The PushPress system is designed to make the tasks of managing a gym easy. We’ve taken the complex tasks of billing, member management, class scheduling, retail sales, and payroll, and boiled it down to a simple and easy to use interface.

To get the most out of the PushPress system, you should first be familiar with a few tools:

The control panel – this is the system you log into. This is the main component of the system.




Check-in App – A companion app that is installed at the gym on a tablet at the front desk. This app allows members to check themselves into classes, appointments, open gym, as well as allows them to sign any unsigned documents



Store App – A companion app that is installed on a tablet at the retail section of the gym. This app allows members to purchase retail items and either charge or add the purchase to their account.



Screens App – A companion app installed on TV screens at the gym. The Screens app can be used in 2 ways. First, it can be used to display the workouts of the day. Second, it can be used to show anyone who has reserved or checked into a specific class for the day.

Member Portal App – A companion app that members can download directly to their own mobile devices. The app allows members to manage their personal information, update billing information, reserve for a class, among other things. This was designed to alleviate some of the need of members asking staff members to take care of easy tasks.

Before you move on!

… bookmark your gym’s subdomain on your computer and mobile devices (, and download the Member Portal App. These are valuable resources to have available at any time.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the tools of PushPress, next is to be familiar with some of the basic tasks you might see on a daily basis.

  • Member Sign Up – use a landing page. This method is the quickest way to onboard a member. This can be used to sign up a lead or allow a lead to purchase a plan
  • Sell Retail Items – use the Store App. Direct the member to the store app to add the product to their cart and enter their password to confirm the purchase.
  • Sell Personal Training / Appointment Credits – Manually add the member in the system and hit ‘add appointment credits’ from the member’s profile
  • Manage Class Registrations – Do this from the control panel. Under the “Schedule” section, you’ll be able to manage waitlists, reservations, and check-ins, as well as view no-shows and late cancellations

These are just the basic tasks you can accomplish in PushPress. If you really want to be in the know and be a PushPress power user, subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with all of our webinars.