Amazon Prime Day Deals & PushPress

July 10, 2017
Amazon Prime Day Deals & PushPress

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PushPress Screens provide a stunning and crystal clear way to display key read-only information around your gym.[/caption]

Take Advantage of Amazon Prime Deals To Enhance Your PushPress Setup!

Here at PushPress, we've built much more than just a billing system for your gym. We've built a complete eco-system of products across many modern devices. Great news for PushPress clients - Amazon Prime Day is tomorrow and they'll have some amazing deals on devices you can use to power your PushPress system! Deal info is at the bottom of this article.Often we're asked about why we chose to go the route we did, as it's a little different from many of the browser based systems out there. As with everything we do, we put a lot of thought coupled with real life experience running a gym behind this decision. The thought process behind our line up of apps and add-ons is two fold:

  1. Different business processes around your facility are best suited for different types of input or display devices.
  2. Each app or process is it's own standalone function, which works in conjunction with other pieces of the ecosystem.

The Right Tool For The Job

A hammer is a great tool for hammering, but once you need to cut some wood it's not all that useful. You could force-fit that hammer to act as a saw, but you can instantly see the idiocy in that. If your system is using browser based web pages for most or all of its functionality, then it's likely using hammers for sawing. Here's some of the platforms we leverage in our ecosystem, and why we chose them:

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  • Tablet apps are best for quick customer interaction points like checking into class.[/caption]Browser Based Pages. The bread and butter of any modern cloud based system. These are great for the core management system, when you are able to be in front of a computer or using the mobile web (oh yeah, all the browser based pages MUST be mobile friendly, so you can work from the bank teller line). Browser based pages also work great in some circumstances for your clients. Indicating interest in your gym, signing up for memberships online, and other simple tasks like this.
  • Tablet Apps. We've bundled all of our core business process apps into individual tablet apps. These are meant to be placed in strategic places around your gym and function solely to facilitate the job at hand. They are NOT meant to be multiple functionality stations. We frown upon having your clients switch apps or app functionality - because that leads to confusion and additional work for your customers. One place to go to do one singular thing, that's the goal. Native tablet apps perform much faster for these functions than web pages do, giving your customers a faster experience. Our tablet apps reach all major tablet platforms (Amazon Fire, iOS, and Android) but we generally recommend Amazon Fire Tablets.
  • Screens and Displays. Some aspects of our system are purely meant as read-only display of information. For instance our Class Check-In screen. This is meant to give the coach and all class attendees a quick and easily digestible way to see who's registered for and checked-into class. We do not believe a coach should use her smart phone to access this data while on the gym floor, as it can give the appearance that a coach is not paying attention to class. We also do not believe a computer, keyboard and mouse are suitable for the gym floor, as interacting with a computer similarly takes attention away from class. Our screens and displays are built as native apps within the Amazon Fire platform.
  • Smart Phone Apps. Functionality that's specific to an individual is best in a Smart Phone App. This would include individualized coach or client systems. We purposely do not build phone based apps that would encourage coaches, admins or owners to rely on using their phones during a class. We feel this only leads to the perception a coach isn't paying attention to a class in the best case and complete coach distraction in the worst case. Our upcoming Member Portal revamp will be designed as a one-stop connection point for your members to interact with the gym and their coaches. Since we cannot dictate which platforms your clients choose to use, we build out smart phone apps for every major platform.

Platform Cost Matters

Being gym owners ourselves, we understand the underlying cost of setting up the perfect system matters. We have purposefully designed our apps and systems to work with the most cost efficient solutions possible. This is why we've targeted the Amazon Fire platform as the primary platform for both Tablet and Display solutions we build.While an iPad is an amazing piece of technology, it's absolutely overkill for some of the relatively simple things we need to do. For the price of one $400 iPad mini, you can get 2 Fire Sticks ($40 each), 4 Fire Tablets ($50 each) and have money left over to take your spouse out to a fancy dinner. (Consider that our treat)

PushPress Recommended Hardware Cheat Sheet and everything you need, click here.

Amazon Prime Day Sale Tomorrow!

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The Free PushPress Timer app can run your gym's classes - and it looks AMAZING on a big TV.[/caption]On July 11th, 2017 Amazon is holding it's annual Amazon Prime Day Sale. The greatest part about this for PushPress clients, is they drop the prices on all of their core Fire platform devices to insane prices.The 7" Fire Tablet will be $29.99 ($20 off). The Fire TV Stick will be $29.99 ($10.00 off). They will have some crazy deals on TV Screens like this 49" TV for $359 or this 43" for $299. There will be many more TV's for sale as Amazon Prime Day kicks off, I'm sure. And if you're in the hankering for a Amazon Echo Dot - they'll be a great deal on those too! (We love the Echo Dot here!). Or try to find a 60" TV for a great price and run the Free PushPress Timer app as the centerpiece clock in your gym (it looks sick!)If you're not an Amazon Prime member, it might be worth looking into their free 30 day trial just to take part in the sales.So if you're a new PushPress Client, or looking to make the switch before our price bump on August 1st - you're in LUCK! Cause you can hit this Amazon Prime sale hard and come out with everything you need to run the smoothest business on top of the PushPress ecosystem of apps for even cheaper!

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