How PushPress Grow Can Help You Navigate the New Year’s Rush

The New Year's rush can get gym owners hyped or leave them feeling overwhelmed. Learn how PushPress Grow can automate tasks to save your time and sanity!

Emily Beers
December 19, 2022
How PushPress Grow Can Help You Navigate the New Year’s Rush
The New Year's rush can get gym owners hyped or leave them feeling overwhelmed. Learn how PushPress Grow can automate tasks to save your time and sanity!

The new year is just around the corner and for gym owners, it can be the most wonderful time of the year. Or it can turn you into an overworked, overburdened pile of stress. Luckily, PushPress Grow is here to help you go from the former to the latter.

Before we get into the details, check out our Gym Owners’ Guide to Preparing For The New Year’s Rush. Then, let’s take a little journey through January, and two potential scenarios for you and your fitness business.

PushPress Grow helps with New Years rush

Scenario 1.

It’s January 3rd. You’re still feeling a bit of a cookie and eggnog hangover, and you’re out of the work groove. You check your email for the first time in a week and see 12 new information inquiries from prospective members.

You peel yourself off the couch with Auld Lang Syne still dancing around in your head. When you start reaching out to them, it’s one by one. A steady (but mostly slow) process of answering each of their questions.

While you’re stoked about all the interest in your gym, you’re not getting any replies. A few hours go by, then four, five. Finally you get one response. They’ve already signed up at another gym because they didn’t hear back from you for five days. There has to be a better way.

Scenario 2.

It’s January 3rd. You’re a PushPress gym owner who uses the Grow software. You were able to take a vacation and recharge your batteries. Upon returning, you look at the schedule for the next two weeks, and see nine introductory sessions booked. Magic!

That’s because the moment those prospective members sent an inquiry, PushPress Grow responded. Through the power of automation, Grow reached out to each person within minutes to provide the information they were seeking. Then, Grow encouraged them to book their intro session based on the times available on your schedule.

With a full schedule of potential members all booked up for the upcoming weeks, you head outside to help your kids build a snowman, and enjoy your last vacation day.

You know that when you’re back at the gym tomorrow, you’ll be able to focus. You’ll turn the leads into members while having the time to take care of current clients and coaches.

Focus on gym members and coaches

Or as Grow Product Leader Marissa Paulsen put it, “By automating these things, you can be set up where if you are getting a lot of leads at a specific time of year, it allows you to focus on more high-impact tasks. Rather than trying to follow up with everyone manually because you can only do so much if you’re a staff of humans.”

Capitalize On New Year’s Motivation With PushPress Grow

Here are three ways that PushPress Grow can help you turn New Year’s motivation into revenue and retention:

1. Promote New Year’s Challenges.

For those who run gym challenges in the new year, Grow is an effective way to spread the word. So whether it’s nutrition, strength or mobility, you can keep your members in the loop.

Because everything in Grow is customizable, you can set up a workflow for mass messaging. Send members an email or text providing info and registration links for your upcoming challenge.

“Nutrition, personal training, any sort of education, or if there are any sort of workshops in the new year,” said Paulsen. “You can send messaging out to different groups, whether that’s leads or your members or ex-members. Those are all opportunities for messaging.”

Similarly, the new year is a perfect opportunity to upsell current members on higher value services. Reach out to your members to find out their goals, then recommend services like nutrition coaching or individual programming. All of this communication can be streamlined through PushPress Grow.

2. Bring Back Old Members.

As a gym owner, an old member coming back is always a great compliment to your business. In addition, they generally require less time and energy than a brand new member.

There’s no better time to actively reach out to former members than at the start of a brand new year. It’s the height of health and fitness resolutions, so they might be primed to get back into it.

Get former gym members back in the community

Of course, you can reach out to former members one at a time, but it’s much more efficient to set up a PushPress Grow workflow. You can customize the messaging that actually sounds like you, and personalize it with their name as well. Plant the seed for all former clients with just one click, reminding them the door is always open.

Pro Tip: Want to save time and automate all of your client communication? Book a demo with the Grow team today!

3. Leverage Your Community.

The new year is a time where you might see a peak of traffic on your website and social media. Therefore, this is a time where your posts need to speak to prospective clients.

And there’s no better way to do this than to leverage your community. Your community offers a plethora of very real and relatable stories. Share your gym members’ stories to motivate others!

You can use PushPress Grow to ask for reviews from the whole gym with one click. You can also gather quotes from clients about how your gym has made a difference in your life. Then you can even use Grow’s scheduling tools to choose the exact date and time for publishing posts.

As Paulen put it, “Whatever you can dream, you should be able to build on Grow."

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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