How PushPress Helped Skyrocket FemFit to More Than 150 Members

Mikilah Speer has grown exponentially in just a couple years since opening FemFit. Here's how she did it, and how PushPress helps her manage the business!

Emily Beers
July 18, 2023
How PushPress Helped Skyrocket FemFit to More Than 150 Members
Mikilah Speer has grown exponentially in just a couple years since opening FemFit. Here's how she did it, and how PushPress helps her manage the business!

Before opening the doors to her gym and choosing PushPress software to manage it, Mikilah Speer did her research.

After all, Speer was about to become a sole business owner and operator. And she was already a mother to three young children. So, she explained, she needed her business software to almost double as an “administrative assistant.”

Further, as a long-time CrossFit athlete, Speer is a numbers person. So having software that provides accurate business metrics and trends was a top priority.

With all the pieces in place, Speer was ready to open her female-focused, strength and conditioning facility. FemFit in Redding, CA opened in 2021.

PushPress helps the FemFit community grow
Members of the FemFit gym community during a class workout.

Going All In with PushPress.

Some gym owners choose to start with one PushPress, then add others later. Sometimes this means they never fully take advantage of all the features and benefits.

But not Speer. When she opened FemFit, she went all in. And right from the start, she was using Core, Grow and Train to run her business. Plus, she had PushPress design her new, search-engine optimized website and a branded app.

Within six months of opening her doors, Speer hit the 100-member mark. And now, less than two years into gym ownership, Speer has 150 members. Her team consists of eight coaches. They help to manage classes, plus personal training clients and those enrolled in gym specialty-programs.

Further, Speer’s gym is the first one showing up on a local Google search. This, despite FemFit being the newest gym in the area and sharing a wall with an established CrossFit gym, is a big accomplishment. It has played a key role in growing her membership base quickly. And the growth doesn’t look like it’s slowing down.

“Our revenue has been growing consistently, three thousand to five thousand every month,” Speer said. “And I definitely attribute that to PushPress. I use all the tools and it has changed my business. It saves me so much time as a sole business owner and mom of three small kids.”

She continued, “I can take care of every nook and cranny of my business even while being on vacation.” Then she noted that her clients, too, love the software.

“People can’t speak more highly of PushPress. They just love all the amenities that come with our software.”

Three Ways PushPress Supports FemFit:

1. Saves Gym Owners Time.

Speer has been taking advantage of all the PushPress Grow workflows to provide automated communication with both leads and current clients. She particularly loves how she can tweak them to make communication sound authentic. It matches her gym’s brand voice and is designed to sound as if it’s coming directly from her.

Speer knows it’s working because she consistently has clients who thank her for the morning text message they received. Sometimes clients will reply with feedback. Other times, they’ll start a conversation to talk about their goals. And to Speer, this only confirms the authentic nature of the workflows.

Mikilah Speer, owner of FemFit Redding.

“I can’t speak more highly of the automations,” she said. “The text and email automations have been just such a life-saver for me.”

Speer said she’s currently using almost all of the workflows in Grow. When asked about which ones she uses most, she said there are three. She finds the lead nurture, the 100-day new client journey and the trial class workflows particularly useful.

2. Ensures Payments are Up to Date.

For gym owners, there are few things more annoying than chasing down payments or new credit card information.

So with that in mind, the PushPress gym check-ins system ensures all members’ payment methods are up-to-date.

Speer said, “Because if not, they can’t step foot on the floor in a class.” Ultimately, this helps ensure she gets paid on time and has the cash flow for expenses.

3. Delivers Gym Programming Through Train.

Before opening FemFit, Speer was training a small group of women out of her garage. She provided the programming via Google Sheets.

Looking back, she noted that this method would never have been sustainable for the long-term, or the growth that her gym has experienced.

Therefore, the PushPress Train app has been a game-changer for rolling out programming, she explained. Not just for her, but for her eight coaches. Many of them offer different types of programming, which they can easily sell and roll out to clients via the app.

Educating members about cycle-based training
Educating FemFit members about cycle-based training.
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In Summary: Save Time. Grow Your Gym.

Speer is proof of the potential for success when you have a vision and a plan. She’s also a great testimony of how going all in with PushPress can help you grow your business.

“PushPress helps me get my time back so I can grow beyond the walls of Redding,” she said.

And she’s been using that time well. The added bandwidth has allowed her to roll out new, revenue-generating ideas.

First, as a BirthFit coach, Speer launched a unique online coaching business. It’s specifically aimed at prenatal and postpartum clients. Second, she’s considering introducing a cold plunge amenity at her gym. Not only would this be an easy, hands-off revenue stream, but PushPress would make the implementation simple. Clients can sign up and pay for sessions using the Appointments feature.

Speer explained that neither of the above options would’ve been possible without PushPress. The software has given her back the time and energy to open up multiple possibilities.

“I have learned so much as a business owner from PushPress,” Speer said.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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