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Grow Your Gym In 2023 With The Gym Accelerator Summits

Looking for increased revenue, better client results and greater positive community impact? The Gym Accelerator Summits are here to help your business grow!

Emily Beers
March 29, 2023
Grow Your Gym In 2023 With The Gym Accelerator Summits
Looking for increased revenue, better client results and greater positive community impact? The Gym Accelerator Summits are here to help your business grow!

If your gym would benefit from increased revenue, better client results and greater positive community impact, the Gym Accelerator Summits are the answer.

You had me at increased revenue.

For gym owners with any of these goals - plus many more - the summits are designed to be hugely beneficial.

Gym owners like you, along with managers and coaches, will have the opportunity to learn from experts in the industry. You’ll be able to connect with like-minded professionals and leave inspired. Whether that inspiration is to create additional revenue streams or make a greater impact in your community, consider this your formal invitation.

Florida GAS event gym owners group

What Is A Gym Accelerator Summit?

The Gym Accelerator Summits are the brainchild of Healthy Steps Nutrition (HSN) founder and owner Nicole Aucoin. In 2018, she launched the first one, then called the HSN Live Workshop.

Six years later, the Gym Accelerator Summit is now co-sponsored by HSN and PushPress.

“The PushPress team was heavily involved with the Healthy Steps Nutrition Live Workshop in 2022,” said Aucoin of the partnership. “And we decided to join forces to host events moving forward to help gym owners, managers and coaches learn.”

The next event takes place at the Spark Learning Center in Nashville, TN on July 13-15, 2023.

When asked who should attend, PushPress founder Dan Uyemura said it’s simple: Anyone looking to “become a better business owner” should be in attendance. Specifically, gym owners seeking continued education and development to improve their business should attend the Gym Accelerator Summits.

“One of the largest benefits of events like these is the contagious effect of community learning and bonding,” said Uyemura. “Spend the weekend with some of the brightest minds in fitness. Not just in the hall seat learning, but also happy hours, dinner events, workouts. Being a part of a larger community is critical in any endeavor. Gym ownership is no different.”

Dan Uyemura founder of PushPress
Dan Uyemura, founder of PushPress

Aucoin also added that the event provides attendees with 14 CrossFit CEUs.

Summit Event Format:

Five-time CrossFit Games athlete Jacob Heppner, and now PushPress Marketing Specialist, has been working with Aucoin on the Gym Accelerator Summits.

Heppner explained that the Nashville summit includes four main sessions:

  1. Building a Nutrition Business with Nicole Aucoin
  2. Mental Health & Mindset with Dr. Christina Migliara
  3. North Star Metric with Dan Uyemura
  4. Large roundtable discussion led by Aucoin

The summit will also include smaller, breakout groups, explained Heppner.

“The breakout groups will allow participants to choose topics that will best help their business,” he said.

Gym Accelerator Summits breakout groups

Because PushPress and HSN understand that each fitness business is unique, breakout topics will be considerably varied. Examples include customer service, habit-based coaching, nutrition programs and best practices to leverage products like PushPress Grow for revenue.

Uyemura also offered this teaser alert: “The PushPress team will also be speaking on the one key metric that will change your entire business.”

He added, it’s the only gym metric you need to be focusing on.

How Will The Summit Help My Business?

“The Gym Accelerator Summits are entirely focused on providing attendees actionable content to improve client results, retention and business revenue,” said Aucoin. “Most events are like a firehose of information. Then attendees are left to spend more time figuring out how to apply the information to their facility.”

That won’t be the case at the Nashville summit, which promises to leave attendees with action plans they can implement immediately.

Aucoin wants participants to realize that building a nutrition program at their gym isn't only for current members. Instead, it can become a key avenue for new clients looking for nutrition help.

“Attendees will walk away with an actionable plan to increase nutrition sign-ups and expand into employee wellness programs,” she said. So this includes a plan to expand their team as their nutrition program grows.

Nicole Aucoin founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition
Nicole Aucoin, founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition

Ultimately, the goal of the Gym Accelerator Summits is to help the gym owner do what they set out to when they opened their gym. Aucoin wants to “help as many people as possible take control of their health, one step at a time, so they can prevent and reverse chronic disease.”

She believes that this starts inside the gym. From there, it’s about connecting gym owners with other fitness professionals. Her goal is to help everyone “create a house of wellness in their business by offering nutrition, fitness and accountability.”

She added, “As a gym owner, it can feel like you are on an island. Connecting with like-minded professionals and learning from people who are a few steps ahead of you will fast-track your ability to grow and scale so that you can make a greater impact in your community.”

Get Your Gym Accelerator Summit Tickets:

There are a limited number of tickets available, so CLICK HERE get yours today. The PushPress team looks forward to meeting you in Nashville on July 13th-15th!

Emily Beers

Emily Beers is a health, fitness and nutrition writer. She has also been coaching fitness at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009.

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