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PushPress Grow: The High-Impact Features You Might Not Know About

PushPress Grow can help with more than just lead generation and member experience. Check out these five extra features to start using today!

Emily Beers
April 20, 2023
PushPress Grow: The High-Impact Features You Might Not Know About
PushPress Grow can help with more than just lead generation and member experience. Check out these five extra features to start using today!

If you’re like most gym owners using PushPress Grow, your workflows are rockin’ and rollin’. New leads are properly nurtured. Members feel connected and celebrated. At-risk clients are being contacted to prevent churn.

But did you know there’s a whole world of solutions in Grow beyond workflows to help you run your business better?

Use PushPress Grow for lead generation and member experience
PushPress Grow can help with more than just lead generation and member experience.

PushPress Grow is a gym CRM designed to help you drive revenue and retention. It saves you time and allows you to focus on the important things. Whether that’s gym growth or taking a vacation, Grow is a game-changer.

Today, we’re looking at five features you might not even be aware of. The goal is to maximize the software - and your time - to help you run your business.

Five PushPress Grow Features To Start Using:

1. Social Planner.

One of the most underutilized features in PushPress Grow is the Social Planner. This is a tool that lets you integrate a number of gym social media accounts with Grow. And big news: Now it includes TikTok.

First, the Social Planner allows you to schedule your social posts ahead of time. So you can stop paying for other social-planning software and schedule your entire content calendar through Grow. Then, whether you prefer to plan a week or two in advance or you’re heading out of town, your posts are good to go.

Second, the Social Planner tracks your social media engagement. This is how you’ll be able to track trends over time, and determine what’s working or what to improve.

2. Conversations.

When a prospective member inquires about your gym, there are two important elements leading to conversion. First, a personal connection is essential. Second, they can’t fall through the cracks.

Personal connection drives gym revenue and retention
Personal connection with prospective members drives gym revenue and retention.

While PushPress Grow workflows are the first step to handle these things for you, the Conversations page helps you take it to the next level.

Conversations helps you see all of your members and leads in one place on the Grow dashboard. This allows you to ensure everyone is receiving the proper follow-up and jump in for a personal touch when needed.

For example, a quick scan of your conversations shows you a lead that just finished a workflow. You can see by the interactions that they’re interested and probably just need a bit more motivation. You send a quick text inviting them back in and that personal touch was all they needed to join your community.

Further, you can book an appointment directly from the Conversations page. So when they reply to your text expressing interest in an intro session, simply click their name and the Appointments tab to get them set up.

3. Opportunities Pipeline.

Tracking gym metrics is vital to the success of your business. And whether metrics are your jam or you shy away from trying to understand them, the Opportunities Pipeline is a great tool.

The Opportunities Pipeline shows you your gym’s data in a clean, visual format. It’s easy to understand and designed to show you areas that are performing well or could use some improvement.

The pipeline shows you things like leads, appointments booked, no-shows and conversions. This can help you not only with maximizing your numbers, but projecting future business activity and revenue.

Project future business activity by tracking gym metrics
Project future revenue and activity by tracking important gym metrics.

For example, let’s say you’ve consistently brought in 15-20 leads per month and converted 50 percent of them. These numbers, coupled with your churn rate, can help you project membership numbers for the upcoming months. Ultimately, this helps you run a more predictable, efficient and successful business.

4. Email Campaigns.

While email is generally included in automated workflows for most gyms, PushPress Grow email campaigns can also be used for a one-time send.

For example, you’re clearing out your old t-shirt inventory as you prepare for a new gym apparel promotion. This is a great opportunity to send a one-time email to your entire roster of members. It’s not high-priority news so it doesn’t warrant a text, and email is the perfect way to give them the details.

Simply select all of your current members, click the email icon, type the email and hit send. And just like that, your clients are in the loop and your t-shirt clearance is underway.

Alternatively, your emails and texts can be set up to go out to specific subsets of clients. So when you’re hosting a “Weights & Wine” night for the ladies in your gym, you can send an email campaign to your female clients only.

Use email campaigns for subsets of gym members
Use email campaigns to promote a gym event to specific member demographic groups.

5. Templates.

Have you ever found yourself fielding the same questions from leads, or out-of-town visitors? Do you guys have parking? What about showers? Can I come to open gym or just classes?

PushPress Grow allows you to create templates specifically for these frequently-asked questions, and label them accordingly.

For example, you can create a template for a drop-in automation. Your visitor will receive a text message the night before class with all the FAQs and answers.

Or create a template for your upcoming, in-house competition. When clients reach out to ask the standard qualifying questions, your templates will handle the workload for you.

With this in mind, nothing beats the power of a personal connection. So in the event someone is nervous or apprehensive about participating in their first competition, jump in and ease their nerves.

In this instance, and similar situations with classes or intro sessions, simply send them a personalized message rather than generic information.

Pro Tip: Want to learn more about how PushPress Grow can help you nurture leads and service members better? Book a demo with our team today!

In Summary: More Than Managing Leads

Most gym owners believe the power of PushPress Grow is in the automated workflows. And while it is a powerhouse for lead nurturing and an extraordinary member experience, the tools don’t stop there.

Beyond automation and workflows, there are other solutions to help you run your gym better. Use tools like the social planner, email campaigns and templates to help save you time. Add in options like Conversations and the Opportunities Pipeline to oversee communication and track important gym metrics. Combining these features will help you drive retention and revenue at your gym.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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