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Everything You Need to Know About Fitness Marketing For Online Classes

How can you use fitness marketing strategies to get more people into your online programs? Read our guide on how to advertise, promote and sell your services.

Eric LeClair
October 12, 2021
Everything You Need to Know About Fitness Marketing For Online Classes
How can you use fitness marketing strategies to get more people into your online programs? Read our guide on how to advertise, promote and sell your service
Fitness Marketing
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Online fitness classes allow people to fulfill their fitness goals easily without worrying about the high prices of gym memberships. Many people who could not take out time to exercise because of professional, family, and social obligations find online fitness classes to free their minds and be active, even if it is for a small amount of time. So how does your fitness marketing help people find you?

Many aspiring fitness experts go about their fitness marketing incorrectly and have to give up their dreams too soon. Whether you own a gym, are a personal fitness instructor, or someone who teaches fitness classes, coming up with something refreshing is just half the battle won. You also need to promote your fitness classes, so more people come to know about it. It means you need to combine your marketing skills, different social media channels, and your creativity to get more people to join your classes. You can even hire a health and fitness marketing agency to help create awareness and boost your sales.

Things to Know Before Creating Fitness Marketing Strategies

Offering online fitness classes should not be a short-term venture. It is here to stay, and you need to create a long-term and sustainable fitness center marketing plan. Here are some of the things to keep in mind before talking to fitness marketing companies about an online strategy for your business –

  • People are Online and More Connected

Our lives are now online. It has allowed us to a gateway into a world of products and services at our fingertips. More and more people rely on online fitness classes to stay fit, allowing you to take advantage of this growing popularity.

  • There is Competition in the Market

Even though online fitness classes are a little behind traditional gyms and fitness studios, they are becoming more desirable due to their flexibility. Due to the pandemic, new online fitness classes already have a tough competition ahead.

  • Set Up the Fitness Classes Correctly

Before you can go into the market and offer your services, you need to refine every aspect of your online fitness class. If you have difficulty with online classes, you need to rework them to offer an excellent experience to your clients.

Excellent Marketing Ideas

Most fitness professionals believe that joining a fitness class is easy for people. Why wouldn’t people want to join their class? But, for someone who has never taken an online fitness class before, it can be overwhelming. Working with a fitness marketing professional can help you identify these barriers and remove them. Here are some great fitness digital marketing ideas to spread the word about your fitness business and motive people to join your classes –

  • Offer Valuable Content & Information

Spend time on creating valuable content for your audience can help in marketing fitness classes efficiently. If you want to attract people to join your classes, you need to show what they can expect when they join you. Create videos with quick workout sessions that your audience can perform at home. It shows them what value you have to offer them. Create shareable content allowing people to share your content with their family and friends on social media. It will ensure more potential clients can look at what you offer and widen your clientele base.

  • Run a Fitness Challenge

Asking someone to join your classes is not always enough. Use your social media accounts to run fitness challenges online to generate energy for your online classes. Have your audience join the challenge, create hashtags, and tag you in their posts. The challenge element motivates people to complete the entire thing. Your audience’s communities will see what you are doing and maybe want to be a part of it. It will help you establish a mini-tribe and create your fitness brand.

  • Use Influencers to Boost Sales

You must have heard about influencers. They have a large loyal following on social media. In this day and age, the ROI from influencers is much higher than other marketing channels. It is not just about paying someone to post your content but tapping into a marketing channel that offers excellent results.

  • Free Online Classes

Nothing is more frustrating for someone new to figure out what to do at the fitness class. Many avoid joining fitness classes because they might feel out of place and worry about being judged for working out the first time. You can offer personal training sessions online when they join your class for the first time. It allows them to become familiar with you and the environment.

Pump Up!

Moving your fitness business online is a big step and can be quite challenging. If you are pressed for time, it is best to hire one of the best fitness marketing companies, so you are well prepared to handle the work that comes with this new step. They can help you create a customized fitness marketing plan that will help you acquire new members and allow you to provide great value to them.

Eric LeClair

Eric LeClair works on the Marketing Team at PushPress. Eric has been a CrossFit Affiliate owner for 16 years. He's built three separate gyms and developed over 20 staff members to run operations at those facilities. He's a Veteran of the US Army, married with two little kids, and spends lots of time with his two boxers backpacking and exploring new adventures!

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