Actionable Data (or: Pretty Graphs to Make You A Better Owner)

February 1, 2016
Actionable Data (or: Pretty Graphs to Make You A Better Owner)

So here we are. It’s early 2016, and we’ve just put a massive 2015 behind us. We’re here, standing tall against our competition, with a product that’s ready to break out of the gates.

We have a number of big initiatives this year, but it’s one of the smallest ones that makes me most giddy:

Eye Candy.

Or, actionable and relevant data. Depending how you look at it.

But since I’m officially 50% data/tech nerd and 50% design enthusiast at this point, I’m pumped up about it from either perspective.

Info Page Overhaul

If you’re a client, or have done a demo with us, you know about our super simple three-page-design pattern. Learn three screens, and you’ve learned 80% of PushPress.

One of those screens is our Information Page. This will show you key information about any “thing” in our system. The scree above shows our new information page for a plan.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be revamping the info pages one by one to give you a bad-ass in-depth view into what’s going on with that thing.

For Plans, as seen above, we’ve started off by showing you a clean graph of active subscription count, count change (+/-) and revenue in a historical month by month snapshot. (All revenue data is ADMIN ONLY - coaches will not see it)

Making You A Better Owner

Hands down, our goal is to make you a better owner, and thus a more successful business.

If you don’t know your data, you’re handcuffed.

But worse yet, if you are given too much data to weed thru, you’re left with a false sense of security that you know what’s going on when you probably don’t.

Our direction is simple: SIMPLE.

Less reports. More important data, placed in places that make sense and allow you to utilize the data in the flow of the page you’re staring at.


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