The PushPress Staff App: Why Your Gym Needs this Powerful Tool

The PushPress Staff App improves the gym experience for you, your team and your members. Here are three ways it can help you maximize gym success!

Emily Beers
October 26, 2023
The PushPress Staff App improves the gym experience for you, your team and your members. Here are three ways it can help you maximize gym success!

Did you know that the PushPress Staff App was created to save you time, give your members an incredible experience and make things run more efficiently overall? Yes, there’s an app for that!

But here’s the kicker: Of the 3,000+ gyms that we work with around the world, just over half are using the Staff App. Sounds crazy, right? Imagine having a powerhouse tool available to help with managing your gym and not even using it!

As you probably know, the PushPress team is made up of current and former gym owners. We understand the struggles and successes of life in the fitness business. So we’re here to help, and to create the tools you need to be successful.

Gym management software made easy
The Staff App allows coaches to check in members quickly, improving their overall gym experience.

When we realized that quite a few gym owners weren’t yet using the Staff App, our team rallied to figure out why. We came to this conclusion: Maybe as a gym owner, you just don’t realize how powerful the Staff App can be. Perhaps you simply don’t know why it’s so beneficial, and why you and your staff should be using it.

So today, we want to show you how to save time, increase efficiency and even level up the ultimate gym member experience with PushPress Staff App.

Three Ways to Maximize Success with the PushPress Staff App.

We sat down with Marissa Paulsen, Product Manager for the PushPress Staff App, to discuss the various ways it can help you maximize success in your gym.

“For gym owners, time is money, and every minute counts,” she said. “The Staff App represents a transformative tool to empower both staff and members to handle administrative tasks efficiently. This frees up valuable time for you and your team to focus on what truly matters.”

The PushPress Staff App integrates with PushPress Core to create a cohesive operation. Group classes, appointments and even member data flow seamlessly between the platforms. This ensures a consistent and accurate member management experience.

Paulsen described it as a “unified and efficient workflow for gym owners and staff, reducing redundancies and enhancing overall productivity.”

1. Elevate Your Member Experience.

The Staff App is designed to help coaches build stronger connections with members and foster a greater sense of community. Ultimately, your team can deliver better customer service. And at the same time, members are able to be autonomous and independent with their membership needs.

Managing gym memberships
Provide members an option to manage their accounts, increasing autonomy and independence.

2. Save Your Valuable Time.

Being gym owners ourselves, our “insider perspective” shows us that providing an amazing member experience transcends coaching alone.

Paulsen explained, “It includes building connections with new members, showing a drop-in athlete around, checking in on an injury and celebrating achievements. Any time spent behind a computer for administrative tasks, such as class check-ins or waiver sign-ups, diverts focus away from these pivotal member interactions, and the creation of a strong sense of community.”

3. Build a Better Business.

Simply put, incorporating the PushPress Staff App into your gym’s regular operations will help create a more efficient business. And this ultimately fosters gym business growth and overall success.

“By streamlining administrative processes and enhancing member autonomy, you can drive your gym's strategic goals,” said Paulsen. “This ultimately leads to a more successful and thriving fitness business.”

Staff App: Two Modes, One Goal.

The Staff App has two modes: Staff Mode and Kiosk Mode. Each of these play a distinct role in better servicing clients, streamlining tasks and saving time.

Staff Mode.

Staff mode helps your team manage daily tasks. These include things like checking in members for class, communication, and booking and managing appointments.

Coaches’ heads shouldn’t be planted in a laptop while clients file into class. And they shouldn’t have to turn their backs to members for check-ins. They can be fully attentive to provide a better experience from start to finish.

“Any time spent behind a computer for administrative tasks, such as class check-ins or waiver sign-ups, diverts focus away from these pivotal member interactions and the creation of a strong sense of community,” said Paulsen.

In addition, our clients have found that one of the most helpful tools in the PushPress Staff App is the chat feature. It includes both group channels and direct messaging capabilities. Your team can share announcements, highlight members’ accomplishments, or simply promote community camaraderie.

Kiosk Mode.

On the member side, Kiosk Mode is designed to allow members to be autonomous and independent with their membership needs. Designed for use on tablets stationed at your gym's entrance, this athlete-facing mode empowers members the option to be in control of their experience.

PushPress Staff App modes
Seamlessly switch between the different modes in the PushPress Staff App.

Kiosk Mode enables your clients to perform tasks that were previously done by staff. These are things like booking appointments for personal training or nutrition coaching. They can also register for open gym times or upcoming events. And they can purchase or upgrade a membership plan.

Pro Tip: Did you know that PushPress Grow automation can help you improve the member experience even more? Book a demo with our team today to get the details!

Paulsen also mentioned that in the future, members will be able to buy products and other merchandise in the PushPress Staff App as well.

Ultimately, Kiosk mode is a game-changer, reducing burden on your coaches, and encouraging independence and self-service for members.

In Summary: Creating a Simple But Powerful Gym Experience.

The PushPress Staff App was built to improve the full gym experience for you, your team and your members. From relationship building to admin tasks to communication, everything is intended to be seamless.

“The Staff App was created as a solution to liberate front desk staff and coaches from desktop-bound administrative tasks,” said Paulsen. “We want to allow them to perform these actions seamlessly from their mobile devices. Or even shift some responsibilities to the members themselves.”

She added, “Incorporating the Staff App into your gym's operations is a strategic move that can significantly impact your gym's potential for growth and success.”

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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