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Seattle Gym Provides CrossFit to Unemployed and Low Income Households

Seattle PushPress Gym Offers Sliding Scale Membership, Provides CrossFit to Unemployed and Low Income Households

Emily Beers
April 12, 2022
Seattle PushPress Gym Offers Sliding Scale Membership, Provides CrossFit to Unemployed and Low Income Households

When Chelsea Jung reopened and relocated her gym, Tiltshift CrossFit in Seattle, WA, after closing her doors during the global pandemic, she figured it was a perfect time to make some big business changes.

This included, not only switching to PushPress, which she said has made her life “a whole lot easier on the back end,” and also seeing if she could figure out a way to offer CrossFit to those in the low income tax bracket, people who would never be able to afford $150 to $200 a month.

She sat down and crunched her numbers and realized that if her membership rates averaged $150 a month, she’d be able to make a go of it.

“We had just relocated to a new neighborhood in Seattle, and this neighborhood is really economically diverse. It runs the gamut (when it comes to income), and with COVID, there are also many unemployed folks,” Jung explained.

“We had set our finances to have a super low overhead, really low rent, so we created a sliding scale option,” she added.

Putting the Plan into Action

Today, anyone who earns between $30,000-$49,000 a year pays $100 a month for their membership, while those who are currently unemployed or earn less than $29,000 pay between two and four percent of their incomes, with a minimum of $20 for a membership.

Others still who earn more pay $150 a month, and a number of others pay $200 a month. When all is said and done, 12 percent of her clientele are taking advantage of the sliding scale membership, and her average monthly rate is $150 a month, right where she needs to be, she explained.

A year into the experiment and Jung said the vibe in her gym couldn’t be better.

“It has actually been the coolest thing we have done…We started out in a new neighborhood, and it has become a community where we give when we can, but we also ask for help when we need help. The whole vibe in the gym is super giving and everyone feels like a part of this community,” she said.

This attitude has led to all kinds of efforts from her community members to help out when they can. Most recently, for example, one of her members had their gym bag stolen from their car parked at their house.

“And within 24 hours, people from the gym raised $500 to help this person replace their gym stuff. It was amazing,” she said.

Jung’s community has grown so much that she’s even expanding her gym at the moment, and is adding a coffee shop to the gym in an effort to introduce people to CrossFit who might otherwise never find it.

“We’re trying to reach people who would be too scared to come into a CrossFit gym, so there has to be something here less scary than CrossFit. And people in Seattle, we love our coffee, so we’re tricking them into walking through the doors,” she said, laughing.

And because she’ll be able to accommodate more people in her soon-to-be bigger space, she has just started using PushPress’ Grow software—an all-in-one platform that lets gym owners create inventive, personalized marketing campaigns, connect with current clients, former clients and new leads and ultimately convert them into clients.

Based on how helpful PushPress services have been to her business already in the last year, Jung is confident Grow will help her continue to do just that: Grow.

“I love PushPress. Their software is easy-to-use and intuitive…and their customer service is second to none,” she said.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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