead generation and conversion. She also leaned on the software to make sure her current gym community was getting plenty of value for their $199/month membership.

Now, Suitors has everything dialed in, using automation to help save her time.

Here’s how it works: A new lead is put into the PushPress Grow system as soon as they contact her gym. From there, everything is set up to direct them to her CTA (call to action): Book a call.

Once that call is booked, Suitors meets with them in person for a one-on-one consultation. This is where she gets to show them that her gym is about way more than a workout. She explains that membership includes unlimited group classes and weekly personal training sessions for the first three months. In addition, they’ll get nutrition coaching with regular body composition scans, using the gym’s InBody machine.

Setting Them Up For Success.

Suitors charges $499 per month for her intro package, lasting three months. At the conclusion of the intro period, personal training sessions take place once per month and the member’s rate decreases to $199 a month.

“That’s our Cadillac (offering),” she explained of the intro package. “That’s the best thing for them, and it’s also going to be the best revenue for our gym.”

CrossFit Solus gym community

Having PushPress Grow in her corner has made it a whole lot easier to sell these high- ticket memberships, Suitors noted. She explained that Grow has been very effective at getting leads to respond to CTA and communicating consistently with new clients via customizable workflows.

How PushPress Grow Automates Communication.

At the start, clients receive communication designed to help them understand the gym basics. They’ll receive information about how to use SugarWOD to see that day’s workout or how the MyZone fitness tracking system works.

“It’s all about integration into the gym,” Suitors explained.

Later, the communication moves into more educational content. This includes things like nutrition tips such as the “habit of the week,” and mindset content videos that Suitors has created.

What makes the regular content especially valuable, Suitors explained, is that it benefits both new clients and long-term members of her gym. It keeps people engaged throughout the duration of their membership. Plus, it provides new members the opportunity to reach out if they have questions.

So although it’s automated, clients receive essential communication from their personal coach during their first three months. Through PushPress Grow, they’re easily able to contact their coach about anything they need.

“It’s very personal. They can text (their coach) anytime they need help,” Suitors said.

And on the coach’s side, everything is more organized, she added. Grow makes it really easy to be in contact with people when needed, because it’s all in one place.

As a result, Suitors credits PushPress Grow for helping her substantially increase her membership. CrossFit Solus now has more than 140 clients, and Suitors has increased both her average client value and client retention.

Suitors at gym competition event
Suitors (left) with a member at a CrossFit Solus gym competition.

“People that have moved here that have been at other CrossFit gyms, they say, ‘Wow, we get so much at this gym compared to where we have been before,’” she said.

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Additional Revenue Streams.

Beyond using Grow to nurture leads and members, Suitors also uses the automations to roll out various programs and gym events.

For example, she plans to run a teen camp this winter. She simply used her email list of more than 500 current and former members to send a mass email about the camp. One click and everyone on her list had the details.

Suitors also cited PushPress Grow as her go-to method for spreading the word about competitions. Whenever her gym hosts an event, she sends out registration details to potential competitors. Since Grow offers the ability to tag contacts, she can separate people into categories and send relevant information to specific groups.

The result? “Our competition fills in less than a week,” she said.

In Summary: Using PushPress Grow To Grow

Ultimately, Grow has helped Suitors do more than just bounce back from COVID. It has helped make her life easier.

She knows there are other gym management software option out there, but recommends PushPress Grow to other gym owners because the customer service is unmatched.

This was especially important at the beginning when she needed help getting up to speed. Suitors had used another CRM prior to using Grow, and had questions along the way. But she recalls a time when had questions and didn’t hear back from the other company for sometimes up to three days, which would cost her money.

Now, she loves that this isn’t the case with PushPress. Although she is familiar with the ins and outs of Grow now, she needed help in the early days and the PushPress team was there.

“You’re going to get the best customer service with Grow,” Suitors said. “I don’t know how any gym owner manages their business without PushPress Grow.”

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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