Top 5 Reasons Your Fitness Business Needs A Podcast

Nick Reyes
September 1, 2021
Top 5 Reasons Your Fitness Business Needs A Podcast

Top 5 Reasons Your Fitness Business Needs A Podcast

  1. Health and wellness is not always easily taught and understood in short form. A podcast can help deliver complex thoughts in a meaningful way making your impact on the community deeper and more effective.
  2. Thought leaders and experts can be leveraged to strengthen your value proposition. Joe Rogan has a great podcast, partially because of Joe but mostly because he has amazing guests who captivate his audience for 2-3 hours at a time. Your alignment with experts and a delivery mechanism for knowledge to your community makes you and your services significantly more valuable.
  3. Public speaking is a life skill. If you’re the one behind the mic, you’ll become better at organizing thoughts, delivering a message, and driving home a point. These skills are an entrepreneur’s best friend, so develop them while providing your business with a new communication platform.
  4. Take partnerships to the moon. Any sales person or entrepreneur should belong to a microgym instead of a globo gym. There are too many networking opportunities to pass up on, and they can’t be as easily obtained in an environment of headphones with a lack of group sessions or community events. Showcasing these individuals as guests or selling them advertising air time on the show is a win win as it allows for them to expand their network and makes your community more valuable to them.
  5. Your audience is everywhere. Some people will prefer blogs, some YouTube or video, but there’s a significant group of clients and prospects who consume audio only. It’s easier to tap into while multi tasking which makes it a vital method of communication. It’s also super easy to start as we’ll outline in ‘How to start a podcast for your fitness business this week!’

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Nick Reyes

Nick is our Chief Revenue Officer here at PushPress and passionate about helping business owners. Before joining the team, he was co-owner of KS Athletic Club and a United States Marine.

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