Are You A Sheepdog or the Sheep?

April 8, 2016
Are You A Sheepdog or the Sheep?

I know what you’re thinking - not one of you immediately said “I’m the Sheep!” Kind of like answering the question “How was your day”, there’s an instinctual answer that requires little thought… “Good”.

The ironic thing is one of the primary traits of being a sheep would be to act or answer without thought.

As you navigate thru your business, I think it’s a good exercise to continually challenge yourself if you’re being the sheep or the sheepdog.

Sheep Wander

If you find yourself making decisions or changing directions because “it’s what everyone else is doing”, you’re being a sheep. How many times did one of your parents ask you if you would jump off that bridge if everyone else did?

Sheepdogs Protect

The reality of the matter is you have things to protect in your business. You and your family. Your investment of time, money, and resources. Your equipment. YOUR CLIENTS.

Every decision you make stands to benefit or potentially hurt any of those things you can protect.

Sometimes The Sheepdog Must Make Hard Choices

Your role is to protect those around you as the sheepdog. Sometimes that line of work requires choices that might be unpopular with your peers, your clients, or the general consensus of other sheepdog.

But at the end of the day, you have your own clients and business to protect, and those choices should be made with them in mind.

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