Is ClassPass Good or Bad for the Fitness Industry?

ClassPass is great for people wanting to try a variety of workouts before committing. But is it right for your fitness business? Keep reading to learn more.

Sam Karoll
July 26, 2022
Is ClassPass Good or Bad for the Fitness Industry?
ClassPass is great for people wanting to try a variety of workouts before committing. But is it right for your fitness business? Keep reading to learn more.

The fitness industry is notoriously competitive. Each gym wants to ensure that it can provide its clients with the best equipment and classes to keep them from leaving. ClassPass may be a good idea for some gyms, but it could also negatively affect other gyms or studios that have already established their programs and offerings.

What is ClassPass?

ClassPass is a monthly membership that offers an unlimited number of classes at studios across the world, including many of the nation's most popular fitness communities, for a single fee. Members go to the studio of their choice when they feel like working out and can try any class from any studio.

Users can take unlimited courses or just 3-5 classes per week, and access any monthly fitness activities that interest them for one flat fee.

How Does It Help the Fitness Industry?

ClassPass is a business tool that helps the fitness industry by enabling businesses to reach a larger audience of potential customers. It also makes it easier for people to try various gyms and classes before committing to a membership at one location. ClassPass also allows gyms to adjust their business model to offer more classes that cater to customers seeking variety and flexibility.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits of ClassPass are numerous. They include flexibility and convenience, the ability to pay monthly or annually, discounted or free classes, access to various classes at different times and locations, availability at some of the best studios worldwide and no contract. There is no penalty if you don't use it, unlike traditional gym memberships. You know exactly what to expect when registering for a course with ClassPass or one of its partner studios.

But it’s not just beneficial for customers. It’s also a great way for fitness businesses to increase their exposure and find out what people are looking for in a gym to call home. People are more likely to return to a particular location when they know what to expect with each experience.

What Are the Disadvantages?

Though it may be trendy and convenient, ClassPass is a poor value for gymgoers who don't work out enough to cover their membership fee.

ClassPass could also become problematic for studios that can't afford to serve extra clients. A studio may have to lower the quality and quantity of staff, instructors and facilities if they want to price themselves competitively.

Additionally, clients cannot choose their classes in advance. Instead, they receive an email with a list of courses that fit their criteria and have to pick from those options on the day of the class. If they’re hoping to schedule their month of workouts, they will be sorely disappointed.

Is ClassPass Good for Your Fitness Business?

If you are looking for new ways to grow your fitness business, ClassPass may be the answer. ClassPass helps you attract a more diverse group of clients and allows members to attend boutique classes, which may be less intimidating than large group classes. This can enable new clients to feel more comfortable when visiting your business for the first time.

Is It Good for Your Customers?

Yes, ClassPass is great for your customers because it allows them to find and join fitness classes that are convenient and affordable. These memberships keep people motivated throughout the month to attend classes regularly.

Coming up with an exercise routine can be hard. ClassPass makes it easy by providing a variety of exercises that people can choose from and enjoy together as a group. The app also connects like-minded people so they can burn calories together and socialize after class. It's all bundled into one convenient service that saves customers money while encouraging healthy habits.

Is ClassPass Good or Bad for the Fitness Industry?

ClassPass has cemented a firm position in the fitness industry, with many praising its model. But is ClassPass a good or bad thing for the fitness industry? It is safe to say that any new business model in the fitness industry is usually met with scrutiny from current and potential trainers and gym owners. While ClassPass may seem like a great deal for members, many dangers come with this option for studios and gyms.

For fitness junkies, ClassPass is a great way to try a variety of gyms and studios for an affordable monthly fee. For gyms and studios, it’s a great way to gain exposure to potential new members but it isn’t always a reliable stream of income.

How Do I Use ClassPass?

So you've got your ClassPass and are ready to use it, but how exactly do you set up your profile, choose classes and pay? For the on-the-go lifestyle of the modern gym buff, ClassPass makes it easy to stay fit wherever you're headed. Pick a class, book it and go. With over 1,000 studios in more than 100 cities worldwide and tons of workout options, there are always new routines to try and new places to explore.

You can also download the ClassPass app and sign up for a free trial to access thousands of classes. Use the classes tab to search by type, class name, level or teacher. Filter by location, date and popularity to find what you're looking for. When you book a class, pay in advance with your card and reserve your spot. You'll receive reminders before each class that allow you to enter the studio and check in with the instructor—no more waiting around.

What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions?

How Common Is ClassPass?

ClassPass has become a hugely popular way to exercise. It will enable you to attend classes from different fitness studios at an affordable price. Most people are attracted to it as a way to save money and try a variety of different classes without having to commit to a membership at a single gym or studio.

ClassPass is especially common in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The company has expanded rapidly to more than 100 cities across the US and Canada, and will be arriving soon in the U.K. and Australia. You can use ClassPass at any studio or gym that accepts it. You'll also get access to the Pass Manager App, which lets you search for and book classes all in one place.

How Much Does It Cost?

Each ClassPass membership is monthly so you can choose your plan based on your schedule. Your next 30-day membership will renew unless you purchase another one or cancel it. ClassPass offers packages to fit any gymgoer's needs. You can get a ClassPass for as low as $15 for a 6-credit plan and up to $500 for a 50-credit plan.

Where Can You Use It?

ClassPass can be used to book fitness classes at your favorite studios in the U.S., Canada and U.K. Pick a plan that fits your schedule, look through the library of classes, choose a class and go. You can use ClassPass at over 35,000 studios across the world.

ClassPass is the best way to try new studios, discover new workout classes and keep active. You can find thousands of local classes in your area and get unlimited access for one low monthly price.

Is ClassPass Worth It?

For people looking to try a variety of workouts and studios, ClassPass is a great option. They can save time on planning workouts and money on expensive gym memberships by using ClassPass. It’s also a great way to find the gym or studio you may eventually want to call home.

ClassPass is also a great option for fitness businesses looking to increase their exposure and gain new members. While it has its disadvantages, too, it’s a tool worth pursuing for businesses in the fitness industry.


ClassPass is ultimately a good thing for the fitness industry as it offers people more access to different types of classes and instructors. If users don't like the class they attended, they can move on to the next.

While customers using it aren’t quite ready to commit to a full-time membership at one location, ClassPass gives small businesses exposure to a larger audience that may result in new memberships down the road.

The best part of ClassPass is its ability to bring people together. Whether through an online community or in person at a studio, it helps people find their fit and see how they can make working out a part of their lives.

Sam Karoll

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