Achieve 🤬 And Never Go Out of Business

October 11, 2019
Achieve 🤬 And Never Go Out of Business
Recently we surveyed our clients and asked them "If PushPress went away today, how upset would you be?".
No. We're not going away - but this is one of the most important questions you can ask your clients.
Please steal this question and ask it to your clients today. The results will tell you where you stand as a business.
Read on to see why we recently asked this, and why you should too.

Your gym business is exactly like our business at PushPress. We both provide a service, and we both need to grow our client base to succeed.Both of us are trying to solve an important problem, one we feel passionate about, and the more people we can help, the better.In both of our existence's, adding new clients is how we grow - but NOT LOSING CLIENTS is how to never go out of business.This is where many Software companies and most gyms go wrong. They are focused on the wrong thing.

Stop Focusing On Leads

Being honest, how many times have you said to yourself "If only I had 10 more leads per month..." Probably more times that you're willing to admit.Every "turn your gym around quick" system I see out there is focused on Lead Generation. This goes for software and gyms. It's the short term thinking, and it's only a band-aid to your problems.Focusing on leads takes your attention away from the most crucial people to your business... Your Paying Clients.

CrossFit Flight knows that keeping clients happy is the key to business success!

CrossFit Flight knows that keeping clients happy is the key to business success!Artificially generating more leads and new customers will make you more concerned about what a potential client will pay for than the ones who are paying you today.

Great Service + Great Product = Referrals

For any customer centric business, leads should be an organic result of great service coupled with a great product. If you are solving a problem, and making your clients happy, they will share the value-add you bring to their lives to anyone they feel needs to know.At PushPress, our growth is almost 100% fueled by referrals. That's not because we couldn't spend money on marketing. It's because we choose to focus our energy and resources on client success.

How Do You Know You're Providing Value? Ask!

The simplest way is to ask. We ask our clients all the time how we're doing and what we can do to improve.Yesterday, we sent our a survey asking different questions to understand our value-add to our client's businesses and one of the question was geared to understand just how much our product meant to them.


The Question

"Assuming you could magically and instantly migrate to another platform, if PushPress were to cease operations overnight, how upset would you be?"The answers ranged from "Not Upset At All 🤷‍♀️" to "Severely Upset 🤬".The reason we ask this is because it speaks to true value.How much would your business be affected if PushPress we not a part of it? If we didn't provide a great business and back that up with stellar service, we would find many of our clients would answer "Not Upset At All". If we hit our marks and find that many fo our clients would be "Severely Upset", then we know we've established a high value proposition.People do not leave high value propositions.

How To Implement This At Your Studio

We highly encourage all fitness facilities to steal as many of our ideas as they can. This one especially.To implement this at your studio, simply send out a poll to your clients using wording similar to ours. Set up the answers to be a poll from 1 - 5, where 1 is "I don't care" and 5 is "I care a ton".Find out what each persons impact would be if they could not attend your gym any more.


Zach Forrest is pioneering PushStart - a free mentoring system exclusive to PushPress clients

PushPress Isn't Going Anywhere But Up

To the many clients who reached out to us after the survey worried we might be folding up shop - fear not. We are stronger than ever and reinvesting hand over fist into this company.In the past 30 days:

  • We wrapped up our annual retreat, getting our team together to discuss key objectives for 2020.
  • We have just hired John Batdorff to join the Customer Success team.
  • We have launched our ACH payments platform to lower Payments costs for our clients by over 2%.
  • Zach Forrest has just opened up cohort 2 of our PushStart mentoring project (free mentoring for our clients).
  • Eric LeClair is running a beta test of a new local Events initiative designed to get deliver additional revenue streams, increased member engagement and even some lead flow.
  • And we have a ton of exciting and cool things in the works! Keep an eye on us, things will be moving, and moving fast!

In closing, we aren't only here for the long haul, we're consistently trying to make sure we're the best company we can be for our clients.Does your gym management platform leave you wishing you had a partner like PushPress? Talk to us today!We can't help everyone, but maybe we can help you!

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