How to Write Great Gym SEO Content: A Step by Step Guide

Get more leads with great content that is search engine optimized. Learn how to do this now!

Dan Uyemura
August 19, 2021
How to Write Great Gym SEO Content: A Step by Step Guide

Writing blogs is critical to your gym's ability to be found on local search results!  Read this article for some quick tips on how to improve your Gym SEO efforts!

Great blog posts can be your best gym lead gen!  Take some time to make your gym SEO content more effective by following these steps for better SEO.

Why Does Blogging Help Your Local Search Rankings?

Google likes websites that provide great content that actually helps people.  For this reason, if you are known by Google for putting out great, helpful content regularly, it will help you rank better in the search engine.

Then when people search for "gym near me" in google, you will have a better chance to show up in the first few results.

This means one thing - more leads for your gym.

Step 1: Choose The Right Keywords For Your Gym SEO Blog Post

The first step is to choose the right keywords.

Start off by thinking of what your local audience might search for.  Things they might be looking for are workouts, healthy recipes, home workouts, or the infamous "gym near me".

Not sure where to start? Here's a great article on how to formulate great keywords in your local area!

Want a kick start? Here's a great keyword recommendation tool that's been pre-filled with local gym keywords!  (Here's another keyword tool pre-filled as well!)

Take either of these and modify for your own use.

Step 2: Write Your Gym SEO Blog Post!

The next step is easy. Just write the content.

(Want a robot to help you write content faster? There's a link at the bottom of this post... can you find it?)

Make sure to include the keywords you want to try to rank for often in the page content.  

Even more importantly - make sure your page has one H1 tag with the keyword in it and several H2 tags with the keyword in it.

(If you've caught on to this - we're using the keyword "Gym SEO" as our target keyword for this post!)

Step 3: Make Sure You Inner Link to Boost Your Gym SEO Capabilities

Inner linking is an SEO term for linking to content within your own website or blog.

The concept is to create a nice spider web of links - so your viewers can read more and more content that might be helpful to them.

It also allows Google to spider more of your site and understand your content at a better rate and with more context.

Pro Tip: Place SEO Links on Descriptive Words

Link keywords that you want Google to associate the page that you're trying to link to with a keyword.  

For example, this link does not tell Google exactly what PushPress does

PushPress is a Gym Management Software used by the best gyms in the world.

While this link tells Google that PushPress is Gym Management Software!

PushPress is a Gym Management Software used by the best gyms in the world.

Step 4: Include External Links As Well

External links are critical in building your gym SEO as well.  Don't be stingy and keep all of your traffic on your website!

Why? Because Google has found that the content that often best helps readers learn new things are ones that include links to more content around other areas of learning.

External links from your content can strengthen the topic signal to Google. All other things being equal, a page linking out to related content could reasonably be expected to perform better than one with no external links.

Bobby Holland, founder of SEO company Bipper Media, explains, “Outbound links bring balance and authenticity to the overall SEO health of a page. If you think about it, the highest-quality articles submitted for professional reviews always reference their sources. Outbound links help achieve authority in the same way when you reference the sources used in the creation of your content.”

Pro Tip - Build a Link Sharing Network

Work with your neighbors in your local area and frequently post blog posts that link to each other.  This network effect will spread out your link power amongst people who are equally sharing think link love back to you.

PushPress client KC Athletic Club, a CrossFit and Bootcamp Gym in Overland Park, KS did this to perfection with a recently blog post which highlighted the Best Gyms in Overland Park.

Use AI For Faster Gym SEO Blog Content

If you read this far, you're in for the best tip of all.

Up until recently AI was a tool reserved for the mega corps.  Today that's not the case.  In fact, to let you in on a secret, over half of this blog post was enhanced or made better with AI!

How did we do that?  And can you use AI to help you write blog posts faster?

YES. You can.  Try 10,000 words free with your own AI writer (the same one we use) here!

Wrapping Up Your Gym SEO Strategies

For your gym, SEO is not just about SEO.

It’s about local marketing.

When you focus on SEO as a whole and include SEO for your gym in your blog posts, you will see more traffic to the website of your business because people are now searching for "gym near me" or "local gyms."

Focus on keywords that customers might search for when looking for products like "healthy recipes," “home workouts,” or even simply “gym near me".

This way they have an easier time finding what they need from your company closer to home.

Include external links in order to strengthen the topic signal with Google and reach out into related content.

Finally, build link sharing networks with businesses around town so there's always a link to your blog post in the SEO content of someone else's.

Dan Uyemura

Dan Uyemura built his first gym in 2008. Since then he's built and sold a couple of gyms. In 2011 Dan decided to help gym owners run more stable, profitable businesses.

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