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We’re All Authors: Go Write Your Client Stories

As gym owners and coaches, we have an incredible opportunity! Here's how to write the next chapters in our client stories that could possibly change lives.

Barry Pepper
November 10, 2022
We’re All Authors: Go Write Your Client Stories
As gym owners and coaches, we have an incredible opportunity! Here's how to write the next chapters in our client stories that could possibly change lives.

While sitting at a conference with nutrition coaches and fitness professionals, I was astounded at the number of amazing client stories they shared. One talked about losing 100 lbs. Another about saving someone from thoughts of taking their own life. Still another told a story of a member leading a faith and fitness program on Saturday mornings.

We’re All Authors.

What occurred to me in that moment is that I was sitting in a room with hundreds of (yet unpublished) authors.

So you’re thinking, ‘How are these coaches authors? Are they are all working on some self-published book for Amazon?’ The answer is simple: These coaches are collectively guiding thousands of chapters in the life stories of their members, staff and community.

Barry Pepper at HSN Conference
Barry Pepper speaks to the audience at the HSN Live Event in Nashville, TN.

Every person has a story. Some stories follow a predictable path while others are influenced heavily by their life surroundings.

Let’s take a look at one of my favorite client stories.

Gary’s Story.

It was a chilly Tuesday morning in North Carolina. Gary rolled out of bed and walked downstairs to get a drink in the kitchen. He opened the fridge and squinted a little at the bright light emitting from the cool appliance in his dark kitchen. He grabbed an ice-cold can of Dr. Pepper, cracked it open and took a small drink. It was at that moment that he made a life-changing decision. He put down the can and thought to himself, ‘What am I doing this for? I need to make a change.’

He poured the can into the sink and grabbed a fresh glass of water instead. This one, Tuesday-morning decision led to Gary deciding it was also time to get active. That afternoon, he went to check out the new gym that had just opened down the street. When he walked into the gym, he was met by the owner.

This gym owner sat down and listened to Gary tell him why he was there that day. They talked about what made Gary unhappy, and about the decision not to drink his normal morning soda that day.

What happened next set the tone for altering Gary’s life story: The owner focused on that one small change and congratulated him on it. He reinforced the fact that Gary made the choice on his own to alter his story. Gary signed up for a membership and has since made training a consistent part of his life.

A World Of Opportunity.

All over the world, similar client stories happen on a daily basis. As gym owners and coaches, we have an incredible opportunity to write the next chapter in a member’s story. Every person that walks through your doors is at a point in their life story where they need help writing the next chapter.

Praxis Coach Interaction

Remember, we’re not trying to re-write the past, we’re becoming a part of their journey now. They come to us because they need help and may not be able to do it on their own. Your job to guide them to write their best story.

As their journey unfolds, it’s also your job to tell their story. Share the highlights of your client stories because they may be an inspiration to the person who hasn’t yet asked for help. For every person in your gym, there are many other lost people who don’t know what to do.

In addition, sharing your members’ stories might help them write more chapters that you may never even know about. Being the author and publisher of these client stories is the exact reason you chose your path. You too, were affected in some way by someone else’s story in such a way that it altered your own life path.

Where Do I Start?

You may be wondering, ‘How do I get members to tell their story?’ It’s simple: Share others’ stories.

From the moment someone first visits your website, greet them with these stories. Then ask if they’re ready to create their next chapter. Your goal from their website visit to their first gym visit is gathering info about the previous chapters of their story.

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You can this use this when you meet with them to show them how their story (life) can change. From that moment on, every interaction with you, your staff and your community will be pieces of the next chapter. This is how your fitness business becomes the author of hundreds of client stories.

Client stories abound at conference
All of the HSN Live Event attendees (including Barry)!

I’ll leave you with a three-step challenge:

  1. Think back to where you came from, where are now and where your path is leading you. Write down all of these details.
  2. Choose one member in our gym to meet with. Ask them questions like, “What brought you to XYZ fitness two years ago? How has your life changed since joining XYZ fitness?” Find out as many important details as possible, including how you can work with them to build the next chapter.
  3. Write their story.

It’s up to you to become a best-selling author. Now go write!

Barry Pepper

Barry is our VP of Customer Experience here at PushPress. Before joining the PushPress team he owned CrossFit Port Royal Sound in Okatie, SC for five years. He may also be the biggest hockey fan we've got!

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