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Improving Gym Member Experience And Results With PushPress Train

Tracking progress through measurable data helps with member results and motivation. Here are four ways PushPress Train improves your member experience!

Emily Beers
May 18, 2023
Improving Gym Member Experience And Results With PushPress Train
Tracking progress through measurable data helps with member results and motivation. Here are four ways PushPress Train improves your member experience!

At first glance, it might seem like a little far-fetched. How does a workout-tracking system like PushPress Train help you improve member experience and results?

But consider this. Have you ever had a client lose 50 pounds or get a first pull-up, then cancel their membership the next day? Probably not.

Reaching milestones and getting results motivates people. It keeps them accountable to their health and fitness journey. In other words, members who see results stick around.

PushPress Train allows members to track progress and performance data
PushPress Train allows members to track progress and performance data.

On the other hand, stagnation causes people to feel discouraged and less motivated. Even if it’s perceived stagnation. When this happens, they’re more likely to fall off their fitness plan. Because whether they’re not seeing results or they think they’re not seeing results, motivation is lost.

Tracking progress - big or small - means keeping people on track. For fitness business owners, that’s how you increase gym retention numbers. And that’s where PushPress Train comes in.

Train makes it easy for members to record scores, track their progress and to review past results. Over the course of their fitness journey, this allows them to recognize wins of all sizes and keep improving.

Four Ways PushPress Train Improves Member Experience:

1. Performance Data.

PushPress Train provides valuable fitness performance data for both your members and your coaches. From tracking workout scores to entering PRs, this data will help clients measure progress and improve.

Through this data, coaches can also view trends, which helps with training direction and even gym programming. For example, if members aren’t seeing improvements in a specific area, it’s an opportunity to reach out. They might benefit from personal training or accessory work outside of class.

Further, by tracking performance trends among your whole gym, you might decide to revise your programming strategy.

Jason Sturm, owner of Old Glory Gym in Ashburn, VA uses PushPress Train to help his members progress in their training.

“Train allows me to provide programming and view the results of my members efforts to ensure I am providing a program that is effective and measurable for their needs,” said Sturm. “Both inside the gym and in the real world. Being able to see the data is important because it allows me to provide quality that is measurable and tangible.”

2. Communication And Connection.

Beyond tracking workouts, Train also gives members and coaches the ability to communicate with each other. From friendly trash talk to celebrating members’ milestones, it’s a fun way to build community.

Help members celebrate milestones to improve community connection
Help members celebrate milestones to improve gym community connection.

In addition, coaches can field questions from members and add relevant training videos. This makes Train an all-in-one platform for tracking, communication and education.

On the coach side, there are two major benefits. First, it keeps all communication in one spot. When clients are sending training questions via email, text, social media and more, it can be overwhelming. Second, coaches can answer frequently-asked questions once, where everyone can see the answer. That way, they’re not fielding the same question multiple times from different members.

3. Customized Experience.

Train allows you to streamline the customer experience, no matter what type of programming they need. For example, some apps are designed for group programming only. Others are specifically for individual design or personal training. PushPress Train lets you do it all on a single platform.

So let’s say you have a client who attends three group classes a week and does two days of individual design. With Train, they don’t have to download multiple apps for the different programs. It can all be done in one, easy-to-use place.

Further, you can customize your Train app based on your gym’s preferences, like leaderboards.

“I personally don’t like the leaderboard,” said Sturm. “I feel it breeds garbage movement over quality long term work. It makes coaching more difficult as members try to simply beat the next member rather than stay in their own lane and focus on themselves.”

He continued, “Train allows me to choose to not provide a leaderboard while still allowing me to have members enter scores so I can easily look at and promote of those small victories.”

4. New Revenue Streams.

To further personalize the member experience, Train allows you to get creative with additional gym revenue streams.

For example, create an eight-week, muscle-up accessory training plan. Members can purchase the plan through the Train marketplace, then view it in the training section.

Create training progression plans as additional gym revenue streams
Create training progression plans as additional gym revenue streams.

Or design an Olympic lifting progression that members can do outside of class. Host a seminar or workshop, and sell the training progression for members to do in the weeks afterward.

Check out this example of how gym owner Rachel Wilson improved member experience and increased revenue with PushPress Train!

Further, Train allows you to create gym challenges to keep members motivated. From a 30-day “get outside” challenge to accumulating push-ups to prep for Murph, have some fun and drive results!

Pro Tip: Want to learn more about how PushPress Train can improve your members’ experience and results? Book a demo with our team today!

In Summary: Improve Member Experience And Results With Train

When people come into your gym, they’re looking for solutions and motivation. When they reach milestones and get results, they’re more likely to stay for the long term. So it’s important to help them track workout scores, PRs and other performance data. Throw in some community connection and extra challenges, and watch your member retention numbers soar!

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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