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PushPress Gym Jobs: Helping Fitness Professionals Find Careers

Gym Jobs by PushPress was released in April and is a free, niche job board for all fitness professionals looking to hire.

Emily Beers
September 30, 2022
PushPress Gym Jobs: Helping Fitness Professionals Find Careers
Gym Jobs by PushPress, a free platform that was released in April, is a niche job board for all fitness professionals looking to hire.

Jeremy Augusta knows what it’s like to be a struggling gym owner trying to find a quality coach.

“I lived in a rural community in Missouri, where I’d have to stand in certain corners of my house just to get cell reception. I had a gym where the profits weren’t that high, and I was trying to open a second location and I know how hard it is to find a coach,” he said.

Augusta searched for coaches on all the job boards, LinkedIn and just about everywhere else. Qualified coaches, or even aspiring coaches, just weren’t there.

That’s when he started Barbell Jobs, a job board specific to the fitness industry. In an ideal world, Augusta wanted it to be free. But because he needed to pay his bills, he charged gym owners $85 to $135 per post.

Shortly after that, Augusta started developing a relationship with PushPress founder Dan Uyemura. The wheels started spinning and the two saw an opportunity to partner up. They created a new platform through PushPress, a job board that would be free for both gym owners and coaches looking for jobs.

Gym Jobs by PushPress

Fast forward to today and the dream has become a reality. Gym Jobs by PushPress was released in April. There are already 1,000 fitness coaches and 200 gyms actively using the platform.

In a nutshell, Gym Jobs is a niche job board for all fitness professionals. CrossFit gyms can find coaches, personal trainers can search for work or gym equipment. Even apparel and technology companies can post opportunities.

“It’s anything related to fitness,” Augusta said. “It’s working wonderfully. It started out as a snowball that we keep rolling, and it’s turned into an avalanche.”

PushPress Owner Dan Uyemura explained the ultimate goal of Gym Jobs is aligned with everything PushPress does. “We want Gym Jobs to be the system that helps simplify and reduce the total cost, time and money of gym ownership.”

Check out three reasons why you should post your job and company profile on Gym Jobs!

A Free Value Add

Uyemura said PushPress has no intention of charging users for Gym Jobs in the near future. This is because they already have a core business generating revenue. This is one way they’re able to “reinvest in a way that we feel will help gyms,” Uyemura explained.

Gym Jobs isn’t PushPress’ only way of giving back. Uyemura’s company also awarded gym owners cash grants during the global pandemic. In addition, PushPress invested in mentoring and coaching services, helping clients learn how to run more successful businesses.

Gym Jobs Today and in the Future

Currently, Augusta spends 45-60 minutes on each Gym Jobs post to ensure it gets visibility in the right markets.

“A job gets posted and it goes on our website and the PushPress website. All the coaches in the system that have alerts set up get a notification,” he explained.

The post also gets shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit. In addition, it will post to local Facebook groups in the gym’s area.

“And it gets aggregated on other job boards, so it’ll show up on 50 to 100 other job boards, including Google jobs. It’s all done by hand to ensure it goes to the right spots. It’s not automated,” Augusta said.

“We’re really excited about how quick it’s going. We have a whole platter of stuff we’re working on, and we hope that in a year this will be the Linkedin of the fitness industry,” he said.

Uyemura added: “There’s more inspiration and products we can build into Gym Jobs that will make it even better. All of which we will do for free, but I won’t divulge any of those just yet. I’d like to create the world’s best and most prominent place for gym owners to list, promote, source and acquire coaching and staff for their businesses.”

If you’re a gym owner looking to hire or a coach looking for work, you can start using Gym Jobs today. Click here to browse job openings in your area.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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