Hitting Revenue PRs: How PushPress Played A Part In One Gym’s Growth

Increasing gym revenue can be achievable with the right tools. Here's how one gym owner used PushPress, LASSO and HSN to hit some major revenue PRs!

Emily Beers
March 22, 2023
Hitting Revenue PRs: How PushPress Played A Part In One Gym’s Growth
Increasing gym revenue can be achievable with the right tools. Here's how one gym owner used PushPress, LASSO and HSN to hit some major revenue PRs!

Aimee Moller opened Swift River CrossFit in Conway, NH in 2015. At the time, she’d never heard of PushPress. In fact, she didn’t use any gym management software.

“We were cashing checks every month from everybody,” she said, laughing at the memory.

Eventually, she realized her gym needed something more formal to manage different parts of the gym. She initially thought it was just billing. But as she explored options, she realized there were multiple ways PushPress could help her business.

In the years since, and especially in 2022, Moller’s gym has experienced substantial growth. Last year, Swift River CrossFit grew from 170 to 230 members, and she consistently hit PR revenue months. As veteran owners will attest, this is no small feat for a seven-year-old gym to do.

How PushPress helped gym growth
Swift River CrossFit community

In fact, prior to 2022, Moller’s gym had never grossed more than $30,000 in one month. But since then, Swift River CrossFit is consistently in the $30,000-plus revenue range. Moller says that this month, they’re on track to hit $36,000.

She contributes this to a number of factors that she’s sharing with other gym owners today. Here are the three biggest “pieces of the puzzle” that Moller recommends:

1. LASSO (Lead And Sales System Optimization).

Founded by Sherman Merricks and Blake Ruff, LASSO creates and manages paid marketing strategies and websites.

In 2022, Moller took part in the MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) Challenge, led by PushPress and LASSO. The challenge helped her bring in an abundance of high-quality, high-paying clients. It also led to more than doubling revenue for some gyms participating in the challenge.

While LASSO played an integral part in bringing in new leads, Moller said it was a one-two punch. She explained that the combination of LASSO with PushPress Grow automations helped her nurture and convert leads.

“It made it easier to handle big numbers,” Moller said. She then added that without the Grow gym CRM, “It wouldn’t have been possible to keep up with the volume of new clients.”

The result was a 26% increase in membership in 2022.

Moller notes that the increase has brought on some new costs. Mainly, increasing class caps and requiring two coaches for each class. However, she says profit margins have also increased because of the revenue boost.

2. HSN (Healthy Steps Nutrition).

Moller also took advantage of the partnership between PushPress and Healthy Steps Nutrition last year. This led to her rolling out an ongoing nutrition program to her clients.

HSN offers education and mentorship to help gym owners provide nutrition coaching to their communities.

At first, she said it was challenging to get clients on board with paying for nutrition. But her advice to other gym owners is to educate people on all the benefits. She chose to spread the word with QR-code posters in the gym and social media posts.

Healthy Steps Nutrition challenge
Swift River CrossFit social media ads to promote nutrition coaching

Doing so has made a world of difference and allowed her to grow a legitimate nutrition business in less than a year. Ultimately, it helping her launch her business to an entirely new level as she looked ahead to 2023.

As a result, Moller hired two new coaches to help handle the volume of nutrition requests. Today, her gym has 35 clients who pay for both fitness and nutrition. Moller charges $179/month for the initial 90-day period, then $125/month moving forward.

Not only has nutrition coaching helped increase value to her clients, it has also increased ACV (average client value). So Moller explained that she’s able to bring in more revenue without picking up additional clients.

3. PushPress Core, Grow And Train.

Moller credits PushPress for helping her to manage her gym seamlessly and professionally.

What she initially thought was just billing software ended up providing an exceptional amount of value to her fitness business.

She uses PushPress Core for billing and class scheduling. She gets a high volume of drop-ins, so the software makes check-ins and charges simple.

Her members love the ease of reserving a spot in class through the app, and communicating in the Social Feed. Plus, they can log their workouts in Train to continue measuring progress in their fitness journeys. Moller’s coaches love using the Staff app for admin tasks and simple coach communication.

And as she looks back, PushPress Grow has been the biggest game-changer for her. She’s able to properly nurture leads so no one falls through the cracks. Then, when someone joins her gym, the automations handle their journey, checking in to see how things are going, and celebrating gym milestones.

Swift River CrossFit gym community

Moller loves that the automations can be customized using her gym’s brand voice, so they sound authentic and just like her.

Ultimately, she says, PushPress has made a world of difference for her business.

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Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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