PushPress Launches Train to Deliver The Most Advanced Workout Tracking Platform For Gyms

PushPress launches Train, a new platform that will provide the most advanced workout tracking experience for gyms and fitness professionals

James Plata
September 17, 2021
PushPress launches Train, a new platform that will provide the most advanced workout tracking experience for gyms and fitness professionals

El Segundo, CA – September 17, 2021 – PushPress, a software platform built exclusively for gyms and fitness professionals, announced the acquisition of Ignite. The acquisition is part of the larger plan to launch the industry’s most advanced workout tracking and remote coaching platform, Train by PushPress.

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The purpose of Train is two-fold: First, implementing simple and clean delivery of online programming with a top-tier experience for clients. Second, providing a variety of tools to save coaches and trainers time, while maximizing revenue.

The current landscape of products is prohibitive for gyms and trainers, forcing them to use multiple systems for personal training and programming to larger groups. Train is a one-stop-shop for online programming and workout tracking, with additional features like custom community pages.

Staying true to the PushPress mission, Train was designed by a team of trainers and will be beta-tested by industry experts to create an unparalleled product. PushPress expects to launch the finalized product in mid- to late-October 2021.

“When looking at current workout tracking solutions, we realized there was a huge gap in the industry. There wasn’t a single solution that combined advanced workout tracking, an easy to use interface, with world-class customer service. Working with the Train team, we’re able to fill that gap.” said Dan Uyemura, CEO of PushPress.

Mike Baglio, Founder of Ignite and current Cloud Architect at PushPress added, “With the boom in online training, coaches are stuck scrambling between high priced options and cheap, insufficient software. Train was created to give a first-class experience at a reasonable price.”

More details on the specifics of this rollout will be made public in late September 2021.

Gyms are currently eligible to join the Train waitlist at www.PushPress.com/Train-waitlist

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James Plata

James Plata is the Marketing Director at PushPress, a fitness-nut and hoarder of all gadgets. He brings 10+ years of experience in startup tech and fitness to help gym owners rebel against useless and overpriced software.

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