Automation For Gym Owners: Save Time And Boost Revenue With Grow

Using automation is like adding a high-performing, revenue-producing member to your gym team. Here are five creative ways to use PushPress Grow workflows!

Emily Beers
February 28, 2023
Automation For Gym Owners: Save Time And Boost Revenue With Grow
Using automation is like adding a high-performing, revenue-producing member to your gym team. Here are five creative ways to use PushPress Grow workflows!

This month, we’ve been talking about growing your gym’s dream team. From hiring coaches and a GM to developing staff for the long run, it’s important to have a plan. So how does automation fit in with this month’s theme?

Think of it this way: PushPress Grow is like adding another member to your team. A high-performing, revenue-producing team member that never takes a day off.

If you’re not currently using this technology, PushPress Grow is a gym CRM. It’s designed to save you time and handle everything from lead generation to member experience.

For instance, you can use an automated workflow to properly nurture leads from initial contact until they sign up. Or to acknowledge clients when they hit 50, 100, 250 workouts at your gym. Or to spread the word about your personal training and nutrition coaching programs.

Use automation to save time and increase gym revenue

If you’re a current PushPress client, you might have known about some of these workflows. But are you using them to maximize all aspects of your business?

Let us introduce you to PushPress Grow Product Manager, Marissa Paulsen. Today, she’s explaining how to use existing workflows properly and how to customize your own for maximum impact.

Getting Started.

PushPress Grow offers a ton of pre-created workflows, based on best practices and what’s worked well for other gym owners. So as you’re just getting started on the platform, these will work well to help you learn how the automation works.

As with any Grow workflow, you can customize as needed. So for example, you can start by making a few small changes to the way automated texts or emails are worded. That way, you can reflect your gym’s brand voice while keeping the overall messaging the same.

“Start out by looking through them to see if there are small things you could do to tweak a workflow,” said Paulsen.

How To Know What Will Work.

As far as what can be built, Paulsen said the possibilities are endless.

But deciding what to build often involves taking a look at the bigger picture. Paulsen recommends exploring what’s most important to your gym. Plus, take note of what your clients seem to be asking for, and when.

For example, if getting more leads is your top priority right now, consider a workflow designed to generate more Google reviews.

Request Google reviews to help grow your gym

Or perhaps you’ve noticed a downward dip in apparel sales. So maybe this is a good time to set up a merchandise-related workflow.

Essentially, automation can help with the tasks you deem important for the growth of your business. Start by taking a step back to consider what’s happening - or not happening - in your business and build a customized solution.

Make It Personal.

You know those generic, corny emails you get from some company that randomly got your contact info? They’re annoying because, even if your name is auto-filled into the subject line, they’re not personal.

It’s important to come up with your own voice or your brand voice in your workflows. If you’re not sure what will resonate, ask for feedback from your members. Because they know you well, they’ll be able to tell you what feels authentic. Steer clear of the jargon and sales-y vibe that annoys you in the mass emails or texts you receive.

Five Creative Ways to use Grow Automation

1. Referral Workflows.

Referral programs can be one of the best ways to generate new leads for your gym. But if you want people to take action, you have to ask. Don’t just assume they know about your referral program or how it works.

You can use Grow automation to roll out a referral challenge at your gym. Provide gifts to anyone who invites friends that sign up, or enter them in a drawing. Prizes could include things like personal training sessions, nutrition consultations or free months of membership.

2. Upselling.

One successful way to upsell your members is to tie your offers to specific events or timeframes.

For instance, the months leading up to The CrossFit Open are generally when members want to work on volume for specific skills. They’re trying to string together pull-ups or increase their rowing capacity. Therefore, those months are a perfect time to upsell clients into personal training packages or individualized programming.

You could create a year-round Grow automation that aims to upsell members in preparation for upcoming events. From The Open to local competitions or even fun themes like “beach season,” you’re only limited by your creativity.

3. Rolling Out New Programs Or Challenges.

As you prepare to launch a new nutrition coaching program or six-week challenge, the first priority is spreading the word.

Create an automated workflow that’s designed to inform, educate and invite. That's exactly what this CrossFit gym in Decatur, TX did to promote their HSN coaching program.

Start by informing your members about the specific details of the program (dates, cost, etc.). Then educate them on why it’s a beneficial option for them to reach their goals faster. Include testimonials from clients who have participated in the past.

Finally, invite them to participate. This is your ever-important CTA (call to action). Provide a link for quick registration or invite them to reach out to you with further questions.

Use PushPress Grow to invite gym members to events

4. Merchandise Sales.

Merchandise is a great opportunity to get creative and have some fun with automation.

First, use PushPress Grow as your helpful pre-sale tool. Send out a series of texts and emails with the link to preorder the fresh, new gear. Remember, your first message doesn’t always get people to act. So they may need a reminder or two about the deadline to order.

When the new merch has arrived, have some fun! Create some hype around the “limited time” release or offer a short-term promo. With Grow, you can even schedule social media posts. Show coaches rockin’ the gear or create a challenge where members can post pics of them in fun places repping your gym.

5. Member Education.

One often-overlooked use for Grow automation is member education. This is a great way to improve the member experience and increase gym retention numbers.

Educating clients on everything from movement to mindset to mobility can be an extremely beneficial “perk” of membership.

For example, if you’re about to start a six-week, sumo deadlift cycle, it’s going to include a lot of glute and hamstring work. Educate your members on what they’ll be gaining from the extra posterior chain accessory work.

Or if you’re entering a heavy shoulder cycle, consider creating a workflow with resources to help members take care of their shoulders. Then you could include things like exercises, videos and articles that focus on shoulder mobility and safe form.

Finally, what if you notice that members are working hard to build strength but neglecting their recovery? Use automation for an educational workflow about the importance of recovery for their long-term results.

Pro Tip: There are so many ways to use PushPress Grow to convert your leads and improve your member experience! Book a demo with our team today to find out more!

In Summary: Automation Saves Time And Drives Revenue.

When it comes to workflows for gym owners, Paulsen said, “the world is your oyster.”

Start by determining which areas of your gym are the highest priority. From lead acquisition to member retention, Grow workflows can help. Use existing workflows or create your own, but inject your brand voice to make conversations more personalized. Finally, get creative with your options. Promote your referral programs, upsell your members or roll out new challenges. Sell more merchandise and even educate your members. All of these can be accomplished with automation to help your save time and increase revenue.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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