Got Drop-Ins? Streamline with PushPress to Wow Your Visitors

Welcoming drop-ins can be a fun way to drive some additional revenue at your gym. Here's how PushPress makes managing drop-ins quick and easy!

Emily Beers
September 19, 2023
Got Drop-Ins? Streamline with PushPress to Wow Your Visitors
Welcoming drop-ins can be a fun way to drive some additional revenue at your gym. Here's how PushPress makes managing drop-ins quick and easy!

As a gym owner, welcoming drop-ins is a fun way to connect with the global CrossFit community. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to drive some revenue. But the PushPress team knows that it has to be a quick and easy process, for both your gym and your visitors.

As gym owners ourselves, we know what an administrative headache it can be when the drop-in process isn’t streamlined.

Welcoming drop-ins at your CrossFit gym
Welcoming drop-ins can be a fun and revenue-generating option for your CrossFit gym.

Even though you ask visitors to show up 10 minutes early, we know that doesn’t always happen. And if they haven’t signed the waiver or paid ahead of time, it can throw off coaches or affect class start times.

On the other hand, drop-ins can be beneficial for your business. First, they can provide new Google reviews and purchase some of your gear. And second, it’s fun to meet CrossFitters from around the world.

With that in mind, the PushPress team set out to streamline the drop-in process. Our goal was to create solutions that save you time and wow your out-of-town guests.

How PushPress Core Improves Dropping In.

As with most of the PushPress tools, the goal for drop-ins is to take work off your plate and save you time. By creating a foolproof path for visiting athletes, you can rest assured they’re set for class without having to intervene.

This way, visitors can choose a class, pay for it and sign their waiver online. Here are the ways that PushPress Core makes the process intuitive and simple.

1. Landing Pages.

The “Plans” section of PushPress Core allows you to set up any type of membership and create a correlating landing page. By having a specific URL that leads athletes directly to the purchase page, you can create a drop-in button on your website or generate QR codes to lead visitors there.

Further, landing pages are made easy with a drop-in or visiting athlete tab. This coaxes visitors to create a login, then enter their contact info for future nurturing.

Landing pages for class drop-ins
Create landing pages in PushPress Core for drop-ins to seamlessly reserve a spot in class.

2. Selecting Other Options.

Occasionally, you’ll have drop-ins who are visiting for more than just a day. Which is why PushPress Core also offers a way for guests to select a plan that fits their needs. Whether it’s a one-week pass or punch cards, you create the options and they can select one that works.

3. Signing up for Class.

Once your drop-in has paid for their visit, they’ll be taken to a screen to select their class time. One of the newest PushPress Core features is the clickable calendar, where athletes can see all the class options you offer. From CrossFit to open gym times, they can select and register for the time slot they want, creating a quick, easy user experience.

Further, you can set up the options to only show drop-ins the options available to them. For example, if you only allow visitors to attend classes - but not open gym times - you can set it up to only make classes visible.

4. Signing a Waiver.

Before drop-ins receive confirmation for their designated workout time, they’ll be asked to sign your waiver. As a gym owner, you know how valuable this step is, especially if a visitor shows up late to class.

Once the steps above are completed, you’ll receive an email notification that a new membership has been purchased. At this point, you can use automated workflows in PushPress Grow (see below), or simply track their visit in your important gym metrics, like attendance and revenue.

Enhance the Experience with PushPress Grow.

Think about the amount of time you’ve spent interacting with drop-ins over the years, via text and email. Generally, they ask the same types of questions. What’s your address? Where should I park? Do you post your workouts online?

Use PushPress Grow to create automated workflows
Use PushPress Grow to create automated workflows for a great drop-in experience.

With PushPress Grow, you can create an automated workflow to answer all of their questions while you’re busy tackling your endless gym owner task list.

Your workflow can start with a text that confirms the day and time of their class, along with your address. The first reminder text can be sent 24 hours in advance and include a link to the web page where you post your workouts. The second reminder text can be an hour before class, telling them where to park or that you offer apparel for sale.

And the best part is, the Grow workflows can help you grow your business! After class is done, set up an automated text thanking them for coming and requesting a Google review.

Pro Tip: Want to learn more about how automated workflows can save you time and grow your business? Book a demo with the PushPress Grow team today!

On the tracking side, PushPress Grow makes it easy to keep accurate metrics about your drop-ins. The “Opportunities” section of the platform allows you to separate visitors from prospective members, to keep gym member conversion rates separate.

In Summary: Dial In Your Drop-In Experience.

Whether your gym regularly has drop-in visitors or they happen sporadically, the goal is to streamline the process. Not only do we want to take work off your plate, we also want to wow your guests.

PushPress Core creates a quick, simple process for drop-ins, starting with landing pages. Visitors can choose the plan that works best for them and choose a class time. They’ll then sign the waiver and they’re all set!

You can enhance the drop-in experience using automated workflows in PushPress Grow. Answer frequently asked questions, get your guests prepared for class and then request a Google review afterward to grow your business.

Combining these steps will highlight the professionalism of your gym and seamlessness of the process, making your guests anxious to come back the next time they’re in town!

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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