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Rachel Wilson Improves Member Experience With PushPress Train

Rachel Wilson of Terrain Fitness explains how she uses the PushPress Train app to add value for clients and revenue for her business.

Emily Beers
September 22, 2022
Rachel Wilson Improves Member Experience With PushPress Train
Rachel Wilson of Terrain Fitness explains how she uses the PushPress Train app to add value for clients and revenue for her business.

Rachel Wilson, owner of Terrain Fitness in Wayne, NJ, started using PushPress early in 2022. She recently sat down with PushPress team member Connor Green to talk about how the PushPress Train app is specifically helping her improve member experience.

Wilson says she was initially drawn to what she had heard about PushPress “listening to their customers’ needs.” What also appealed to her was the company’s focus on constantly growing and evolving. She loved the continual development of new features in the quest to make gym owners’ lives easier.

“I was like, ‘I’m in,’” she said.

Now more than six months in, Wilson couldn’t be happier with her decision to switch to PushPress.

“It’s like a one-stop shop for everything. I don’t have to have twelve different things to provide me with the one thing I want,” Wilson explained.

Terrain Fitness members use PushPress Train app
The Terrain Fitness community participated in Hero WOD Murph on Memorial Day.

Enter PushPress Train.

The PushPress Train app - designed for programming and workout tracking - has become an integral part of Wilson’s gym management plan. She uses Train in three different ways to meet her gym’s unique needs:

  1. Train is used to roll out her daily CrossFit programming to her clients. She especially likes that she can leave the warm-up blank in the app, as her coaches write their own warm-ups for each class.
  2. Terrain Fitness often has various training pieces each day and a lot of accessory work. The Train app allows her to include multiple pieces each day. This includes those that don’t require the athlete to enter a score, as they do with traditional, measurable WODs. Instead, the athlete is simply able to mark that they completed each portion of the training that day.
  3. Train is used for personal training clients. “It’s been really easy for them to use,” Wilson explained. When applicable, she’s able to simply copy and paste if the client happens to be doing something similar to what her classes are doing that day.

Wilson Gets Creative.

Wilson has also gotten creative with the PushPress Train app to add value and build revenue. Beyond the usual ways to use Train, she’s come up with a couple new benefits:

Running Challenges.

Wilson runs a lot of challenges at her gym, which Train has made easier. Most recently, she offered a glute challenge. It “forced everyone into doing extra accessory work to strengthen their glutes,” she explained.

To roll it out, Wilson simply created a template in the Train app. Members could complete the glute accessory work at any time during the week. Once completed, they would simply add it to their CrossFit training for the day.

Currently, Terrain Fitness is doing an outside walking challenge, where clients upload pictures of their walk right to the app. “So far, it has been a great community-building challenge,” Wilson said.

Creating Bonus Programs.

Wilson has used PushPress Train to roll out a basic, 10-week pulling program for people to purchase through the marketplace.

“It’s very basic with videos they can follow,” she explained. She then added that she’s looking to create endurance, squatting and pressing programs next.

“I think I will also create Level 2 programs and make them available so people can buy them on their own and I don’t have to be hands on,” she added.” If I can write something once and be able to hand it to all these different people, then it’s priceless. That’s money coming in without doing anything.”

PushPress Train for accessory programming
The Terrain Fitness community cheers on a member during The CrossFit Open.

Beyond revenue, Wilson has noticed the pulling program is a way for her clients to “band together and stay after (class) with their friends. This makes them ten times more likely to do it,” she said.

The Future of Train

Ultimately, when it comes to the PushPress Train app, the sky is the limit. Considering PushPress is constantly innovating, Wilson knows there’s more to come for both her clients and her business.

“I'm excited about the future and to see what else happens,” she said.

Book your PushPress Train demo today with our team to learn if Train is right for your gym.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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