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Boost Results And Gym Revenue With Nutrition and Mindset Coaching

Want to increase gym revenue and help your members get better results? Here are three ways to implement nutrition and mindset coaching today!

Emily Beers
January 17, 2023
Boost Results And Gym Revenue With Nutrition and Mindset Coaching
Want to increase gym revenue and help your members get better results? Here are three ways to implement nutrition and mindset coaching today!

The first time a potential client reaches out to you, it’s because they need help. Most often, they believe they need fitness guidance, so a gym is the logical choice. But if you really dig deep, nutrition and mindset coaching are the key. And this presents a tremendous opportunity to get them results and increase your gym revenue.

Statistically, 90 percent of prospective members want to change their body composition. Most often, this sounds like, “I want to lose weight” or “I’m aiming to lean out.”

As fitness professionals, we know that diet and lifestyle are the real culprits. Most people don’t realize that our relationship with food is often built by emotions. And truthfully, a long series of choices, not even related to fitness, have led to the moment they ask for help.

Nutrition and mindset coaching boosts gym revenue

Since nutrition and lifestyle are so interconnected, they’re best coached together. This allows you to help your members get results more quickly, and increase your gym revenue substantially.

So you see the benefit and want to offer nutrition and mindset coaching, but who has the time?! The answer is not to throw together a quick nutrition challenge to gage interest and hope for the best.

Instead, create a plan that’s calculated and effective, but not overwhelming.

Three Ways To Increase Gym Revenue Through Coaching:

1. Develop An In-House Coaching Program.

There’s no better way to start a new member off on the right foot than building a solid foundation. Get them rolling with a plan that includes nutrition and mindset coaching to change the focus.

While most new members think fitness is the starting point, we know it’s a more well-rounded approach to wellness. Yes, this includes movement. But it also seeks to educate people on the importance of things like hydration, sleep and stress.

Just ask Wisconsin-based PushPress gym owner Jason Yule. In 2022, he introduced a high-ticket, introductory nutrition, mindset and fitness program. As a result, he generated $110,000 in additional gym revenue.

High-ticket nutrition and mindset coaching program
Jason Yule with coaching clients at Harbor Park Health & Fitness

Conceptually, the options are endless for rolling out a high-ticket intro program. But the one crucial puzzle piece is showing the prospect that you have a solution to their problem. If your client believes that your coaching will get them to the goal, they’ll be motivated and willing to pay.

Pro Tip: Use PushPress Grow to nurture your coaching leads automatically, saving you valuable time! Book a demo with our team today to find out more!

2. Use A Pre-Built Program.

Creating a program in-house is helpful for you to fully customize what you’re offering. But we get it: Sometimes you’re short on time and if someone else has a template, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

For instance, if you’re solely aiming to offer nutrition coaching for your members, there are plenty of options. One we recommend to our clients is Healthy Steps Nutrition (HSN).

Built by nutrition coach and CrossFit HSN gym owner Nicole Aucoin, HSN offers a turn-key solution for gyms. The goal for HSN is do the work for gym owners. So your clients will receive a step-by-step program and the resources they need to succeed. You’ll be available to clients along the way but mostly you can sit back and know they’re taken care of.

Robert Schwartz, owner of All Fit Orlando, is a HSN success story. At the time he added nutrition coaching, his gym was trudging along and barely making ends meet. Schwartz was wondering if it was even worth his time to keep the gym’s doors open. After adding HSN coaching, he increased nutrition gym revenue to more than $12,000 per month. And that number jumps an extra $5,000 when he runs periodic nutrition challenges.

Another option to consider is getting a nutrition or mindset coaching certification. Not only does this give you knowledge and confidence in your coaching, it proves authority to your clients. When they’re looking to make long-lasting changes, your expertise will go a long way.

3. Show ‘Em The Data.

People like data. Even though they “feel better,” they like to see measurable results that proves this progress. And there’s no better way to track results than through regular body composition analysis.

One of the most common ways to measure body composition is an InBody machine. Although these scanners are a significant investment, the return on investment can be worth it with adequate use.

Provide clients with measurable data

Just ask Kaylee Suitors, owner of CrossFit Solus in Texas. Suitors includes regular body composition analysis for her clients. Over time, this has allowed her to charge $499 per month for her three-month introductory program.

The former owners of CrossFit London have a similar story. Broxterman and Dave Henry purchased a Bod Pod machine for $3,000 when a local wellness center closed down. They began charging $80 per scan and the investment paid off in just two months. After that, the couple brought in an additional $2,000 per month in gym revenue.

Best of all, there was no additional work for Henry, as local students handled the appointments. In need of volunteer hours for credits from the local university, the students did the work.

In Summary: Coaching Is The Key To Revenue

Fitness is part of the wellness equation, but it’s only one piece. Try pairing a fitness plan with nutrition and mindset coaching for a one-two punch. First, your members will benefit from reaching their goals much more quickly. Second, your gym revenue will soar when you realize people are willing to pay for this help.

Whether you design an in-house program or outsource one that’s pre-built, bolt on measurable data. As with any program, start simple and build. Over time, your clients will appreciate your comprehensive approach to wellness, reflected in their results.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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