Announcing Our Workout Screen and Track Product Suite

November 10, 2015
Announcing Our Workout Screen and Track Product Suite

PushPress clients, I know. You think it’s the holiday season with all of the features we’ve been dropping. One after the other. But don’t worry - we have more presents coming. In fact, like any good gift-giver, we’re saving the bigger ones for later.

The latest launch we’re rolling out for PushPress is part of out Track Product Suite: The Workout Screen. We soft launched it a couple weeks ago to our existing PushPress clients, and worked out a few kinks, and now it’s time for the public unveil:

The Track Product Suite

We’re building an integrated product line that will work seemlessly with the rest of your PushPress management system to design, program, distribute and eventually track workouts to your clients.

Track will be a PushPress Pro Feature. Our Pro package will include all functionality of our Basic plan plus power user features such as Deep Mailchimp Integration, Pre-Order system, and more. The Pro Package is currently being offered at a flat and discounted rate of $79/mo.

Find out more about the Track Product Suite at

The Workout Screen Philosophy

This workout screen has been designed for maximum readability for athletes during a workout. By breaking down the workout into segments and showing them one by one we are maximizing the space and size available for the workout data.

As the segments of the workout pass, the coach will use the Fire TV Remote to scroll to the next portion of the workout. This will give the coach a command and presence in the class similar to that of a professor leading a class in college.

Integrated With Our Track Workout Publishing

Use our new Track Workout Publishing system to design and program your workouts. Your workouts will auto publish to your screens, your blog, and your clients. It’s that simple.

Save yourself time and energy - and automate the process so there’s nothing to remember (or forget!)

For more information on Track Product Suite, please go to:

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