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‘Help First’ Drives Gym Revenue: Are You Selling Or Helping?

How can helping people translate to a substantial increase in gym revenue? Here are seven ways to prioritize people and upsurge profit at your gym!

Monica Hilton
January 24, 2023
‘Help First’ Drives Gym Revenue: Are You Selling Or Helping?
How can helping people translate to a substantial increase in gym revenue? Here are seven ways to prioritize people and upsurge profit at your gym!

This month, we’ve been talking about additional gym revenue streams on the PushPress blog. We hope you’ve gotten some fresh ideas to start implementing in your gym.

Today, we’re talking about taking a different perspective when it comes to any of these opportunities. At PushPress, we believe in a ‘Help First’ mentality. As gym owners ourselves, we’ve realized over the years that helping people generally equates to profit. When we look at our clients, we see that the successful ones are most often the ones who prioritize help.

So we’re issuing a ‘Help First Challenge’ to help you drive gym revenue. The point of the challenge is not actually revenue at all. It’s caring enough to make an impact in peoples’ lives. But if we had to guess, there’s a good chance revenue will be a pretty cool side effect.

Help first to increase gym revenue

Seven Ways To Increase Gym Revenue By Helping Members

1. Selling Memberships.

Wait, what? We’re starting with memberships? Absolutely. Let’s go.

Think about it: The first time someone reaches out for information about your gym, what are they really saying? Most likely, it’s, “I need help with _____.” Therefore, although there are many other ways you’ll help them in the future, this is your starting point. None of the other options listed below can happen unless they become a member of your gym.

First, check out “The Secret To Selling Gym Memberships (And Enjoying It Too).” The goal is changing your perspective from selling someone a membership to helping someone live a better life.

2. Personalized Coaching.

Chances are, even though someone walked through your door seeking fitness help, it’s bigger than that. Years of cheeseburgers or an unhealthy relationship with food may have played a part.

With that in mind, just selling them a gym membership isn’t going to get them the results they need. To truly help your members, you’ll need to dig deep into their goals and challenges. Start with an intro session where they get to tell their story.

Now that you’ve truly gotten to know your member, you can help. They might need nutrition or mindset coaching. Or maybe it’s personal training sessions and accountability. These high-ticket gym services are focused on helping the member. And they all come with an added bonus: Increased gym revenue.

3. The Extras.

Here’s where paying attention to the little details really helps you help people. Remember in your intro session when Sally told you she wasn’t getting enough protein? Or when John told you he’s frustrated with his mobility?

You could empathize with Sally’s lack of protein and leave it at that. Or you could help her get some more protein. You’ve developed trust and authority so recommend a brand you like. She’s going to purchase it somewhere so why not from your gym?

Upsell gym members by listening to challenges

When you ask John a few more questions about his mobility, it sounds like a foam roller and lacrosse ball would work wonders for him. He’s going to purchase them somewhere, so why not from you?

Believe it or not, even gym merchandise can be a fun way to help members. Whether they feel a sense of status reppin’ their gym or they earned it by attending 100 classes, you’re helping them belong and succeed.

4. Accountability.

One of the most helpful factors for a members’ fitness journey is accountability. And statistically speaking, accountability translates to gym revenue. Just knowing that someone is paying attention and cares whether they show up is game changing.

So how do you oversee all of your members’ journeys and still find time to get anything else done? One word: Automation.

First, imagine Sally’s surprise when you check in with her every single week for the first 90 days of her membership. In addition, she gets a birthday text, and frequent emails with helpful tips and tricks. She can’t believe that you took the time to congratulate her on her 100th class or that you remembered her gym anniversary. You can automate every single step in this journey with a gym CRM to take care of members without any additional time spent on your part.

Further, be sure to customize your automation so that you sound like you, not a robot or a salesperson. Remember, you’re helping, not selling, and that should be reflected in your messaging.

Pro Tip: Want to find out how to use automation for an unforgettable member experience? Book a demo with the PushPress Grow team today!

5. Renting Gym Space.

If you have extra offices at your gym or space that sits empty during slower parts of the day, think of it as another way to help! Consider options to rent gym space that would be most beneficial to your members.

Recovery options like massage therapy or Normatec boots are always helpful. Or rent an office to an in-house athletic trainer for pre-hab and rehab needs. Perhaps you could save your members time by stocking a fridge with healthy meals from a local meal prep company. Or even save them money by hosting kids’ birthday parties.

The point is, you can rent out space to drive gym revenue. Or you can drive revenue in a way that’s also helpful to your members.

6. Charitable Events.

Help can stop within your gym walls, or it can have a ripple effect into your community. The worldwide CrossFit community is known for its willingness to step forward and help when help is needed. The same can be true for your own gym community.

Organize charitable fitness events centered around raising funds or awareness for causes that are important to your members. Chances are, some of your members are actively involved in local charities and would love to help on both ends.

Organize fitness events to raise money for charity

Doing good in your community can translate into awareness and positive PR for your gym that’s unrelated to actually selling memberships. And once again, you’re planting the seed for increased gym revenue down the road.

7. Prioritize People.

We saved the most important one for last: Your gym’s success will come when you prioritize people.

In a post-pandemic world where people (sometimes unknowingly) crave connection, you can be a difference-maker. From large community events to small groups, connecting your members turns a group of strangers into a gym family.

Remember that mental health is imperative to overall physical health. Take care of your people: Your coaches, your members, yourself.

You’ve probably said this to your members: “In order to help others, you have to take care of yourself.” The same is true for you.

In Summary: Help First.

By taking a ‘help first’ mentality to running your gym, you’re setting yourself up for a multitude of upselling opportunities. From memberships to supplements, the road to success is paved by exploring ways to help your members. Increased gym revenue is often the byproduct of prioritizing people, so get creative! What other ways can you think of to help first?

Monica Hilton

Monica is our Content Manager extraordinaire for PushPress. She also owns her gym in Indianapolis, Together We Rise CrossFit, which she opened in 2014 and previously worked in IndyCar racing.

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