Five Ways PushPress’ Grow Helps the Gym Owner and the Client

Grow by PushPress automates your member communcation. Here are five ways how our Grow can help you manage clients, build relationships, and grow revenues.

Emily Beers
April 22, 2022
Five Ways PushPress’ Grow Helps the Gym Owner and the Client
Grow by PushPress automates your member communcation. Here are five ways how our Grow can help you manage clients, build relationships, and grow revenues.

One year ago, we introduced the Grow app, an all-in-one platform that allows gym owners to create marketing campaigns, connect with leads and convert them into clients, as well as improve client retention in time-saving ways.

How does it do this?

Essentially, Grow automates processes that often bog gym owners down, such as sending generic follow-up text messages to leads, or tracking down clients who haven’t been to the gym in two weeks to send them a check-in message.

“It also helps you put leads and clients into campaigns, and then Grow pushes them along the funnel,” explained product leader Ben Rocha. In this sense, it’s possible for a prospect to sign up for a free trial or consultation on their own, so all the gym owner or coach has to do is show up and coach.

But we’re in the relationship business? Doesn’t this remove the all-important human touch?

Rocha is adamant that it does not, and that it actually has the opportunity to enhance the human connection.

How so?

The ultimate goal of automating certain tasks—tasks that robots or software can do as effectively as humans— is to help gym owners “devote more time and energy to their clients” and grow their business in the process, Rocha said.

  • “We have all run gyms or owned gyms and we know, ’If I could just do this, my life would get easier, and I could grow my business, and I wouldn’t need to spend this time and energy on things that aren’t really providing results for people,’” Rocha explained.

This is exactly what Grow does: It allows gym owners to focus on what they do best—the relationship side of the equation—to maximize their ability to help their clients and be more profitable in the process.

Five Other Ways Grow Helps the Business

Automated, but Customizable

While there is the ability on Grow to build generic, templated messages that go out to a client at very specific times in the client life cycle, gym owners also have the freedom to pick and choose what they like, what they don’t like, as well as create their own campaigns and messaging that represents their unique brand, Rocha explained, adding that Grow also allows you to do things such as send a voicemail or a personalized email, or a text message wishing the client Happy Birthday.

That being said, some things are better off being automated, such as when a new prospect signs up for a trial, Rocha gave as an example.

“I have met with gym owners, and they’re like, ’Every time someone signs up for a trial, I send the same email,’” Rocha explained. So Grow lets you set this email up once and never have to go through this redundant process again.

“A big value add for Grow is the automating things you do on a consistent basis…The big thing is, ‘What can we do so that the gym owner doesn’t need to do as much?’ so we automate it for them, but we (also) need it to be genuine and authentic,” Rocha said.

In light of this, PushPress is now in the process of creating more templated packages and messaging that—if they resonate with a unique gym’s brand and make sense for that gym—will be available, likely by April.

Improves Client Retention

Grow also has the ability to do things such as automatically send a message to a client who hasn’t been to the gym in two weeks, whereas right now a coach might have to go into the dashboard to manually determine who might need a nudge to get back to the gym.

And as most gym owners know, the first 100 days are crucial. Grow knows this, so it helps new clients do all the things they need to do in the first couple months, such as sign up for your workout tracking and class registration app, or get into the Facebook forum, as well as other tasks that “pulls them into the community,” Rocha explained.

Integrates with Core

One of the biggest benefits of Grow, Rocha, explained is that it will soon integrate with Grow—PushPress’ client management software—meaning the gym owner can do everything in one space, as opposed to, for example, having to move a lead manually from one place to another.

Not only does this save the gym owner time, but it also creates more accurate data when it comes to lead generation, lead acquisition and client retention, because you’re no longer relying on busy gym owners to remember to move leads manually from one platform to another, a task that all too often is overlooked.

Further, Grow will also soon be connected to Train—PushPress’ workout tracking app—so gym owners will be able to do things like, for example, provide 30 days of at-home programming for free. This would allow them to push the daily workout to the client from Train, and then potentially upsell these clients at the end of the 30-day trial.

More Seamless Teamwork

Core also lets gym owners assign specific tasks to specific coaches, helping get your coaching team on the same page.

For example, one coach might be in charge of marketing campaigns, while another coach is in charge of administering clients introductory day. In light of this, the owner can assign relevant tasks to each coach, increasing accountability and compliance, all the while making it easier for everyone to understand exactly what their roles and responsibilities are.

Further, Grow allows for messages to come from a specific coach, rather than a stock gym reply, thus furthering the personal touch between client and coach.

The team at our last in-person company retreat. (We’ve grown 3x since then!)

Created by Gym Owners Like You

The team behind Grow are all pretty much former gym owners, so they know what gym owners want and need to save time and help clients, meaning they’re able to “speak to specifically what a gym owner wants or needs,” Rocha said.

Since its inception, PushPress has had a help-first mindset, Rocha explained, so this attitude is reflected in all of their products, including Grow, meaning the biggest priority is always, “How can I make this easier for a gym owner?”

Find out if Grow Can Help You

Grow by PushPress is exclusively available for PushPress Core clients. If you are a PushPress Core client and you’re looking to streamline and automate your member communications, increase lead conversions, and member retention, then visit

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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