How Your Gym Can Crush Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday is a huge opportunity to drive revenue and convert leads. Here are some tips to promote offers and spread the word to your target audience.

Monica Hilton
October 31, 2022
How Your Gym Can Crush Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Black Friday is a huge opportunity to drive revenue and convert leads. Here are some tips to promote offers and spread the word to your target audience.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping days of the year. Don’t sleep on the opportunity to sell to customers when they’re in a turkey-induced, “take my money” mood.

Think way outside the box of just a standard discount on memberships. These two days can be about generating leads, increasing profits and standing out among the competition. Consider all potential revenue streams and then get creative.

Let’s look at four categories of Black Friday shoppers and what we can offer them to drive sales.

Crush your Black Friday sales

The Four Categories Of Black Friday Shoppers:

Prospective Members.

We’ll start with the group that’s least-connected to your gym and your brand. We’re speaking to people who have either never walked through the doors, or perhaps tried a class but didn’t commit.

Here are some Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for prospective members:

  1. Membership. Instead of discounting a membership, which could devalue your services, consider an incentive deal. Offer a free month of membership with a 12-month commitment. Or a gift like some free swag with any membership level.
  2. Foundations. For prospective members who are new (or returning) to fitness, an intro membership is a great way to start. Create an exciting offer around your gym’s onramp program that motivates them to get started. Throw in a free “kickstart” plan with some tips for nutrition, mobility, etc.
  3. Personal Training. In some instances, starting new people with personal training is the most effective way to get them moving safely and efficiently. It can also remove the intimidation factor of jumping right into classes. Design a package deal that promotes personal training as a gateway to gym membership.

Current Gym Members.

Your current gym members are your biggest opportunity to drive Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Even though the initial sales window is short, your offers can produce longer-term results for your ARM (Average Revenue per Member).

Here are some offer ideas for current members:

  1. Renewal incentives. To lock in an annual commitment from your members, offer them a renewal incentive. Similar to your prospective member offer, give them a free month with a 12-month commitment. Or, since you already know they love your brand, offer some gym merchandise with any membership renewal. This can also be a cash flow generator by offering a small discount (5-10%) if they pay up front for the entire membership term.
  2. Stocking up. Your big spenders probably have a list of their favorite products at your gym. From supplements to cafe items (protein bars, energy drinks, etc.) and apparel, help them stock up! Offer a bulk discount for these items that’s less than what they normally pay but high enough to cover your profit margin.
  3. Create a package deal. Combine offers to encourage even more spending. For example, if members commit to a 12-month membership, they get 10% off all supplements for the year. Or they could purchase a larger personal training package and get a gym-branded shirt for free.
  4. Limited time offers. On Black Friday or Cyber Monday, host a series of 30- to 60-minute live sales events. Have members sign up in advance to receive sales texts. Once the text gets sent out, they have the allotted time to make the purchase. Consider increasing the promo values throughout the day to end with the most valuable offer.
Create offers for current members

Former Gym Members.

People who have been part of your gym in the past already know the value of membership. Create a sweet incentive for them to give it another go!

Start with a simple email or text, asking them if they’ve been accomplishing their fitness goals since they left your gym. If they respond, offer them a deal they can’t refuse to start up where they left off.

One idea we love is the “Thanksgiving” offer. Send an email to your former members, telling them you’re thankful that they were part of your gym at one point. Find a way to remind them of the value of their membership. Offer to set them up with a free month in December, as a way of saying thanks. No strings attached. This opens the door for people to return and get a head start on their New Years goals. Plus, chances are your gym can accommodate the extra guests during one of the slower months of the year.


The friends and family of your current members are one referral away from experiencing all your gym has to offer. Sometimes the only thing standing in the way of that referral is you asking for it.

Set up a “stocking stuffer” or “pay it forward” promotion where current members can purchase a guest pass for a friend or family member. If you’re already offering a first free class or a member/guest week, design the stocking stuffer pass for a slightly longer period of time. Consider multiple options like two weeks or even five weeks, the period of time from Black Friday to the end of the year.

Black Friday Marketing: Get The Word Out.

Once you’ve designed your irresistible offers, it’s time to start hyping people up. Here are some engaging ways to market your upcoming sales:

Launch Email And Text Campaigns.

Give your members and leads plenty of heads up for your upcoming sales. Remember, people generally need to receive multiple messages about offers and events before they act. Start an email and text campaign a few weeks in advance to inform them that offers are coming and get them excited. Include a countdown and some basic info about which deals they don’t want to miss on Black Friday.

Pro Tip: Automate these campaigns so the work is done for you with PushPress Grow! Book a demo with our team today to learn how!

Create Buzz On Social Media.

Let your imagination run wild with social media posts prior to your promos. Create a poll on Facebook to see which items members most want deals on. Produce an entertaining TikTok video with your coaches chalking up to lay out all the products you’re offering.

These posts can be a unique blend of providing value and selling at the same time. Find a way to combine information and entertainment to grab their attention.

Note: If you have gym management software like PushPress Grow, you can also schedule your social media posts to take one more task off your plate.

Promote deals on social media

Host A Live Event.

Limited-time events are a solid way to get people to plan ahead and purchase on the spot. Organize an in-house event at your gym on Black Friday where people can “shop” the offers you have available. Combine this with the 30- or 60-minute, limited-time offers you’re promoting for online sales to pack an even bigger punch.

One more thing: Customize everything to fit your gym specifically. Don’t limit yourself to just the two days (Black Friday & Cyber Monday) if your offers make more sense as a week-long promo. Go against the norm if online makes everything easier, versus in-house one day and online another. Aim to reach your members when and where they’re most likely to buy.

In Summary: Everyone Everywhere All At Once.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday provide a massive opportunity for you to generate leads, increase profits and stand out from your competition. Focus on the four categories of shoppers: Prospective leads, current members, former members and referrals. Design creative offers for each one, then spread the word. Use email and text marketing, social media and in-house events to hype members up for scoring some big deals and supporting your gym.

Monica Hilton

Monica is our Content Manager extraordinaire for PushPress. She also owns her gym in Indianapolis, Together We Rise CrossFit, which she opened in 2014 and previously worked in IndyCar racing.

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