97% Of Gym Owners Make This Crucial Mistake When Marketing.  Don’t.

October 23, 2015
97% Of Gym Owners Make This Crucial Mistake When Marketing.  Don’t.

“Experience is making mistakes and learning from them. – Bill Ackman

The Big Marketing Fail

Stop throwing away your marketing dollars marketing to an unknown audience.Even if you are using some advanced audience building techniques like the Facebook Audience Pixel - you still have the issue of having a professionally honed sales conversation with them IF they respond to your ads.

Identify Your Perfect Clients First

Marketing without identifying your perfect clients is like leaving a business card at Starbucks (and paying $$$ to do so!).You don’t know who sees the card.You don’t have any control over how they see your card.Worst of all, if they take your card and call you - you’re completely unprepared to talk to them in a language you KNOW they will relate to.Taking out a Google or Facebook ad without knowing in detail who are you looking to market to is literally leaving most of your marketing dollars on the table.

Enter The Free PushPress Client Profile Template

Luckily for you - we’ve built a free template for this.Download our Free Perfect Client Profile Template Now!We are giving the community a free-to-use template allowing you to identify and profile each “Perfect” client. This worksheet will help you think through key aspects of a potential client and prepare you to address them, in both your marketing messages and your sales discussion:-Key client concerns.-Potential objections.-Problems they are looking to solve.And more!

Get The Lead - Close The Lead

By taking the time to identify your potential lead personas you will be able to quickly determine which persona each falls into when you start talking to them.Since you will have taken the time in advance to understand that persona, you can speak to them in a language and tone that they will best relate to.Close more leads TODAY. Spend just 10 minutes downloading and filling out this template right now for 3 of your more likely client types.Download our Free Perfect Client Profile Template Right Here Right Now!

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