Why Integration is a Must-Have for Your Gym Management Software

Integration is one of the features that set PushPress gym management software apart. Here's how it can help to maximize efficiency for you and your gym.

Emily Beers
June 7, 2023
Why Integration is a Must-Have for Your Gym Management Software
Integration is one of the features that set PushPress gym management software apart. Here's how it can help to maximize efficiency for you and your gym.

When you first started searching for gym management software, you probably had a few, simple boxes it needed to check. Billing members? Need it. Scheduling for classes? For sure.

And let’s be honest. Almost every option out there includes those features. But when you start working to level-up your business and grow, you need the right tools. Ones that go way beyond billing and scheduling.

For instance, did you know your gym management software can use the power of automation to follow up with your leads? Or that it can help with financial reports to track important gym metrics? What about staff communication or managing admin tasks so coaches can focus on coaching?

Gym management software integration increases efficiency for gym owners.
Gym management software integration increases efficiency for gym owners.

As a team of gym owners ourselves, the PushPress crew creates solutions for the challenges we know you have. Because we have them too.

Today, we’re talking about the importance of integration between your gym software, and other apps and websites. Simply put, if they don't integrate with each other, you might be wasting time and missing opportunities.

In a nutshell, this is one of the features that set PushPress gym management software apart. Not only does PushPress Core integrate seamlessly with Grow, there are even more powerful integrations to explore. All of which help to maximize efficiency for you and your gym.

Core and Grow Integration.

First, let’s look at how PushPress Core integrates with the Grow gym CRM.

The first time a new prospect interacts with your gym’s website, a new contact is created in both Core and Grow. This can happen numerous ways. Leads could fill out a form, send a chat widget message, book a no-sweat intro or sign up for a trial class. No matter which opportunities you present at your business, they’ll all lead to the contact creation.

In comparison, other gym management software options generally operate in a vacuum. This means a contact will be created in one place, but needs to be manually entered into your CRM.

If you have a rockin’ gym marketing plan and you’re getting a lot of leads, this can create a lot of time-consuming data entry.

Next, depending on the option the lead starts with (e.g. no-sweat intro, free class), Core sends the correlating info to Grow. This triggers an automated workflow to provide them with the appropriate info.

For example, people will often want to know your gym’s address, when to arrive, where to park, etc. Instead of manually responding to these common questions, Grow uses automation to take the work off your plate.

Answer FAQs from leads using CRM automation
Answer common questions from leads using the power of CRM automation.

The Core-to-Grow integration also means that when a prospect signs up for membership, they’re automatically marked as “won” in your sales pipeline. This keeps your sales funnel updated automatically. In addition, it helps with tracking key gym metrics.

One more thing! Recent PushPress gym management software upgrades have increased the speed with which data is shared between Core and Grow.

Other PushPress Gym Management Software Integrations.

Beyond Core and Grow, there are plenty of other integrations to help you save time and run your business better. Here are four of our favorites:

1. Engage More, Work Less with the Social Planner.

Social Planner is a tool in PushPress Grow that allows gym owners to schedule and publish content. This can be done across multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Google My Business.

This can help with everything from marketing and sales to community engagement. Now you can save time and money, while crushing your gym social media strategy.

2. Pack More Punch with the Big-Name Apps.

You’re already using some powerful programs to run your business. You’re tracking traffic and reach with Google Analytics. Email marketing campaigns are running smoothly in MailChimp. Your Healthy Steps Nutrition coaching program is driving revenue.

And since PushPress gym management software integrates with all these options - and more - you can seamlessly run your business more effectively.

3. Increase Retention Numbers with At-Risk Reporting.

Another bonus of the Core and Grow integration is being proactive with your at-risk clients. When a member hasn’t been to class in awhile, the at-risk workflow is triggered in Grow.

At this point, you’ll receive a notification that the client is at risk. You can then choose to personally reach out to them or set up automated messaging aimed at getting them back in.

Personalize follow-up with at-risk leads to increase retention
Personalize follow-up with at-risk leads to increase gym retention numbers.

4. Celebrate Milestones for a Better Member Experience.

Similarly, you can set your PushPress gym management software up to celebrate your members’ important milestones.

For example, gym member check-ins are a huge opportunity to showcase their accomplishments. When a member checks in for their 100th class, automate communication to acknowledge and celebrate the achievement. You can even choose specific milestones, sending you alerts to provide member gifts at each stage.

Pro Tip: Want to learn more about how PushPress Core and Grow integrations can help you run your gym better? Book a demo with our team today!

In Summary: Integration is the Difference-Maker.

Can your business operate sufficiently without gym management software integration? Sure. But it’s likely less efficient, time-consuming and frustrating. As a gym owner, you need more time and less frustration.

The suite of PushPress products are created for gym owners, by gym owners. We’re constantly striving to overcome your obstacles. With that in mind, we encourage you to explore the integrations that will help you run your business more effectively.

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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