How to Ethically Sell Supplements in Your Gym

Selling supplements can be a great way to generate additional revenue for your gym. Here are some tips on doing it the right way!

James Plata
July 15, 2021
Selling supplements can be a great way to generate additional revenue for your gym. Here are some tips on doing it the right way!

Are you looking for ways to increase your revenue and improve the customer experience at your gym? One of the best ways that you can help people in their fitness journeys, outside of nutrition and fitness, is by providing them with a nutrition supplements service.

We get it. Supplements can be a divisive topic. But the reality is, the supplement and vitamin industry is $37B (big B) industry. That's BIG business.

Gym member drinking protein shake
Providing supplement services can be a massive value add for your members (Photo credit: CrossFit Enclave)

So there's already a good chance your members are  buying supplements from somewhere else. Why not provide your members with more value by guiding them to make the best supplement purchase?

This blog post will talk about how to ethically sell supplements, so that customers know they are getting what they need from you!

Let's first remember that you are the fitness professional. You've spent the better part of your life learning about the most effective fitness training programs, nutrition protocols, periodized training, lifestyle habits, etc.

That is exactly why your members trust you. You've put in the work and they trust you for your knowledge and experience.

And as a business, your job is to not only help your members reach their health and fitness goals, but to also create an experience and provide value.

So here are the steps to ethically selling nutrition supplements to your members:

Keep their goals in mind

There are supplements for everything. However, you'll lose the trust of your members if they feel like their goals aren't being considered from a coaching perspective. When it comes to supplements, think about what's best given that person's goal as an athlete or individual in training and not just aimlessly selling them on something so you can make more money off of them!

You wouldn't tell someone to train for a marathon if their goal is to put on muscle. Same goes for how you recommend supplements. Your recommendations and guidance needs to align with the member's goal.

Educate them

You want to educate your members on why you recommend certain supplements, so they can make informed decisions about their own health.

The supplement industry is massive. And it can be very confusing. Likely, your members are making supplement purchasing decision based on how well they are marketed to. Not based on how effective the supplement line is or how aligned it is to their goals.

By educating them, you give them an extra layer of expertise. You help them filter out the noise of subpar products and help them make educated decisions.

Ask their opinion

When you ask for your members' opinions on supplements, it helps them feel more included in the process. They'll know that they're being heard and taken care of as a member. This will help build trust with your members and strengthen the relationship between you two!

And studies have shown that when people are asked for their opinion, it helps them feel more confident and informed in the decisions they're making.

Build a relationship

Remember that your members are not just customers; they are people who you care about! You want to engage with them as friends and support systems. They'll be excited to see you every time they come into work out!

It's also a great way to build rapport with them. You will know what supplements they're taking, why they are taking it, and how well the product is working for them. So you can make more educated recommendations as needed!

Don't pressure them to purchase

Encourage, but don't push. This is a very tricky part of the industry and can be easily done wrong if you're not careful about how you approach it.

Be a resource to your members, not a sales person. If you properly educate your members and keep their goals in mind, they will continue to trust you and buy from you.

What we recommend doing here is by providing your members with some information on what they need in terms of supplements based on their goals, and then let them decide.

If they want to purchase supplements from you, great! If not, that's ok too. You're providing a valuable service by educating your members on what they need for their goals as an athlete or individual in training. And if the member wants to make changes later down the road? You'll be there to support them and educate them on the next step.

So there you have it, an ethical approach to selling supplements as a coach!

It doesn't take much effort but has huge benefits for both you and your members in terms of trust building, customer satisfaction, and ultimately getting what they need from their workout experience.

You'll see less shame about not having supplements, you'll have members who are more educated and confident in their decision to take certain supplements, and ultimately a healthier relationship between the two of you.



James Plata

James Plata is the CX Operations Manager at PushPress, a fitness-nut and hoarder of all gadgets. He brings 10+ years of experience in startup tech and fitness to help gym owners rebel against useless and overpriced software.

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